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Publication numberUS901974 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 27, 1908
Filing dateMar 20, 1906
Priority dateMar 20, 1906
Publication numberUS 901974 A, US 901974A, US-A-901974, US901974 A, US901974A
InventorsLucius A Lindsey
Original AssigneeLucius A Lindsey
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US 901974 A
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901,974. Patented oet. 27, 1908.

v WitneSses In Ven tor um Juv A ttomeys:

1f d f bodymgmy invention.

2`5f materia si'de ofthe casing, as s 5 .0-'onef ofthe essential parts of the button.

PATENT; osmosi. g



To all 'it 'may ccncem:

- `Beit known thatI, Lucius A. LINDsEY, a

' citizenvof the United States,I and a resident of Crystal Springs, Floyd county, Geor a,

.5 .haveinvented a certainnew1 and useful provement in Telephone-Repeaters,I o fwhich the following is a speciiicatio'n.V

I attainthe'se'objects by 'the mechanism illustratedin the. accompanying' drawings, v in which the gure is alongitudinal section sli htly diagrammatic, andupon a greatly e arged scaleor` a telephone repeater em- In carrying out my invention, I provided a diaphragm'such as 1, which is preferably made of a nonemagnetic material. -Suitable 'materials are glass or mica, or any other ma- 20 terial which does not depend upon'lits magnetic 4ro erties for actlon. In connection with te ia hragm I em loy a coil 2. This coil is woun upon a spoo 3, which is referably of paper or -some other non-con ucting 4 Thespool is secured to the diaphragbm in any suitable manner, but preferably y means of glue or cement so that it will b e su ported by the diaphragm, and vibrate wit it.

In connection with the coil 2, I emplo a manget 4. This magnet is shown as pre erably of' peculiar shape, having a central Jpole 5, and an' outside annular pole 6. The magnet may be a permanent magnet or an electro magnet as shown in the drawing, in which the exciting coil 7 will surroundv the inner pole 5, and be surroundedby the outer pole 6. The magnet may be attached to a suitable support such as the body of the re'- peater.. l

When the invention is used inconnection Y with a repeater such as is'shown in the drawings, the diaphragm y1 carries upon it one' of the plates 11 ofthe carbon button, the other 5 plate 12 being carried .by the casing ofthe utton, the carbon being in granular form, aslvshownand lying between the two end fplates. 'he diaphra m incloses the 'open own, thereby forming @neef the wires 13 the localy circuit will connect with the late 11, by assing through a hole inthe spoo 3, the hole eing made out- In the draw- 14 -is the local battery, 15.-.the primary,

speci-season or Letters'ratea ippica@ mea uma-zo, 190s. sum No. 307,031.

greatly reduced, and the' instrument is- The objects'IAhave in view are to improve4 the eiiiciency of telephone repeaters. 10

. 'Patented oct. '27, 190s-,l

17 is in circuit.

prefer to malegthe'coil 2 of silk-covered aluminum wire so "that the greatest amount of lightness will. be secured.l By employing a non-magnetic diaphragm, the inertia 1s connection wlth the repeater, it permits the hram being connected dlrectly with the n utton, so that theusual transmltdia car o ting devices which include levers, air-chame' bers or yother mechanism, is avoided. This construction in connection with a re eater, requires only the coil,` and the light o llow spool to be attached to the diaphragm, with t e 'additional carbon terminal on the other side of .the diaphragm,and the diaphragm may be made as light as desirable order 'to obtain proper flexibility.

Having now described my invention, what vI claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Iatent, is: l

1. A telephone repeater having acarbon button, one of the plates of which 1s attached `to the diaphragm, there being on such diaphragm and a separate core in cooperative relation with the coil, the' said core being mounted independently of the d iaphragm, and an exciting coil 1n lcooperative relationwiththe core.

'2, A telephone repeater having a carbon button, one of the plates of which 1s attached to the diaphragm, there being a spool mounted on the diaphragm, a coil carried by the spool and' a se arate core in lation with t "e coil, l the said core being mounted independently of the diaphragm', and an exciting coil` in coperative relation with the core.

a coil mounted on such diaphragm and a thecoil, the said corebeing mounted independentlyof the diaphragm, and an exciting coil in co erative relation with the core.

-4. A te ephone repeater having a carbon button, one of the tothe diaphragm, on such diaphragm,

being. mounted independently of the diaphragm.

5'. yA telephone repeater having afvcarbon made.

a coil mounted .f

cooperative ieseparate core in coperative yrelation 'with the'outgi'gfsireua, and 1s the acont;

3. A telephone repeaterlhaving a carbon I button, the said button having a d1aphragmwhich is an essential part thereoi, there being plates of which 1s attached there being a coil mountedl and a separate core in cooperative relationlwith the coil, the said core' button, one of the plates of which is attached to the diaphragm, there bein a spool mounted on the diaphragm; a coi? carried by the spool, and a separate core in coperative re- 5 lation With the coil, the said core being mountedindependently of the diaphragm.

6; A" telephone repeater having a carbon button, the said button having aldiaphragm which is an essential part thereof, there being y10 a coil lmounted. on such diaphragm, and a This specification signed and witnessedl this 16th day of March, 1906.




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