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Publication numberUS901299 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 13, 1908
Filing dateMay 31, 1907
Priority dateFeb 11, 1907
Publication numberUS 901299 A, US 901299A, US-A-901299, US901299 A, US901299A
InventorsIsidor Kitsee
Original AssigneeIsidor Kitsee
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Method of producing electric coils and conductors therefor.
US 901299 A
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Patented Oct. 13, 1908;




Specifleation'of Letters Patent.

rstentedot. '13, 1908.

Original application med February 11, 1907, Serial No. 866,795. Divided and this application flled Hay 31, 1907.

Serial No.

To all whom it 'may concem:

Be it known that I, -IsrDoR Krrsmi, citizen of the United States, residing at Philadelphia, in'the count 'of PhiladelphiaJ and State of Pennsylvania, ave invented certain new and useful Improvements in Meth'ods of Producing Electric Coils' and Conductors Therefor; and I do hereb declare the following to be a full, clear', an' exact descri tion of the invention, suclf` as',will enable ot ers skilled in the artito vv'hicli it appertains to make and use the same.

' This invention relatesto iniprovements in the method'of producing electric coils and conductors therefor,`and is a division of an a plication for United States Letters Patent fied by me February 11, 1907, Serial Na.` 356,795.

The object of the resent inventionis to provide a novel met od for producing an electric coil constructed of a plurality of strips proper] insulated to form the re uisite number o windin in' contradistinction to the employment o insulated wire, each stri bearing a definite relation to the others, an so connected -to the contigous strips as to form a continuous path for the current throughout the diameter of the'coil, as fully set forth in the application herein referred to.

With these general objects in view, the invention consists substantiall)r in the'novel method hereinafter fully described, illustrated in the accompanyin drawings, and pointed out in the a ende claims. v

In the drawin'gs, igure 1 is a erspective view` illustratin lr'the manner of ormmlg1 the conductors emp o ed in connection wit the roduction of t e herein-described coil. 4`ig. 2 is av plan view ,of the slitted metallic sheet. Fig. 3" is a similar view illustratingthe sheet shown in Fig. 2 as mounted upon a backin of insulation. Fig. 4, is a view similar to i 3 illustrating the formation ofone end of the backed sheet adapting the same for ap lication to a bobbin for the constructhe coil. Fig. 5 is a tran'sverse sectionalview thereof. Fig. 6 is a plan view illustrating the sheet formed as disclosed in preparatory to wlnding the sheet thereon. ig. 7 is a sideelevation of the coil after the sheet has been wound thereon andfin the finishing stages of construction. Fi 8 is a side elevation of. the completed coi a face of the strips 24.

R'efcrring in detail to the dravvings, and' more ,especially to Fig'. l, 'the numeral 20 designates a r oll v having a sheet of metal' wound thereon, said sheet` beinv' designated by the numeral 21, and from said roll 20 the sheet 21 is led to a slitting roll 22l that co.- operates with a cylinder 23, and through the medium of which the sheet 1321 is formed into a series of narrow strips 24. After leaving the rolls 22 and 23 the strips 24 formed thereby are caused to pass between a air of compresslng rolls 25 ,between` whic rolls also` passes a 'web of insulating material 26 that is carried by a roll 27, and from which latter the Web 26 is led through the rolls 25 at the-under- The web 26 is caused to adhere to the under sides of the strips 24 by any suitable medium, such'as cement, and. after leaving the rolls 25 the combined strips and Web are wound upon a receiving roll 28. From this roll 28 anydesired length of the combined strips and'insulating web may be taken in accordance with the size of coilthat it is desired .to produce, but b referring to Figs. 2 and 3 it will be noted t 'at in slitting the sheet 21l the same commences d ends at a pointlslightly remote from the ends of the sheet so that the extremities of the stri s;

24 maybe held intact, and thus preserve t e relativ'e arranlgement of the'strips un til it i's deslred to fu y separate the same |for Ithe production of the coil.

