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Publication numberUS899640 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 29, 1908
Filing dateJul 20, 1907
Priority dateJul 20, 1907
Publication numberUS 899640 A, US 899640A, US-A-899640, US899640 A, US899640A
InventorsWalter H Wangelin
Original AssigneeWalter H Wangelin
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Sand-mold-charging apparatus.
US 899640 A
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'APrILldA-Txon FILED JULY. '2o. .1901.' l L Patented Sept. 29, 1908 r I I) l f .H n ll u o Vllfhlll A.. 11.3 i 6 nrw:


'AT1-Y 'zsHnBTs-snnm-1.

LNVENTOR.; W. H WA operations are performed and it has for its.


specification pf Letters Patent. l

resented sept. 29, 1908.'

Application mea my 2o, 1907. serial .No.'ss4,71a

To allffwhom 'it may concern.'

Be it known that I, WALTERH. WANGELI-N, a citizen of the United States'of America, residing at' the city of Belleville, in the county of St. Clair and State `of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Sand-Mold--flhar 'ng Apparatus, of

which the following is a fu l, clear, and exact dcscription, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification.

My invention relates to an apparatus for charging sand into flasks in which molding object the production of 'an apparatus of this character .of simple, inexpensive and fiicient nature.

Figure I is a side elevation of my mold charging apparatus. Fig. II is an enlarged verticallongitudinal section taken through the apparatus. Fig. III `-is an enlarged vertical transverse section taken on line III- III, Fig. I. Fig. IV is a vertical section taken on line I\'-IV, Fig. Il.

sweep of the apparatus.

In the accom anying drawings, l designates'a hopper t iat is adapted to receive the .sand to be delivered to a molding flask A, illustrated in Fig. I. In this hopper is a 'feeder by which the sand, whetherv in a dry or wet condition, is conveyed in a downward direction to the bottom of the'hopper. feeder, for which no invention per s e is herein claimed, comprises a frame 2 unsupported at its upper end androckably mounted at its lower end upon a` shaftS, and an endless carrier 4 `that is'. operable upon toothed wheels 5 fixed to the shaft 3 and toothed wheels 6 fixed to a shaft `Tmounted inthe upper end of the frame 2.

Beneath the hopper 1 is a receiver 8 and in this receiver is a winged drum 9 supported by' a rotatable shaft 10. Extending from the bottom of the receiver is a chute or run'wa 11.

12 c esignates a charging barrel that'has communication with the receiver 8 through the medium of the chute 11 and which is provided with an outlet spout 131 located -at its lower side and beneath which the liaskA' 1s adapted to be placed, as see'n in-Fig. I.

14 '1s a shaft which extends transversely through the barrel 12.

15 1s a sweep arm sleeve that is secured to' the shaft 14 so that it will berotated by said that carry a Isweep plate 17.

y l Fig. Y is an L elevatlon of the `vibrator that receives the The is provided with one or more sweep arms 16 composed of the vmembers just referred to 1s adapted to be rotated by the-shaft 14'in the direction indicated bythe arrow, Fig. II, so that its plate will oppose the feed of, and gather sand as it enters into .the charging barrel through'the chute 11 and carries such sand in an upward direction and then throws it in a downwarddirection with force through the s out 13 of the charging barrel and into theffask placed beneat said spout. By this action of the'sweep, the sand is delivered into the ilask in a manner to e'liciently ack it therein inthe process of forming a mod in the flask.

shaft Within-the charging barrel and which 18 designates a vibrator that is adapted .to be engaged by the sweep duringlits operation in the charging barre 12. T is vibrator is pivotally supported by a rod i9 and and' a linger 21 located interiorv of the barrel. 22 is a retracting spring that connects the arm of the vibrator tothe charging barrel ,has an arm 20. located exterior o f the barrel and serves to normally hold' the inner arm ofA i the vibrator in the path of travel of the sweep' late 17.

In t e operation of my a paratus, the sand to be packed in a flask such as A located beneath the spout of the charging barrel 12, is fed from the hopper 1` into the receiver 8 by the carrier 4 and from said receiver vto the chut-e 11 and charging barrel by the winged drum 9. At the same time rotation is imparted to the sweep in the charging barrel so that it will move -inthe o the feed indicated by t e arrow, Fig. II. The parts just described are driven by suitable mechanism, such as illustratedin Fig. I

or any other desirable form of mechanism. g As the sweep is rotated in the charging barrel, it first carries the sand in an u ward direction against the feed-and then, a ter reaching a position at the to of the barrel and beginning its downwar movement, the sweep throws the sand through the spout 13 of said barrel forcibly, with the result of causing the sand to enter the` flask laced beneath said spout to bepacked solid y therein,` as will be readily understood. lEach time, that the sweep reaches the vibrator 18 its plate 17 strikes against the nger 2 1 of the vibrator, thereby imparting a shock to said swee ith the result of jarring particles of san( om the plate that may have adherd thereto, so

posite `direction to'.

vthat the plate will be in a cleancondition to pick up the next charge of sand in its next circular movement.

' s ring controlled, yields to the pressure of t 1e sweep thereagainst immediately after it has served its function of jarring the sweep, and the sweep plate may therefore pass the vibrator which will be returned to its normal position by the spring 22, in order that the sweep plate'may engage it upon its next movement thereto I claim: 1. In an apparatus of the character de-V scribed, the combination of a charging barrel having an inlet and an outlet, said outlet be-l material into said barrel, a sweep rotatably mounted in said barrel, and means for rotating said sweep, against the feed, and throwing it through the outlet; substantially as set forth.

3. In an apparatus of the character described, the combination of a charging barrel having an outlet, means for ydelivering material into said barrel, a shaft rotatably mounted in said barrel, and a sweep carried by said shaft in the 'opposite direction to the feed; said sweep gathering the material and throwing it through the outlet, substantially as set forth.

4( In an apparatus of the character de- 'lhe vibrator being scribed, the combination of a charging barrel having an outlet, a chute leading to said bai'- rel, means for leediiig material through. said chuteto said barrel and a revoliible sweep operable in said barrel and which is adapted i cates and which is provided with an outlet' spout, and a sweep revolubly mounted in said barrel to operate in the opposite direction to the feed 5 said sweep gathering the material and throwing it through the outlet, substantially as set forth.

6. In an apparatus of the character de scribed, the combination of a charging barrel having an outlet, means for delivering material into said barrel, a sweep operable in said barrel, means for rotating said sweep, and a vibrator arranged in the )ath of movement of said sweep, substantia y asset forth.

7. In an apparatus of the'character described, the combination of a charging barrel having an outlet, means for delivering material into said barrel, a sweep operable in said barrel, means for rotating said swee and a spring controlled vibrator arranger in the path of movement of said sweep, substantially as set forth.


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