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Publication numberUS899092 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 22, 1908
Publication numberUS 899092 A, US 899092A, US-A-899092, US899092 A, US899092A
InventorsClinton Alvord
Original AssigneeFabric Fire Hose
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Woven hose.
US 899092 A
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Fammi sept 22, 190s.

aiitl is not, litxb .pliiin or twill.




Specication ot Letters Patent.

Patented sept. 22, '1908.

Applutlon died August 30, 1-905. Serial No. 270,38..

-W'orccster, county of Worcester, und `Stato of Massachusetts, have invented new and useful Ini rovements in Vtoven Ilose, ofl

which the allowing is n description.

This 'invention relates to multiple ply woven hose mid it has for its object the production of a ver -strong hose of this type which has tho ies solidly woven together lia to twist or sqiiirin uiidcr pressure.

In two ply woven hose, us ordinarily ronstiucted, the two lies are entirely dirtiiiet froiii cach other, tlie fabrics being in either i These two fabrics are woven independently und the sinailer ono drawn iiisido the larger one, thus iproducing the onlinary jacket hose of t ie. trade. 1 In some. instances the two lies are woven or stitched together, and in t iat case the fabrics are of plain weave. llose made'iii either of the. wa 's above stated is not entirely set isfuctory, tis it. is liable to twist und sqiiiriii under pressure und the t-wo plies are not so iiiiited :is to act :is a unitary structure.

The hose which foi-ins the present invention is frm fioin the defects nbovo nieno tioneil-and, described iii general terms. it iiinv be said to consist of :i plum-lily of piies Y which am till woven with o twill, the spinils of the twills iii .fiil`iii'eiit :lies of the fobrie.

running in opposit o directions und thi` sen-nil :ind 5 aire up, butl plies being solidly hoiiiid together b rim-siis of binding thi-ends or warps, which muy be.

spcciiil threads'provided sini lv to bind ihe.

` i this wii thi twilliil i'll't'ift shown tti ligs. 'i-

plics together or portions of t io wzirps of the severiil plies wt-.irli nro iiiterwovein .lii the diuiwings forming por'. oi this speeiiictitioii, l liiii'e illiistriited the invention :is cliilmilicil iii two pl) hose, two slightly iliit'ertlit. iiiilioiliiiieiits of the iiiieiitioii beiiigiiliistilcil. ll is to bi* iiiideistooil` honi-rrr. that tht` iiiiniher ot' plies iiniy be iiirreziseiL il' iltsili-il, without ilipiiriiiig tho invention.

Figure 't is :i piirtiiil scetioiiiil pioeo ot' hose, showing tliil two plies bound together by spot-inl binding tlireiuls or mpx tho View being diiigrniniinitie iii rlizinii-ier to show liioru rleiirly thi` nrrniigeiiicnt of thi` threads orstriiiids. Fig. is it diaigruiiisvi-t inn uli this liln Figs. li nud 4 ure. diiigruiiiiiiiitii- View iii longitudinal t L follow eorrespoiiding eoniN-s froiii llii spirit of i lwiingiliiei'tl) mel' the tliiiii'l 2.

end view --f it twill.

ina-tie views showingl the iiiotloV pf weaving A the various threiitls tu forni u twill. Fig. 5 is a dingriiini'notic view showing tho direction of the, twill in the. outer ply of tho hose.. Fig. 6 is n View siinihir to Fig. twill of the iiiner ply. Fig. 7 is ti fragiiicntiiry View of n nece of hose with it portion of the outer )y of the fnbrio removed und illustrating tlie o iposite spirals. of the twill in the two )lie-s. section through ii'iiiiidiiieii forni of hose, showin;r thel binding of the plies together by iiiteiweiiving the win' striinds of the plies rind dispensing with iiililit ioinil binder warps.

Fig. 9 is ii dingrniiiiinitie transverse sectional 7g view of the. fiibi'ie shown iii Fig. 8.

Referring to the drawings by the reference ehiii'nrteis iiiiii'ked thereon, l, 3, und 5 desi nnte the three wiirp threads of the outer play of the host` fiihrie, these three thieiids being 15 woven together with ii filling 8 lto forni the outer plv. 'lhe warp threads of the innl' pty :ire desiginited 2, 4, :ind t :unl tire woveir together with n iilliiig tl. 'lhc two plies of` t'nbrie shown in Figs. 1 to 7 inclusive 'are 8 bound together by ineniis of binder xviii" is 10 which follow the i-.oiii'so shown in Fig. As is poiiiily shown in the drawings, erich ply of the hose is woven with ii. three harness When the yiirii or sti-:nid l is dc- 35 ii'essed so the lilliiig striiiid N will piisi over it., the :iriis or sti'aiiids 3 :ind 5 nrc both up so thnt the striiiiil S lies beneath thi-iii. .\t.i the next insertion of the tilting S, thc. yiiiiis i theyiirii Ii isi-town. Atllie third insti-tion ot the Iilliiig r S, thc. yarns t iind .2 :ire iip und the .viirn .-i is down: o

:iiiil 7 is piodiiiid.

'l`hiinni-r ply of the hose hir nniniii-i'. exiept tlnit thi` spiriti ol' thi` in itl extends-iii theo ipositedirei-tion. 'lhe wiiip thitziils :ire so disposed through thiI pi'iwi'ss of weaving tliait tht Ihiind I :iiid thiI litri-:iii

is woven iii siiirito thi` tilliii; threads und .I, the Ihren-l l` 'l`lii` liiiiil" ing wzii'ps ttl operate ii'. setpieiii-e with tlii. worp thrends l und "J, :is c early shown iii Ifig. 2. ln Figs. und tt the hose fobric is shown with the two plies bound together by tiiiiiliii -ol' ii wnrp threiid tl which hikes the plueii of the wiiip threiid l iiiid the speeiiil biliilei' wiii'p ltt. ltl is, however, eoii'sidered better 110 :'i liiitshowing.r the 00 tig. 8 is si longitudinal 65 with i'ispert 10,)

-ciiuns f.' in the ml-- i i www-1J Yiiw lwin'.; substantially {mrulvl and .u in thu adjacent. plies @xii-mung in

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