To form a coil from the conductors i roduced as above described one end of thes ieet 21 is slitted i'n order to se arate the strips 24 at'` that articular end, an when this has been accomp ished the strips are divided and an equal number preferably bent in op osite directiohs, and at right angles to the odies of the strips, as cle rly shown in Fig. 4, in which position it 'Will be seen `that the Web of insulation lies between the bent back-ends of the strips and the bodies thereof. After the ends have been positioned in this manner the same are laced u on a bobbin 29 forrning the core of the coi said bobbin being provided With heads 30, which latter form the ends of the coil, and the stri s 24 are therefoo upon wound around the bobbln to the desiredl I depth, and to impa'rt to the coil the reruisite diameter. When 'this has been accomp ished the outer ends of the strips 24 are cut -so that each s'uccessivel strip, commencing at the central portion thereof, is shghtly less m length than the immediately adJacent one, as 'clearly seen in 7. By so c'utting the strips 24; it iiizinifcst that the'outerends 1 'thereof will he in i'i position to he overhipped i hy the iniicreiids wl'iic'ii have heeii pei'i'iiittcd; to project, nnd these projec-ting inner ciids ure thereupoii hcnt down upon the cxposed outer' ends, iii ii ni'aiiner as clcarl scen iii Figi 7 nnd S, and the eiids iire securcly fasf tened together, as hy solderiiiig; f Iii this coiiiiec-tion, ho'ii'cvci', it- -is t'o'be noted-thiitthe 10 projecting inner end ofeach strip c mnect-` ed to the exposcd outer end lofgthe neit im'nieil)v appreciated from, t e4 designitions. of the respective strips, to which ficonsecutivegnu merals have' been a-pplied; the-=strip s being,r designa'ted from 1 tofl/, `iindl i'1 i'connectiiig the projecting vinner ends with the e'xposed out'ergends, the -inner end of strip No'fl is connec-tedto the outerend'of strip'N., 2; the

' "id 'of' strip No. 2 is connected'toithe enter 'end ofstrip No'.- 3-, iiii'dithis'- throughout the eiitire'series of't-he *st rip nstituting the full4 wi-idiiig off,v the coil; Thus' the respective strips are'connec-ted in series; 'and a continuous pathf-provided from one end `4of the coil tothe'other'." -It Will be observed, however, that the 'oiite'r end.

of v stril No. 1, 'and theexposedjinner end of strip ho. 14 remain unconnected, and these stri sie constitute the Iterminels'of'the vcoil to eni'i 'iie the letter being' connected to a circuit. From the feregoing description it will1 he seen that an exceedingly simple hut eficient coil is provided; that each strip constitutes a, winding of the coil sind bears afdefinite relationtto the others, and that in connecting the stri in the manner described a. 'c'ontinuous at for the flow of the'current provided '-f-` om one end of the coil to the other. Having thus described the invention, whit- 1 is ,claimed a's 'new and desii'ed to be sec-uted .hy-L etters Patent,` is: 4 '("he method. of liliroducingcopfductors :fei electric coils, whic consists in slttin a' sheetof conduting, materieltg divide t'e fi tive iirmiigemeiit of the sti-'i pendent wlndiiiigs. dmtely oontaifiious stri Thistwlllhe read-J 2 to 'the strips.

'ing' the strips and insulati'on to pressure'to hiting the stripa to adapt th` samo iis inde-'4 pei'idei'it windings.

,2.` The method of pri'iduciug -comluctors l.

foi'jc'lectric. coils, 'which consists in slittinga sheet of conductii'ig material to divide the same into aplurahtyof'stl'ips the eiids of t' which remain' coniiected topic-serve the relasuhitiiig the strips to edn-pt 'the sunie as inde-' 3. The method oi: 'iroducii'ig conductors for electric coils', which consists in slvitting a' sheet of conductiiig material 'to' divide. the si iine into a. plurality ofstri s, and applying is, and theiiineweb of insulatiori to onev ace'of the stripe to ada t the same as inde 4. Tic 'method of for electric coilsi whic i' endent `j-vindings-- 'roc ucmg' conducto'rs 'consists in shttlng a shcet of lcondiicting' material to (lit-'ide the si ime'intoa plui'alitof strip's, :m d insiilatil'lg the stripjs'4 under pressure toadap't' the same 'as independent`win`diiigsz materialto divide t e` 5. The -method of. for: electric coils, whic sheet of conductin s'ame. into a" plurality of sti'i'ps, applying a Web'of in'sulatoii to -onefaceof the strips 'to'f iconsists in slittin a edapt the same as independent windin '8,' and -s'uhiecting saidstrips amlthe vweb of insujlar'e to cause the 'web tol edhere,i 'v

tioii to pi'essu 61' The methodjof consists' m epplyingv a Web of 'insulation to'one face of eseries 'of letter-as indepei'ident windings, end' suhjex'ct'-4 CL SiiiI'TH, I

. Mimi? ro'ducing conductors Vstips of conduc'ting materialflto adapt the

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