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Publication numberUS899027 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 22, 1908
Filing dateJun 3, 1907
Priority dateJun 3, 1907
Publication numberUS 899027 A, US 899027A, US-A-899027, US899027 A, US899027A
InventorsGeorge F Burton
Original AssigneeLe Roy A Christian, George F Burton
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Rotary air-compressor.
US 899027 A
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Patented Sept. 22, 190s.

www, I


1f' la@ 629i {I1/Lease @Hoff/ump' G.. I'. BURTON. 'ROTARY AIB COMPRESSOR. APPLIGATIQH FILED mum-.19


SH01/neu v uwsmed' sept; 22,1968;

I To all whom it my concern:

GEORGE r. sus'romoriwoonmwli, ALAsAneAssIcNos orxoNEFU normarnln-coir-PREssen:V v

no. scope?. A

Be itknown that I, GEORGE F. BURTON, a

- citizen of -the United States, residing et Woodlawn, inzthe county of Jefferson and State of Alabama, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Rotary Airt Compressors; and I ldo hereby declare the following to be e full, clear, and exact descrlption ci the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the artto which it appertains to `make and use the same.

` My invention relates to a rotary air compresser and has for its ob`ects to provide such a machine which shell cient in operation,easyto build, to ut togather, to take apart and'repsir, an which shall be simple in construction and not easy n w to et out of order.

o these ends my invention consists in the combination of parts hereinafter described and particularly ointed out inthe claims.'

- Referring to tile drawings forminor a part s of this speciiicatiom-Figure 1 is alonvitudinal sectional viesr of my machine. Fig. 2, a transverse sectional view taken through one of the cylinders and showing the disk partly broken" away to' further disclose the piston and exhaust port, and 3 a longitudinal sectional view similar to Fig, l but taken on a plano et right angles thereto, and showingrthe eccentricity oi the cylinders rela- I y tive to the shaft and disks. Fig. 4 is a detail of the exhaust port andvalve controllingthe Fig. 5, a detail elevational view of one of the packing-boxes. Fig. 6, a plan view of the same, and 7, an end eleve.- tional view of the seme.4 Y z Like letters of reference indicate' like parte I in all of the views.

. by any suitable power and which, as shown,

A represents s. shaft which may be'driven is hollow and provided with the ports B, for admission of an* forced from the cylinders C.

i f VKeyedonseidsheit,orm'sliertvisepermanently .45 i' disks are concentric to said shaft and t airattached thereto, are the disks D. These tight the sides of said cylinders C on the interior thereof, as will be more full hereinafter disclosed, and are provided Wit the pistons E'. These pistons consist of fiat lates. 'permanently attached to the cylin ers C and sidisgiy and pivoauy nested to the den',

' l D by meansof the split cylindrical pivotn pins F, as shown. p 4'I'hedislrs D are -provided provide ecertain and cihwith cavities to accommodate the swinging ends of the p1stons, as best shown nr F1g. 2.

ponnrsrmmor WoopLAWN,ALABAm l .p

Specification o! Letters Patent. i Patented Sept. 22, 1908.." .i .A application med :une 3,1907. seen N.a'17,o9s. i

The shaft 'A is suitably journaled in bearings G, cast integral with, or otherwise secured to, the bedlate H. These bearings G are also with the bearings I, which are eccentric with res ect to the journals of the cylinders C, Whio cylinders are, therefore,

eccentric to the shait'A and the disks D, as y will appear more fully hereinafter. The disks are 'further provided around their periphery with paclring-boxesfJ, which con- -sists of tWo lates K and L slidingly 'oined d) plate M, and ,provide withby the thir flanges N, ell 'ts-clearly shown in Fi s. 5, 6 and 7. Springs O rees the 'plates and L outward avainst t e inner surfaces of the cylinders and rings P extend around the said disks D a short distance from their peripheries, oneach side thereof, andere provided with cut-away vplaces in which the said flanges N iit. The said iianges N and rings? form a joint flush with the innerend surfaces of the cylinders, and thereby constitute an! i air-tight joint with the 'interior Walls of the same, as above stated.,

To one side of each packing-box J the disks D are rovided with openings Q leading behind tle plates K and L and thereby serve to relieve the pressure ci the air upon their upper surfaces, or, inother Words, to counter-balance said borres'and leave the seme under the control of the springs O. B thus balancing the pressure on the plates and L, I am enabled tokeep the jriction of the same against the interior cylinders under ab- 'sov solute control, and also to regulate to a' nicety the'ttightnessof the packing against necessary to do is to adjust the tension ofthe said sprin O.

The disss D are provided wlth inlet orts R for the air and outlet ports S the atter registering with the ports B in the shaft A. The ports S are controlled by the springpressed valves U seating agalnst tlnmb es the interior of `the cylinders; for-all that it is screwed into or otherwise' secured to the' disks D, the. ressure of said ,valves being controlled by t at in 'the reservoir.

A represents shells surrounding the `cvlin v ders C and 'constitutin the outer Wellsof water-j ackets between t e same and said cylinders.

