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Publication numberUS900430 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 6, 1908
Filing dateJun 21, 1907
Priority dateJun 21, 1907
Publication numberUS 900430 A, US 900430A, US-A-900430, US900430 A, US900430A
InventorsSimon M Schaefle
Original AssigneeSimon M Schaefle
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US 900430 A
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Patented oct. 6, 19023.`

i To'all wh-on?, tmc/y concern: l l

sTATEs 'PATENT orinony SIMON M. 'senAErLn cnn-A PE-RVILLE, iLLINoIs.


' Specification lof. Letters Patent.

Application sied June 21, 1907. serial No. 380,054.

it known that I, SIMON M. SoHAEFLE,fa citizenv of the United States,

wherein the rollers may beresse together to' any desired degree in orer to leave any videa wringer wherein the rollers will exert unlform pressure upon the mop, throughout their length. v' l A. further object is to provide a'wri-nger, as mentioned which shall be strong and durable, and of low cost to manufacture;4 and' which shall beof such simple constructionias not to readily get out order. I

Further objects will appear hereinafter.

With these objectsin view, myinvention consists generally in an elongated, partitioned ail a pair of rigid yokes pivotally secured thereto, rollers mounted in said okes and above one compartment ofthe pai and means for operating said yokes to move said rollers toward and from each other.

My invention further conslsts 1n various lnovel constructions and arran ements ofl parts all as will be fully described ereinafter,

and particularly pointed out in the claims.

My invention will be more readily understood by reference to the accompanying, drawings forming a part of this specification and in which,

:Figure 1 is a perspective view of a mop wringer and a pail embodying my invention in its preferred form, Fig. 2 is a detail view of one side of one of the yokes together with a roller, F ig. 3 is 'a detail perspective view of onev end vof. a yoke, illustrating. a bearing therein for a gudgeon of the'roller, Fig. 4 is a diagrammatic view ofthe upper-` ends. of the yokes and the rollers, and Fig. 5 is a detail p section on the line, .fo-x f Fig. 2.-

Referring to the drawings, 1 indicates the pail. This is preferablyan elongated, `rectangular receptacle divided by aA partltion,

p I g i '"esidingfat Naperville, illinois, haveinvented certain` `new and useful Improvements 'in Mo WVrlngers, of which the following is a'specf construction that 'the 'soiled water. as itis y and screws, 13.

'2,' into two compartments7 3 and'` 4.' The compartment 3, isdesigned 'to hold the clean ,.water, and the wringer proper is arranged above. the com artment, 4, in order that the soiled water w ich'is wrung ufromthe mop, f

will 'pass therein 'and'not mingle with the clean water,`in compartment, 3. indicates mounted. in the upperendsof vsaid yoke's, va

foot operated lever, also pivoted tjsaidpail `and 'links connecting said 'levers with l'said okesl Thel yokes comprise "verticalend or ever portions; 7, anda cross bar portion, 8,

andare each formed of asingle strip' of flat Lbar steel or malleable iron, making a rigid member; The lend portions, 7 ,v extends some v deslredamount of water mf the mop to' pro distanceabove the toplof the pail, and is then arranged betweentheportions 7, 7b, and the odset portion, 7 a being high enough to permit ample .swing of the yokes. The gudgeons, 10 are preferably provided with heads 1()a to revent frictional contact between the ends o the rollers and the portions, 7 b.

It isA "bent .inwardly anddownwardly as at 7 3, 7b,

obvious that the rollers may be readilyv lifted off of the yokes for the purpose -of cleaning or .re air. 'Howeven they will not be--accidenta ly dislodged when in use, as the slots, 7?

will be inclined as shown in Fig. 4 and the tom thereof. The lower end of the lever members,.7, are journaled upon studs 11, soldered or riveted to thefsides of the pail,

r'gudgeons will be pressed back into the botand are held upon' the studsI by washers, 12 v Pivoted to the sides of the ail, near the bottom thereof is an operating ever, 14, normallyheld in elevated position by a spring,

y15, and adapted to be depressed by the foot.

16 indicates the foot`piece. This is prefer- 4 ably made of? metal rod bent into lthe shape shown but it is o'bviousthat the lever, 14,

may be shaped to forma foot peice, or a .plate may be attached thereto, forthis purare preferably connected near the upper endsi ofthe portions, 7, ofthe yolres, and when the lever, 14, is depressed, drew the rollers together by swinging the yokes upon their pivots.

It 1s obvious that various modifications my invention may be mede without departing from the spirit thereof, hence l do not limit'myself to the precise structure shownv and described.

, Having described my invention, whet I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is,

1; An elongated pail, in combination with` a pair of rigid yokes pivotally connected wardand from each other, substantially described.

2. A pail having parallel sides in eombine.- Y

nected to seid sides und eeeli comprising ver tical end members extending' :tbove the upper edges of said sides, inwardly extending oii'set portions, dependi'nior portions extending into said pail, and an integral eross-bnr portion connectin r the ends of seid depending por tions, a ro ler mounted in earch of said yokes between seid depending,r portions and :tbo` e said cross-bar, gudgeons on the ends of said roller, and seid oi'lset portions und seid depending portions of the yokes beingl slotted to receive said gudgeons, :md smid `endgeon-s being provided with heads, and the slots in the oil-set portions being enlarged to permit passage thereof, and the nien-ns operable to move seid rollers toward :md from each other substantially as described.

In testimony whereof l have signed my name to this speciiiczttion in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.




tion with e piiir of rigid yokes pivotnlly con'

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Cooperative ClassificationA47L13/60