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Publication numberUS90051 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 11, 1869
Publication numberUS 90051 A, US 90051A, US-A-90051, US90051 A, US90051A
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US 90051 A
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l, To all v'whom/it ma/y concern Be it known that I, Z. ROGERS, of Chicago, in the county of Cook, and State of Illinois, have invented giirs e l i IMPROVED AIR-INHALER.

The Schedule referred ton these Letters Patent fand making part of the name.

au ImprovedAir-In'haler; and I do hereby declare that the following is afull, clear, andexact'descrip- Vtion of the construction and operation ofthe saine',

`.reference being had tothe accompanying drawings,

and letters of referencermarked thereon, making a partof this specification, yin whichvention.- p

- Figure 1 is, a perspective representation of my `in- Figure 2, a longitudinal section of the same.-

Figure 3, va transverse section.

Figur'eli, the -valve-cylinder. `This invention relates more especially to an irnprovement in mouth-pieces for air-inhalers, which are c used to'produce anaesthesia, preparatory to peri`orm`v ing surgicalopexations, extracting teeth, Ste.,4 and Its nature consistsin the use of a closely-fitting mouth-piece, inside of which is a tube for conducting the airto the mouth, and a valve for preventing the air once inhaled, from entering thesupply-tube, and in the side of which is a valve operating in a cylinder, and

` arranged to close-and prevent the atmospheric air from being drawn into the lungs,- andto swing openand l allow` the medicated air to escape.V

To enable others to make and use my invention, ,I have'marked corresponding parts with similar letters,

and will now give'a detaileddescription.

` -A represents the mouth-piece, which is made of any non-corrosive metal metal, and to fit the outside ofthe lips closely. y

A cylinder, ,B, is soldered, or otherwise made-fast to the smaller endjof this mouthpiece,.as shown in all of the igures, except`4, and it has a-'screw-thread cnt on its internal periphery for fastening to aspply-pipe,

, y in the usual manner; and "it has hinged to its inner end, (l, a valve, D, which is arranged to allow a suitable quantity of' air to pass into the lungs, and to close by the outward current of the breath, and thus prei vent the air once breathed from again entering the A supply-pipe.

A screw-thread is alsocut on that part of the cyli inder B projecting inside of the mouth-piece A, and a rubber' tube Eis turned thereon, said tube having holes f f in its periphery,.through which the air from the mouth is breathed out.

An important feature of my invention consists in `the novel means used to prevent the escape-valve from being injured when in use, and also to` hold it in place.

A short metal cylinder, 71., with a head at the outer end, and a narrow flange, v rv, at the other, is put Vthrough a.f suitable opening in the mouth-piece A, to

support a valve, S, tig. 8, whichfvalve` is hinged or jointedto the periphery of the cylinder, and shuts againstthesaidangec lv, and thus closes the opening m, same figure, when air is inhaled through the tube E, and opens 'when air is exhaled from the lungs;

openings d d, in the under side of the periphery of the cylinder, as shown at g. 4, allowing the air to pass ont of the moith-piece A? and an opening, a, in the head of the cylinder, permitting the atmosphericair to enter and close the valve.

Having vthus described my invention,

What I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Yat- 17.' The cylinder h and valve S, in combination with the mouth-piece A, arranged to operate substantially as herein described and shown.

2. The combination of the cylinder h, valve S, mouthpiece A, tube E, valve D, andaoylinder B, the whole being arranged and constructed substantially as set forth. y l




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Cooperative ClassificationA61M16/06