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Publication numberUS899017 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 22, 1908
Filing dateFeb 4, 1907
Priority dateFeb 4, 1907
Publication numberUS 899017 A, US 899017A, US-A-899017, US899017 A, US899017A
InventorsGarfield J Arnold
Original AssigneeGarfield J Arnold, Charles L Bastian
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Bottle-soaking machine.
US 899017 A
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A TTORNE Y Pabentd Sept. 22, 1908.



Patentd Sept.22, 1908.


A TTORNE Y u. J.v ARNOLD. BOTTLE some mowing. v Are-1.101110! 111.151) ma. 4. 1901'.

Patend Sept. 1908.

- 3 SHEEN-BREE! 8.

" [1? m TED STATES PATENT mm:-


' No. spec '17.

T erm-seams naomms. i

i pncauon filed February a, 1901. Serial 1%. asaeoafj To all whom it may concern:

"Be it known that I, GARFIELD J. ARNOLD,

.a citizen of' the United- States, residing at Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of IlllIlOlS, have invented new and useful improvements in Bottle-Soaking Machines, of

which the following is a specification.

ries spro tank and this shaft carries sprocket wheels 10. A bottle carrier is arranged to travel over said sprocket wheels and this carrier This invention relates to bottle soaking machines of the kind which comprise a bot tle carrier and means for filling the bottle with an alkaline solution.

The object of the invention is to introduce a jet into the bottle while the latter is unsealed and full of the alkaline solution to promote an agitation of the solution in the bot tle and thereby effectively cleanse the bottle interiorly.

Mg -invention can be adapted to soaking mac es of various types and in the accom pan'ying drawings I have shown one embodiment of simple and efficient construction wizh which the invention is especially adapts a e.

In the drawings Figure 1 is a sectional view on the line 11 of Fig. 2. F ig. 2 is a sectional view on the line 22 of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is an enlarged detail sectional view. Fig. 4 is a similar view shea ing a modified constructlon.

Referring to the drawings 5 is a tank of suitable size and she. e containingthe alkaline solution. A holl bw shaft 6 is journaled in beari s on the tank and this shaft can izket wheels 7. Another shaft 8 is journaled in hearings on brackets 9 on the preferably comprises link chains 11 which travel on the s rocket wheels and are connected together y the rows of bottle holders 12. These bottle holders are of substantially tubular form, open at top and bottom, and are fastened together and to the chains in any suitable manner. A distributing ipe 13 is carried by each row of bottle hol ers, at the inner end thereof, and is provided with an outwardly projecting nipple 14 andwith injector tubes 15 which pro ect into the pocket 12' off'the bottle holder through the opening 12" at the inner end thereof. The distributing pipe cambe conveniently carried by projections 16 on and it carries a pinion 18 which meshes with AND ONE-HALF TOCHARLES L. BASTIAN, OF. 5

Patented septic-2, r908.

a gear 19 on the shaft 8. Power can

municat-ed to the drive shaft 17 by a belton the pulley 20, or otherwise, as desired.

The hollow shaft 6 has a plurality of open ings 6' which communicate with a drum 2! keyed on said shaft to turn therewith. Tl'US drum IS provided with a plurality of radial tubes 22, each of which carries a valve casing 23 at its outer end containing a valve member (F ig. 3). This valve member comprises a box 24 having a chamber 25 and ports 26. The bottom 27 of the valve member projects beyond theside walls thereof and seats on the shoulder 28 within the casing, bein pro-- vided with ports 27 which permit the liquid to flow from the tank through the ports 26 into the chamber 25 when the valve member is unseated. A bell 29 is carried by the valve member outside of the casing andit communicates by a passage 30 with the j chamber 25.

. A pump 31 takes solution or liquid through a pipe 32 from the lower part of the tank 5 and discharges this solution through 9. pi

