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Publication numberUS901652 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 20, 1908
Filing dateJan 30, 1908
Priority dateJan 30, 1908
Publication numberUS 901652 A, US 901652A, US-A-901652, US901652 A, US901652A
InventorsWilhelm Seydel
Original AssigneeWilhelm Seydel
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Support for clothing.
US 901652 A
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Patented 0015.20, 1908.



surron'r FOR cno'mmie.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Oct. 20, 1908.

Application filed January so, 1908. Serial No. 413,442.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WILHELiu SEYDEL, a sub ect of the King of Prussia, residing in the city of Ratibor, Gartengasse 2, in the Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire, have invented new and useful Im rovements 1n Supports'for Clothing, of which the following is a s ecification.

his invention relates to a support for clothing consisting of a s. ring girdle that can be attached without ris of injury to trees, poles and the like, in such manner ,as to be easily removable therefrom.

The characteristic feature of the invention consists in the fact that the irdle'is composed of alternately arrange j s rings and plates having hooks attached tot hem, these eing so connected together atthe 'oints that they can easily be separated. Th1s arrangement enables linkslto be easily attached or detached from the girdle, so as to adapt it to i .the irth of any particular tree.

I1 clothes.

T- e accompanying drawingsshow by way of example one constructional form of support for clothingin accordance with this invention: wherein Figure 1 is a view of the 0 en girdle, Fi 2 a sectionon the line AA 0 Fig. 1, and ig. 3 is a view of the girdle as applled to a tree trunk or'pole.

The girdle or clothing su ort comprises a number of plates at, prefera y' of sheet steel, I

to which there are attached hooks b for su porting the clothes. It is advisable that t e ooks I) should be so connected with the plates (1 as to be capable of bein turned into either a horizontal or a vertical irection, be-

ing maintained in position when in the-horizontal direction by a spring 0.. When'in the rnay be used for the latter position a hook support of a hat, while it ma be used when in the vertical position, or supportlng nected with each other y means of springs d, as together to form'an elastic girdle.- The s rings, in the example of 'rdle shown in the rawmgs, are flat to enab e the girdle to he compactly against the trunk of the tree: they .may, however, in some cases be of rounded form, such for instance'as helical or spiral springs. The ends of the springs are inserted in eyes provided on the plates a in such manner as to be easily removable, so that the number of plates and-sprin s forming the girdle can be varied as may e required.

The end plates at are flexibly connected The separate lates a are so con-" with the parts of a buckle e by means or which the girdle may be secured. To enable the length of the g rdle also to .beadjusted within certain limits by means of this buckle one of its parts 6 has arranged in it aiser'ies of slots through either of which the other half of the buckle may be passed so as to adapt the length of the 'rdle to the diamet er of t e tree trunk to WlllGh' it is applied.

- To render the girdle readyfor use it need I elastic girdleadapte to be attached to a tree or the like, being composed of alternately ar- (d) and plates (a) provided ran' ed s rin wit hoo (i for supporting the clothing, parts ((1) and .(a) being removably-connected substantially as set forth. I I

3. A- ,clothing su port consisting of an elastic girdle adapts] to be attached to a tree or the like, being composed of alternatelyarra eds ri (d) and. lates (0) provided with hoo l rs li forsupp rting theclothing,

the hooks being adjustably arranged for use ither in a horizontal or in a vertical position substantially as set forth.

4. A clothing su port consisting-of an elastic girdle 'adaptc to be attached to a tree or the llke, being composed of alternately. ar-f (d) and plates (a) provided ranged s rings withhoo for supporting-the clothing, parts (d) and (a) being removably connected and the hooks being adjustably arranged for use eitherin a horizontal or in a vert cal position substantially as set forth. I

In'testimony whereof I have'slgned my name to this specification in the presence of;

two subscribing witnesses. I I



JosnF Doms. ERNsT KATZ.

-(d) and plates (a) provided.

e hooks b can then be turned into I 2. A clothing su port consisting of an I

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Cooperative ClassificationF16M13/02, F16B1/0057