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Publication numberUS90132 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 18, 1869
Publication numberUS 90132 A, US 90132A, US-A-90132, US90132 A, US90132A
InventorsG. Gakter Stampeb
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Improvement in nut-lock
US 90132 A
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l To all whom 'it may conte/rn:V l

Be it known that I, G. CARTER STAMPER, of Osi ceola, in the county of Clarke, and State of Iowa, have me* uw G. vo A are n s fr A M een,

for oscE'oLA, IOWA.

l Lette/rs Pfttent No. 90,132, dated M a/y 18, `1869.y

` y IMPROVEMENTIN NUT-Loox The Schedule referred torin these Letters Patent and'makng part of the -same.-

invented a new andruseful Improvement in Nut- Loc-ks; and Ido hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, andexact description of theconstruction and operation `of the saine, reference being had to the 2 accompanyingdrawings, n1aking a part of this speciiication,` in which-f q Figures-l and 6 are side elevations. i A Figure 2 is a top View offspring-plate lock. Figure 3 is a vertical section, as indicated by red` Fine x -y of fig. 2.

Figure 4 is a detachedview of bolt.' Figure 5 is `a detached top View of cap, showing i square` hole in centre.

Like lettersof reference indicate. like parts of' the x invention.

My invention consists-` y' y First, of a pivoted springplate, provided with holes in each' end, to fitover thenuts, or with flangesto fit against the outside 'of the nuts, or with` teeth,for pins to fit in holes in the top ofthe nuts; the spring-plate being riveted, so'as to be turned on or off` toan innerf plate, secured by outer nuts, locked by the spriug` plate. f

Second,- of' a cap, provided with flanges, to yfit over i. the nut, and with a square" hole to fit over the bolt, made with agsquare part outsideof thenut, and held to its place by an outside nut, screwed onto the end ofthe bolt.`

i A represents a spring-plate, depressed in the middle y and riveted tothe inner plate B, as shown in figs. l

and 3, so as to vhe turned on or off, as shown iu fig. 2,

and `is made with square holes aat. the ends, to slip over the outer nuts d d, (see fg.`2';) or with flanges b,

to fit against the ontsideof the"nuts,'l(see iig.1';) or

withteeth, orpins c, to catch in" holes in the nuts, (see tig.- l i 4 The inner plate B is made with` holes at `the ends,

to slip loosely over the bolts, and is held in place by ,the outside nuts d d, screwed on the ends of' the bolts, f as shown in iig. 3, i

u fig. 6.

O represents'a cap, with flanges ege, fitting over the nut, and held D represent-s the` bolt, made with a square part, aboveV the' screw, for the main nut y, which square part is for holding the cap, C,.which is made with a square hole, 7.', to fit over the holt. (See fig. 5.) The end of' the bolt is made smaller, and provided with a Vscrew to receive and hold the outside nut hi.

These locks may he used for one' or more bolts,.as l

The cap-lock O is placed over the nut, as seen in l' fig. 6, thgesquare part f of the bolt fitting inthe square hole k in the cap,'and preventing it from turning; and the outside nut Ah being screwed down upon the cap, holds it to its place.

The outside nut h `may be looked, also, by a riveted spring-plate, Isimilar to plate A.

Having thus fully described my invention,

What l claim therein asY new, and desire tosecure l. The riveted spring-plate A,\having at the ends holes u, or flanges b, or teeth orvpins c, in combination with plate B and outer nuts d d, substantially as described.

2.v Cap C, having flanges e e, and square hole k, inV

combination with boltD, having square with nut h, substantially as described.


part f, kand i Witnesses: l i n J AMES ,Tanning JAS. BREAD.

in place by an outside nut, h, as seen Ain i

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Cooperative ClassificationY10S411/995, Y10S411/979, F16B39/101