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Publication numberUS90052 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 11, 1869
Publication numberUS 90052 A, US 90052A, US-A-90052, US90052 A, US90052A
InventorsMaet Amt H. Satjkmajr
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Mary ann h
US 90052 A
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Y `'sector applied thereto.


- teaersfiawmivo90,052,1zaaa May '11,1s69'..

l p BooK-enfin.`

The Schedule referred to in these l Liemers I fatentand making part of the same.

To all 4whom it may concern:

` f Be it :known that I, MARY ANN H. SAURMANof the city and county of Philadelphia, and State of Pennsylvania, have invented a new and useful Book- Protector; and l do hereby declare that the following Ais a full, clear, andl exactdescription thereof, suihcient to @name @there sinned iu the art to which my aven tinappertains, to* make andusethe sama-reference being'had to the accompanying drawings, making a part of this Jspecication, and in which- `liigure luisv a viewof an open book, with my pro- `Figure 2 is a' plan fof a sheet-metal clamp or clasp,

` use dfor the attachment ,of the protector.

fFigure 3 is an edge view of `one kof these clasps, as bent Whenxed to the'book, yand holding one end of the protector. i

i Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in the several figures.

The object of this invention Is to prevent the injury and destruction of books, by being opened too far during handling; and l l It `consists in fastening the ends of a cord or chain to the backs of a book, near thel front edges thereof,

Q so as to permit the opening of the book to asnificientV y, extent for` the examination and perusal of Aits contents, `Without allowingjts opening so as to injure or destroy V .therbindingas will be hereinafter fully described. i

Referring to thedrawing `A represents a book, having `my invention applied to it. The protector consists of a eerder, chain, B, connecting the backs of the book together.

`I will probably use, tor` securing the ends of the cord -or chain, the sheet-metal clasps'mjshown clearly'in e prongs b1) ef these clasps are passed through openings made in the backs of the books.v The parts c of the clasps 'are then bent-over the npper edge of the backs, andthe vprongs b passedthrough' the slots l, 1aud then bent down,`as shown in g. 1.

VThe endsof the cord' or chain are held lby means of the pointed tongues fi, made` by cutting with a V shaped die. These tongues are bent inward, leaving f x openings for` the passageof the cord or chain.

It will be seen that a book, provided with one `of these protectors, cannot beopened so far as to weaken or break the binding; still, it may be opened to such an extent as to`perruit the perusal and inspection of its entirecontents.

If an attempt is made to open it beyond this point, the strain comes on the cor'l or chain, and the binding is not injured.

The device is especially intended for books used by I children. Such books, when unprotected, are generally injured,- and eventually destroyed by being opened to too great extent. Y

The device may, if desired, be applied tothe lowerV edge of the book, instead of at the top. l I do not limit myself to the precise means hereiu described, for fastening the protector to the backs of the book, as it is obvious that these may be modified, or some other device used instead.

Having thus described 4luy/invention, l What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-` Abook-protector, consisting of a cord or chain, B,

adapted to be secured to the backs of a book, to prevent the book from being opened too far, by means ofthe metallic clasps a, with slots d d, tongues b b,

and point or holder @,as set forth. Y Y

Tothe above I havefsigned my name, this 2d day of March, 18622. 1




` H M. Wmnmisnnm.

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