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Publication numberUS900773 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 13, 1908
Filing dateOct 8, 1907
Priority dateOct 8, 1907
Publication numberUS 900773 A, US 900773A, US-A-900773, US900773 A, US900773A
InventorsGeorge Lewis Patterson
Original AssigneeAlice C Patterson
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Electric plug-receptacle.
US 900773 A
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@@@g Patented 0011;. 13,1908.




APPLIGATION FILED om?. 8 1907I Patented 0st. 13, 1908.


llllllll rinirEDsfrAfrps-PATENT oirricn.4



niincir'iuoPLUG-iancnruiicriir.v r

To all whom 'it may concern: Be it known that I., GEORGE Lnwis PAT- TERSON, a citizen of the United States, resid-` ing in the city, county, and State of New York, have invented certain neW ,and useful Improvements in Electric Plug-Receptacles,

' of which the following is a full, clear, and exl act description.

My invention relates to electrical connections, and more particularly to a lug and socket connection in which the soc et is lov'with internal contacts to engagewitli the plug which is inserted in the socket and4 which connected with tlie portable translating device.r The top late of the socket is usually ilusli with the oor or wall and the opening adapted to admit the plug is proF vided witlili'ds or closures to prevent dirt or other material from clogging or short-circuiting the socket when the plug is removed. It is necessary that these closures be rovided with an aperture to allow the wire rom the plug to pass therethrough wlienthe plug is in position, and heretofore when it has been desired to insert the plug the o erator has in-A serted his fingers or a suitabli* tool in this opening to swing the closures outwardly before' theplug could be placedin position to complete the circuit. The opening in the top plate allows but little clearance when inserting the plug, and thel closures being lof substantially the same size it oftnhappens that the plug becomes blocked' or the operators fin ers are caught between the plug and the c osures. I

The 'object of this invention -is`to provide rthe socket orjreceptacle with means which| will permit the operato'r toV uickly open and close the same to allow the plug to `be inserted with great rapidity, at the sam'e time venting all danger to the operator.

In the drawings Figure 1 is a top plan view of a so-called stage-box including my socket and closure. Fig. 2 is a vertical section through the center, of the box, showing-the pre- sp'ecific'ation of Letters recent." yippiimi'n mea onober aise?. serial No. 396,525.

tented oct. 1a, isos.

plug andthe plug socketin elevation. Fig. 3 is a detail viewin elevation of the to plate' of the box. Fig. '4 is a similar view s owing the arts in different position;

'VVlliile I have illustrated 'my invention-as preferably constructed, it is understood that various changesniight beinade without departing from the scope of the saine. f Y

In the plug connection as shown in the drawing, lv re resents the box adapted to be y seated in a ho ein theffloor or wall. 2 is the plug of usual form. A -3 represents the plug socket proper.`

4 is a detachable top plate on the box 1. 5`i`s the plu opening in the top plate 4. 6 6 .are li s or closures for the plug opening 5, each of whichclosures is provided with a knuckle'arm 6HL extending into a slot 7 lead-` ing fromveachside of the opening 5. 8-8 arel lugs depending from thetop plate on each side of the slot 7.

` 9`is av pin passing through the lugs 8 and each knuckle arm 6a to pivot the same at a point beneath the top plate 4. l l' 10 is'a guide sleeve secured on the under side of the plug opening 5 to direct the plug 2 into the socketsS. l .l

11 is a lever arm extending from the hinged portion of each closure arm 6a, and bent t clear the lug 8 and guide sleeve 10.

12 is an operating member passing through l' i an` opening in the top plate 4.

13 is'a ring or other engaging means carried at the outer extremity of the member 12.

14-,14 are connecting links joining. the l ring` 13 and the closures will instantly open,'

as shown in Fig. 4. After the lug is inserted, the ring is released and t e closures will fall of their own weight back in their original position.

When the parts are in the position shown tallydisposed cover therefor having an opening ada ted to admit the plug, two closures for sai opening' hinged. at opposite sides thereof, and separate means to operate both of said closures simultaneously.

`3. In an 4electrical cohnection, the combinationof a plug and' socket, a box therefor having an opening adapted to admit the plug, two pivoted closures for said opening, a lever extending from each closure, and

means connected with said levers to operateV said closures. Y

4. In a device of the character described, a plug and socket, a box therefor having an opening adapted to admit said plug, closuresfor sald o ening hinged at opposite sides thereof and) having recesses to afford 4clearance for the plug connecting wire to pass therethrough, and separate means to olp'erate said closures arranged at one side t ereofi i 5. In a device of the4 character described, a plug and socket, a box, a top plate thereon having an opening adapted to admit the plug, a guide sleeve securedl to said top plate, a

opening, ever armsy extending Afrom said air of pivoted closures for said` closures and inside of the box, and means connected with'said lever arms to operate the closures simultaneously.

6. In adevice of the character described, a lug and socket, a box therefor, a removab e top plate for said box having an opening adapted "to admit the plug, closures for said opening' pivoted to the top plate, Vlever arms extending from said closures and inside of the box, links connecting said lever arms with each other, and an' operating member connected with said links and extending outside of said box.

7. In a rece tacle, a iloorlate having a passage theretliiough,. a lid iinged at one end of `said passage, and lid-lifting means underneath said plate making operative connection with said lid, art of said means projeclting through 'said pllate to one side of said lidfor manual engagement.

' 8. In a receptacle, a floor-plate having a central passage, a lid therefor, a hinge ,at one edge of said lid, a pivot for said hinge, a crank operating with said lid, a crank-oper ating device, a portion of said device projecting through said floor-plate to one side ofsaid lid for manual engagement.

9., In a rece tacle, a floor-plate having a' passage theret irough, a hinged lid therefor, a crank co erating with said lid from below, a cran -operating device coperating with said crank, a portion of said crank-operating device passing through said floorplate "to one side of said lidrfor manual engagement.


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