33 into the hollow shaft '6. Guards 34 are supported within the tank to prevent the bottles from sli )ping out of the holders as they are carried around the lower sprocket wheels in the tank. Sprocket wheels 35 are between the upper and lower sprocket wheels 10, 7 to engage the" carrier chains and cause the carrier on its u ward travel to bend inwardly between said upper and lower sprocket wheels so that as the carrier reaches the upper sprocket -.vheels the bottle holders willbe car ried at a downward'inclination andpermit the battles to slide out on to a discharge table 37 (Fig. 1). A guard 38 prevents the bottles from slipping out of the holders pre maturely. In practice the tank is filledwith preferablv an alkaline solution, to 21 ev Whichwill permit the bottles to-iillwith the solution before the nipple 14 engagles the bell 29. The bottles are inserted in t of the holders above the tank as the carrier travels around the sprocket wheels in the direction indicated in Fig. 1. The injector tubes 15 enter the mouth of the bottles. As a row of bottle holders enters the solution the solution flows into the bottles through the openings 12 in the holders. The radial tubes 22 on the drum are disposed relatively I 0 e pockets carried by a shaft 36 supported by the I the nipple 14 on the holders so that the nipple on each row of bottle holders Wlll enter a ll as the row of bottle hplders and the 'tube 22 reach horizontal popition (F ig. 3). The liquid the drum 21 is and this pressure is sufi'icient to force the valve member outward and seat the flange 27 against the shoulder 28, thus closing the valve ris 26. The nipple engages the bell hlile these parts are in} a relativelyanfirst w I gular position, but as they reach horizontal position, in axial alinement, the nip le casing and unseats the flan e 27 pushes the valve member inwardl .in te I V g om the shoulder 28 so that the liqluid in the drum can be forced out through t 1e tube 22, ports 27' and 26, the passage 30 and bell 29 into the nipple 14 whence it flows through the (11S- tributmg pipe 13 and injector tubes 15 lnto the bottle. It will be observed, therefore, that the ressure of the liquid is employed to close theliquid valves and the pressure of the bottle hol ers tis employed to open these valves when the bottles'are filled with the liquid and submerged in the liquid in the tank. It is at this time that a jet ofdiquid is squirted into the bottle causing a violent agi-' tation of the liquid therein which effects a thorough cleansing of the bottle. Thebottles remain open continuously because they are loosely arranged in the holders and the latter have the openings 12" so that the liquid may run out of the bottles as fast as it is squirted therein. As the bottle holders travel around the lower sprocket wheels 7 and leave the horizontal position the nipple is withdrawn from en agement with the bell and the pressure ofthe liquid immediately closes the valve. The sprocket wheels 35 cause the carrier to travel inwardly above the sprocket wheels 7 and this causes the holders to incline downwardly at their inner ends to permit the bottles to empty before they are discharged on to the tab e 37.

In Fig. 4 I have shown another way of arrangin the liquid valve and referring thereto the valve casing 39 is supported in an angular position on the tube 40 and the'nipple 41 is located at right angles to the injector tube 42. A spring 43 is inclosed within the casing to bear upon the valve member 44 and close the valve. It will be readily understood that as the nipple 41 is carried into operative the bottles empty into the tank so that the same solution may be used as long as desired. Obvlpusly water may be used instead of an alkahne solution.

under pressure ters Patent is:

1'. he bottle'soaking machine, the comoperating in the tank to fill the bottles with the tank liquid by submersion, and means for injecting jets of liquid into the bottles while they are full of the tank liquid.

2. In a bottle soaking machine, the combination f a liquid tank, a bottle carrier for injecting 3ets of liquid into the bottles while they are submerged and are full of the tank liquid. T

bination of a'liquid tank, a bottle carrier tietank liquid by submersion, said bottles remaining open constantly to permit the free ingress and egress of liquid, and means for are submerged in the tank liquid-to permit the discharge of liquid from the drum into the distributing pipes and bottles while the latter are full of the tank liquid.

5. In a bottle soaking machine; the combination of a liquid tank, a bottle carrier operating in the tank to fill the bottles with the tank liquid by submersion, a distributing pipe for each row of bottles, injector tubes on S8.1(l pipe to enter the bottles, anipple on the pipe, a revoluble drum in the tank, means for fil ing the drum with li uid under pressure, radial tubes carried by the drum, and valves on said tubes adapted to be automatically operated by engagement of the hi ples therewith to permit the discharge of iquid from the drum into the bottles.

'6. In a bottle soaking machine, the combination of a liquid tank, a bottle carrier operating in the tank to fill the bottles with the tank liquid by submersion, a distributing pipe for each row of bottles, injector tubes on said pipe to "enter the bottles, a nipple on the pipe, a revoluble drum in the tank, means or filling the drum with liquid under pressure, radial tubes carried by the drum, a valve casing at the outer end of each of said tubes, and a. valve member normally in closed position in said casing and adapted to be engaged and opened at one of said nipples.

7. In a bottle soaking machine, the com bination of a liquid tank, a bottle carrier operating in the tank to the bottles with o erating 1n the tank to fill the bottles with t e tank liquid by submersion, and means injecting jets of liquid into the bottles while What I claim and desire to secure by Letbination of a liquid tank, a bottle carrier-v v so l 3. In a bottle soaking machine, the coml o erating in the tank to fill the bottles with i in the tank, means for filling the drum with liquid under pressure, radial tubes carried by. the drum, and valves on said tubes adapted I to be automatically opened after the bottles the tank liquid by submersion, a distributing into the distributing pipes and bottles, and ripe for each row of bottles, a revol-uble hola ump communicating with the tank and 10 ow shaft supported in the tank and provided said hollow shaft for forcing the liquid from 1 with openings therein, a drum mounted on the tank into the drum.

said shaft over said openings, radiaLtubes GARFIELD ARNOLD. arried by the drum, valves on said tubes Witnesses: adapted to be automatically operated to per- H, M. SMITH, nut the discharge of liquid fromthe drum M. A. K1DDIE.-

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