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Publication numberUS898503 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 15, 1908
Filing dateMar 27, 1908
Priority dateMar 27, 1908
Publication numberUS 898503 A, US 898503A, US-A-898503, US898503 A, US898503A
InventorsJohn M Plummer
Original AssigneeJohn M Plummer
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Overshoe-holder and trousers-supporter.
US 898503 A
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898,503. Patented Sept. 15, 1908.


1% fizz/7772787" Wihwawo J. M. PLUMMER.



Patented Sept. 15, 1908.


Witnesses atteuneys THE name's PETERS cm, wasumoron, 0.1:.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Sept. 15, 1908.

Application filed March 27, 1908. Serial No. 423,619.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, J OHN M. PLUMMER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Elk City, in the county of Montgomery, State of Kansas, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Overshoe-Holders and Trousers-Supporters; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in overshoe holders and trousers supporters.

The aim of my invention is to provide a neat, simply constructed and easily operated holder adapted to be clasped to an overshoe or so called rubber, so that the overshoe may be removably secured to the shoe of the wearer, the holding or securing mechanism being adapted to offer at the heel a support for the wearers trousers, the improvement further embodying a simple means whereby the holder may be adjustably attached to the shoe top.

In- Figure 1 have shown an elevation of my device as attached to an overshoe and dis closing the lever as supporting the lower portion of the trousers leg. Fig. 2 discloses a shoe provided with my improvement. Fig. 3 shows an elevation of my invention with a portion of the lower member broken away. Fig. 4 shows an enlarged edge view of my invention. Fig. 5 shows a face view of the clasp. Fig. 6 shows an edge view disclosing the lever in its unlocked position. Fig. 7 is a detached detail of the ear plate and Fig. 8 an end view of the locking lever.

In carrying out the object of my invention I employ a clasping member comprising the base forming portion 10 which is recurved as shown at 11 and is then bent U-shaped to form a spring, the leaf 12 of which ends approximately on a line with the recurved portion 11.

As shown in Fig. 6 where a portion of the spring leaf 12 is shown as broken away this leaf is provided with a slot 13 and through this slot is projected the engaging lip 14 forming part of the locking lever 15 as used in my invention. This lever is provided with an outwardly and upwardly curved portion 16 so that when the lever is held in a locked position the same supports the trousersat the heel as disclosed in Fig. 1.

Held within the bight of the recurved end 11 of the clasp is a U-shaped ear-plate 18 having theslot 19 and the cars 20 as disclosed in Fig. 7. This ear plate as well as the recurved portion of the clasp is suitably perforated to receive the head provided stud 21, the head 22 of which projects outwardly and is held within the curved spring, and slightly below the slot therein as disclosed in Fig. 6.

As shown in Fig. 3 the base portion 10 of the clasp is perforated as is disclosed at 24 to receive a suitable chain 25 the links of which may be adjusted within the holes 24 to lengthen 0r shorten the chain so that the clasping member will be held a suitable distance below the hanger 27 as used in my invention which comprises a plate having the two recurved ears 28, this plate being slightly curved so as to circle about the rear ankle portion of the shoe as disclosed in Fig. 2. This hanger 27 is provided with an opening 29 within which one link of the chain 25 is locked, this chain forming a pliable connection between the hanger and the clasp.

As shown in Fig. 5 the operating lever 15 is slotted so that a portion of the metal 31 may be dished inward so as to form a loop through which extends a pivot pin 35 shown also in Fig. 8, which is held within the cars 20, as disclosed. A portion of the lever immediately below the engaginglip 14 is enlarged as is shown at 30 in Fig. 8 and this shoulder forming portion 30 is arranged to ride upon and against the U-shaped spring. By this means as shown in Fig. 4 the heel portion of the overshoe A is clamped within the U-shaped spring by means of the shoulder portion 30 while the engaging lip 14. is adapted to pinch into the rubber to crook the same immediately above the stud so that any tendency of the rubber to slip from the heel of the shoe will the more securely draw the lever into locking position and thereby assist in holding the lever so that the same may serve as a support for the heel portion of the trousers leg.

The clasp, spring and lever as well as the hanger 27 are preferably made of spring sheet metal properly plated to prevent rust ing or discoloring.

And having thus described my said invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by United States Letters Patent is 1. A device of the character described, having in combination, a hanger, a pliable connection extending from said hanger, a clasp secured to said connection, and a lever operating said clasp curved outward to serve as a trousers support, as set forth.

2. A device of the character described, having in combination, a hook formed hanger, a connection extending from said hanger, a clasp secured to said connection, comprising a U-shaped ear plate, a slotted U- shaped spring secured to said plate, and a lever carried by said ear plate having an engaging lip extending through said slot, said lever curving outward and upward to serve as and for the purposes set forth.

3. A device of the character described, having in combination, a hook formed hanger, a connection extending from said hanger, a clasp secured to said connection JOHN M. PLUMMER.


L. SUTH, M. W. MAYs.

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