These water-jackets B are not m-'y Y i i tended to hold a great deal of Water, andere open tQJth'e 'atmosphere at C', Vas shown. ,T

le centrifugalforce is depended vupon. to carryt'he'water to the outer rims of the cylin-l ders and to'hold it there as lon(Y as'the conipressor is operating, or until discharged through the outlet C'. 'By thus keepin the water jackets open to the atmosphere, not only 'get the advantagcsof readily filling and emptying the ackets and alsoof ein loying a small quantity of water; but, at tiesame time, since the water is kept in violent circulation, and by centrifugal action is forced out against the containing Walls of the casings the air is lcft free access to the interior of the vjackets through the openings C'. The air thus enterin r theseo enings,naturally'takes up more, or ess, of t ie motion of the Water,

and cylinders; and therefore, circulates in, and ou t, of said openings; thereby servi-iig to convey away some of the heat impartei to 'the water, and therefore to keep down the tem erature.

E is an inlet for the water.

Ff represents oil reservoirs which deliver oil through the pipes G to the conical openings L in the bearings G and journals M of the cylinders. In operation centrifugal force will carry the `oil inward through said conical o enings and force it outward to the parts of t emachine.

H represents inlets through which the air is taken from the outside and delivered to the cylinders, and said openings or apertures just mentioned forni a continuation of the saine.

The operation of my device is as follows Upon power being applied to shaft A., the same, together with the disks D and cylinders C, revolve.

thereto, as above describedJ the space shown in Fig. 2 between the cylinders and the disks is rapidly diminished as the shaft revolves, and therefore the air is compressed. When thepressure gets to a point suliicient to open the valve U, the said valve permits the air v to escape through the ports S and B into the shaft A, and is thence delivered to the reservoir or point of use. As the disks revolve, .the pistons F, of course, are carried with the cylinders and, therefore, tend to create a -vacuuin behind the same, which causes the air to rush in from the outside through the inlet ports H', the apertures L and the orts R in the disks, as above stated. This air thus sucked in as the shaft continues to revolve, is in turn compressed, as above described, and delivered to the point of use, whenever the pressure there maintained `ermits the valve U to open, and so on, as lling as the compressor is operated.

Z represents a plug in the cylinder C, through which the valve U may be adjusted or repaired. Y 4

The cylinders are placed at 180 degrees n The disks being concentric with the shaft and the cylinders eccentric plates together, sai

from each other and,'therefore, the {delivery} v 4 "of air to the shaft A is always kept at a sub,-

stantially uniform rate.

It will thus be seen that my machine is ex- .-A l I i ccedingly simple, is easy to assemble .and dis-l assemble, that the packing between the piston and disk and the cylinder and disk is also simple and not easy to get out of order, and that there are no irregularly shaped parts, so that the whole compressor can be easily built by machinery.

y Having thus described my invention, what i I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:-v I

1. In a rotary air compressor, the combination of a shaft, a disk concentric therewith', a cylinder' eccentric thereto, a piston fixed to one of said parts and slidahly and votally connected with-the other, packing oXes on.V

said disk consisting of two plates K and L, and a third jl'ate M slidingly joining said plates K and means ermitting the pressure'to be balanced on cylinder, substantially'as described.

2. In a rotary air compressor, the combi"- nation of a rotary shaft, a rotary disk con centric therewith, a rotary cylinder eccentric thereto, a piston fixed to one of said parts and slidably and pivotally connected with the other, packing boxes on said disk consisting of a plurality of plates and pro- A vided with imges, rings I?, engaging said flanges, springs to press said rings outward,

openings Q, in said disk permitting the.

pressure to be balanced on the outer surfaces of said boxes, and means tov admit air to said cylinder, substantially as described.

a rotary air compressor, the combi-.

nation 'of a shaft, a disk concentric there-v with, a rotary cylinder eccentric thereto, a'

piston iixed to said cylinder and slidably and pivotally attached to said disk, means to admit air to said cylinder, means to permit `the air to escape from said c linder after a predetermined pressure has een attained, and .a Water jacket olpen to the atmosphere surrounding said cy inder, substantia yas described.

4. In a rotary air compressor, the combination of a shaft, a disk, a rotary cylinder eccentric to said shaft, a piston :permanently connected to said disk and cylinder `air inlet orts, a spring-controlled air outlet ort, an a Water jacket open to the atmos surrounding said cyhnder, substantia y as described.

