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Publication numberUS898773 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 15, 1908
Filing dateOct 7, 1907
Priority dateOct 7, 1907
Publication numberUS 898773 A, US 898773A, US-A-898773, US898773 A, US898773A
InventorsThomas Dean Mckown
Original AssigneeThomas Dean Mckown
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US 898773 A
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f Patented; Sept. 15, 1908 W/T/VESSES l A) UNITED STATES PATENT oEErcE.


No. 898,773. f

- from drying out when the mug is being used,

and so constructed that the entire device can be easily and thoroughly cleaned.

A further object of the invention isto provide a device of this character which includes a water container serving, when the mug is not in use, for holding a shaving brush, and a removable soap holder, which is so arranged with respect to the water container that the. latter acts as a `Water jacket for the holder, and in which the openings of the container and holder are provided with suitable covers to prevent the entrance of dust or other foreign matter into the same.

The invention consists in the construction and combination of parts to be more fully described hereinafter and particularly set forth in the claims.

.Referer'ice is to be had to the accompanying drawings forming apart of this specification, in which similar characters of reference indicate corresponding parts -in both the views, and in which 'Figure 1 is apers iective viewlof my shaving inug showing t e saine ready for use; and Fig. 2 is `a longitudinal section showing the device when not in use, with a shaving brush-arranged therein.

Before proceeding to a more detailed exi planation of my invention it shoiilgh be understood that the shaving mug can be fashioned from any suitable materialsueh Vas sheet metal, hard rubber, porcelain, earthen'. ware and the like. Furthermore, the fornr of the mug can be altered to render it more. artistic and to assist in the decoration of the.l same when such is desired. It caribe manu-1 1;Y factured in different sizes for various purposes, -for instance, for use in traveling.. for ordinary use, and foruse in barber shops or the like. a It is of great importance in shaving that the lather used in the voperation sliallnot diy;

out in the cup. With the ordinary"shavinglv Specification ofLetters Patent.

Application led. October 7,

` Patented Sept. 15, 1908. 1907. seiiaiNo. 39'61225.

4mug the lather dries rapidly under ordinary circumstances, owing to the cooling of the lather and the evaporation of the water. To avoid this, I so construct my shaving mug that the Water container acts as a jacket for the soap holder, the heat of the hot water which is used in shaving serving to prevent the drying out of the latheiin the soap` holder. Thus' the lather, when applied to the face, is in a heated condition, and is thereby prevented from drying rapidly and' rendering the operation of shaving dillicult and troublesome. Furthermore, as he soap holder is removably mounted in the Water container, the parts can be' separated to permit them to be easily land thoroughly cleaned.

Referring more particularly to the drawings, I provide a water container 1, preferably of the form shown and having a top 2. At one side the Water container has a handle '3 by means of which it can be easily manipulated. At the side opposite the handle, I prefer to 4incline the container as shown most clearly in Fig. 2. The 4top 2 of the 80 container is provided with two openings 4 and 5 respectively. The opening 4 gives access to t from, while further permitting the insertion of the brush into the water, or placing the brush in the container when the mug is not in use, as is shown inost clearly in Fig. 2. A cover 6 having a laterally extending fiange 7 and a knob- 8, serves to close the opening 4, the {iange 7 seating on the top 2 A soap holder 9, preferably cylindrical in form and having at the upper edge a laterally disposed flange 10, is removably mounted in the opening 5, the ange 10 seating on the Ytop 2 of the container. The holder 9 contains-the soap and servesias a cup for forming'the lather. It is provided with a cover 11 seating upon the flange 10 and hav- .ing a downwardly disposed fiange 12 are container and permits Water tobe poured into the same or removed there- 1. A\ shaving mug, coinprisiug a covered Walar-container having openings in the top, and a soap holder removably arranged in one ol said oi'ienings und extending into said container, the other ol said openings permitting :r hrilsh to he inserted in said container, seid openings heilig so positioned 'that said sono holder is held spaced from the sides of said container to permit Water in said Corb* miner to surround said soap holder, and that a brush een he inserted through the other of Said openings Without interference by said soap holder.

A shaving mug, comprising ay 'Water container having a. top, said top having openings internmliate the edges and remote therel'rmn, :t soap holder remove-bly arranged in one ol" said openings andeXtending into said container, seid container conslii'uing e water jacket for said l'iolder, and removable covers for seid holder and the other of said openings.


3. A shaving mug, comprising e Witter container having a top, seid top having openings intermediate the edges and remoto therefrom, a 'soep holder having a laterally disposed flange and removably arranged in one of said openings, seid flange seating et THOMAS DEAN MCKOWN -Witnesses

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Cooperative ClassificationA45D27/22