5. In a rotary air compressor, the combination of a shaft, a disk rigidly attached thereto and concentric therewith, a rotary cylinder eccentric thereto, and a series of packing-boxes around the periphery ,of said disk, 'each box consisting of two plates and a third plate slidingl dy boxes provided with e outer surfaces of said boxes and means to admit air tosaid,

connecting said two- Lee-J sprin .to radially press the sameeou lsaid c isk mitting t e pressure on t boues topbe balanced, substantially as. riehaving flanges slidingly connected together' A\and provided with openings to radially press bination of a Shaft, a disk rigidi seater 1 h tward, rovided wit o eningsl for perie outside of said 6. In a rotary air com ressor, the combi-'- nation of a shaft, a dis rigidly attached thereto and concentric therewith; a rotary .cylinder eccentric to the shaft, a series of packing-'boxes around the periphery of said disk, each box having flanges and consisting of two plates slidingly connected together and provided with s rings to radially press the same outward, an said disk providedwith a. plurality of rings P, engaging said flanges and a series of openings at each packing-box, serving to balance the Vpressure on the outer surface of the same, substantially as described. l

7. In arotary air com ressor, the' combination of a shaft, a dis rigidly attached thereto and concentric therewith, a rotary cylinder eccentric to the shaft, a series of packing-boxes around the eriphery of said disk, each box consisting o two plates and a third plate slidingly connecting' lsaid two plates together and provided with openings to radially ress the sarne'outwerd, and saidl disk provi ed with a series of openings at each packin box serving to balance the pressure on t e outer surface of the same, and also with an air inlet and a valved outlet port, substantially as described.

l arotary air com ressor, the combi-4 nation of apshat, a dis rigidlyattached thereto and concentric therewith, e rotary -cylinder eccentric to the shaft, a piston rigi y attached to said cylinder slidingy and pivotally attached to said disk, e series of asking-boxes around the periphery oi sai disk,` each box consisting of tyvoplates the same outward, andsaid disk provided with rings P, engaging said anges and with a series of olpenings at each packing-box, serving to ba ance the pressure on they outer surfaces of the same, and also with an air inlet-and a valved outlet port, substantially as described. 9. In a rotary air compressor, the'eom bination of a shaft, a disk rigidly andl co1 1- centrically secured thereto, a rotatin' 'cylinder eccentric therewith, a piston rigid y c011- nected to saidg cylinder and slidingly4 and pivotally connected to said disk, ank air inlet and a s ring-pressed valved outletin said k an a water-jacket open tothe atmosphere surroundin said cylinder, substan tislly as'describedi 10. In'a rotary air compressor, the ccmy and concentrically secured thereto, a rotating cylin- .boxes com osed of e plurality o vder eccentric therewith, a 'istcn'rigidly coliH nected--to said cylinder andp otallypconnected to said disk," an air inlet and a s ring-pressed 'valved outletV in said an a Waterfj acket surrounding said cylinder, open to the atmos here and provided with water inlet and out et pipes, substantially as described,

11. In a rotary air compressor, the combination of a shaft, a disk rigidly andcon centrically securedthereto, a rotatin cylinder eccentric therewith, a piston rigi y con'- 75 nected to said cylinder andslidingly and pivotally connected to saiddisk, a Water Jacket o en to the atmos here surrounding said c inder, an air inliit and a spring'- presse valved outlet in said disk, and a 30 plug-closed opening. in said cylinder opposite said valve, for repairing and readily removin the same, substantially as described.-

12. n a rotary air compressor, the combination of a shaft, a disk concentric thereg5 with, arotary cylinder eccentric thereto, a piston liked to said cylinder and slide-bl and. pivotally attached to said disk, rings carrie'd b s'aid disk, packing boxes carried by 1 said disks, and rovided with iienges N 'fit-l 9o ting against sai. rings P, and springs for forsing said rings and iano'es outward, means to admit air to said cylin er, and means to p'ermit-the same to escape therefrom after a predetermined pressure has been attained, and

openings Q to permit the pressure on the outside of seid boxes to be balanced substan tlaily as' described.

.13. ln a rotary air compressor, thecom with, a rotary cylinder eccentric thereto, a piston fixed to said cylinder and slidably and pivotally attached to said disk, means 'to admit oil to seid cylinder onsisting of the l pipes Gf, means to admit a to said cylinder 106 consisting ci the conical openings into vhich said pipes G leed, and means to perfmitthe sir to. from said cylinder after l a redeterininedpressure has been attained I subst iescribed. 110

antially as 14. ln a rotary en` compressor, provided with bearings, the combination'oz a shait, a "l plurality of disks concentric therewith, a'

lurality of roterycylinders, one for each l ick, andeccentric thereto, a piston fixed-to I veach diskV and slidably and pivotally attached to its corresponding isk, packing Spr. pressed sli abliy)r connected plates aroun" each pk, said ear' s being provided with 120 the conical openinglsil, through which air and oil is adapted to pass, and a. water jacket "surrounding each cylinder substantially as ,Y

described. I

15."I n a rotary air compressor, the coin- 125 bination vof a shaft, a disk, a cyhnder, a plsbination of a shaft, a disk concentric there- 10p` ton `a` a Water ecket surroiindlng said cylinde1',`` and at tmes'open to the atmospherefsubstantially ce described.

16.` a rotaryeir compressor, the com# bination of meaiis for compressing air, n c1uding\a.1 cylinder, and means for utilizing the surrounding air for carrying off the heat of compresion, coiipiising a water jacket containingYwater, and provided with i i I l Witnesses:


W. Emmy Geo. L. SMITH,

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