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Publication numberUS902067 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 27, 1908
Filing dateNov 23, 1907
Priority dateNov 23, 1907
Publication numberUS 902067 A, US 902067A, US-A-902067, US902067 A, US902067A
InventorsMagni Gustafson Froeberg
Original AssigneeMagni Gustafson Froeberg
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Calculating-machine for money and similar objects.
US 902067 A
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APPLIOA'I 101T FILED NO V. 23; 1907.

Patented 601;. 27, I908.



2 sums-sun: 2

Patented Oct. 27, 1908.




whose ost-ofiice address is Biblioteks atan 5, Stoc holm, Sweden, haveinvente certain new and useful Improvements in Calcu.

lating-lvlachines' for Money and Similar Objects; andI do declare the followin to be a full, clear, and exact description 0% the. in-

vention, such as will enable others skilled in the art. to which it appertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to coin counting niachines and has for its object the provision of a machine of this character adapted to receive the coin in bulk and to manipulate the same in a manner to actuate a'register or totalizer and finally .to deposit the counted coin in the receptacle.

A further object of the invention is the provision of an improved device for arresting movement of the a paratus when a predeterminednumber oi coins have been registered or totalized said device. being ada ted to be set or adjusted to arrest the mac ine -on the operation thereof when any desired number of coins is counted.

. The invention has other features of novelty and important. details of construction which will hereinafter be more fully described in connection with the accom anying drawings and will be more particular y pointed out and ascertained in and by the appended claims.

In the drawings4Figure 1, is a side elevation, with parts in section, of a coin counting machine embodying the main features of my invention. Fig. 2, is a front elevation thereof; Fig. 3, is a plan view thereof, Fig.

.4, is a detail'view of the device for arresting movement of the apparatus when a predetermined number of coins has been counted. Fig. 5, is a plan and sectional view of one of the details of construction.

Like characters of reference designate ures'of tie drawings. p e As shown the invention 1s embodied in a structure'which includes a base designated at 20 and which is referably provided with aninelined top wal -22 anda rece tacle such for instance as a. drawer 21 for t e counted coin. In said wall 22 there .is provided a Specification of Letters Patent. Application filed. November 23, 1907. Serial No. 403,471.

artsthroughout the different fig cam slot 6 and a journal bearing 23 for a 'stub 11 upon which a coinv receiver 1 is'rigidly secured. Said stub 11. is provided with a bevel gear 10 which may be voperi-itively geared or otherwise connected in any desirable manner, not shown, with an operating crank 8. The. receiver -1 relatively deep and is designed to receive mass of coin of one denomination. Said receiver is preferabl inclined as shown so that the coin norina ly'tends to slide towards the lowermost bottom oint of the receiver 1. In the bot- 'tom.wal of said receiver 1" there is provided a plurality of coin receiving openings 2 the outer ends of whichextend to the vertical wall of the receiver to permit the coin to be discharged outwardly therefrom. A plurality of radially disposed slides 4 are carried by-said receiver and each of said slides is provided with a projection 5 adapted to project or extend into and be operated by the cam slot 6 hereinbefore described. Said slides are carried by said receiver and are radially reciprocated whenthe receiver 1 is rotated by reason of their engagement with said cam slot for the purpose of being retracted radially inwardly from said openlngs, as shown at the left of Fig. 3, for the purpose of permitting coins to enter the receiving openings 2, said slides being reciprocated outwardly as shown in Fig. 3 for the purpose of engaging and actuatin a counting or totalizing device'and also for the purpose of facilitating discharge of "the counted coin into the receiver or drawer 21. After the coin has been counted they are separately moved. abreast of andfall by gravity into the slots-23". I

A totalizer, or register indicated at 24 is provided with an actuating member which as shown is in the form of a rotating stud member 7 which is geared 'with said register and -which is prov ded with a pluralityzof radially dis osed studs 25 which project into thepath o the coin' extending fIOH'itlle receiver 1 in a'manner to be actuated thereby as clearly shown in Fig. 2 It will thus be Patented. 0a. 27, 1908.

said receiver 1 and the same is rotated, the' openings 2, will be filled; and as they appreach the actuatingmemberY the cam 6 will reciprocate the slides individually radii ally outwardly to project'the coin into the path of the stubs thereby rotating the member 7 and registering account in the totalizer.

After the coin has actuated the member-"7 it will pass toward the opening 231 and will be 5 discharged therethrougli' into the drawer2'1.

In a machine -of.thischaracter which is adapted to be rapidly operated and wherein it is desirable to count a number of coin so that they maybe disposed in packages or banks and large commercial houses it is de- 'siiiable to provide means'i'or arrestmgmoveme'nt oftheapparatuswhen a. predetermined number of coins is counted so that the opera :5 tor will not lose time by watching the register and will not count more than the desired J'iIUll'lbGl of oems. Thls ob ect of the invenidn'ris' attained in the present embodiment formed and starts-at a pointnear the center Mmrofvsaidanember- 7 and ends at a point near tlie periphery thereof. -At the outer end -01 'laubs. said groove i-lmlesirably provide an abutment Siwhich maybe in the form of a screw 16 for a "purposewhich will now be described in dertaill, Ajl6VQY- 15 is shown pivotally mounted at 26rand' provided at one end with a projec- -tion- 27-adap;ted forcngagement with a stop :30 18. and providedat its other endwith a down- H .w-ardly projecting portion 28 adapted to seat in .thecam groove'and be engaged by the abutment 16 when the predetermined number of coins i'sto be counted and it is desired cartridges for eonveniencein handling in a by providing a cam-groove 13 onth'e actuat: 20:1inginrenrherm? which cam groovels spirally discharge opening and a cam slot, a register.

provided with anactuating member, a revoluble receiverprovided wit-h a plurality of coin receiving slots adapted to register with said discharge opening, radially movable slides carried by said receiver and actuated with a plurality of coin receiving slots adapt! ed to register with said discharge opening, slides for said slots, actuated by said cam slot to open said coin slots at lowermost points of said receiver to "permit entrance of coin in said slots, said slides projecting said coin into the path of'said member at uppermost points and being subsequently actuated to permit discharge of said coin through said opening, and means for operating said receiver.

The combination of a coin counting mechanism, of an"inclined base provided with a discharge opening, d-register rovided with an actuating member, a revo uble inclined coin receiver provided with a pluto-automatically bring the apparatus to a position of rest; spring .19 maybe pro -vided to retain the en'd 28 in the cam groove rality of coin" receiving slots adapted to regist'er with said discharge openings, slides for said slots, an element for actuating said I I desired radial point.


- r upper wall 22.

13 andthemounting of the lever 15 shown at I 29.permits; the latter to be swurglaterally, '40 when depressedatits outer end, so as to insertthe. end; 28 into the cam groove at any The lateral movement of the lever 15 also permit the same to move as the same travels out 'ardly in said cam The stop 18 is adjustable about the mounting 29 and its outer end registers with a scale 17 conveniently provided on the It will be seen from the foregoi'i'rg' that when any desired number of coin ,is to becounted the stop will be set with reference to the scale 17 and the lever 15 willbe ad usted 1n the cam,groove in a position as I hear the center of the actuating member7as the "stop 18 will permit whereupon the 5 5' counting operation may proceed. When the prede'termmed count has been finished the abutment 16, will engage the end 28 and will I abruptly bring the mechanism to a osition 'of r'cst whereupon the operator Wil under- {30 stand that: the count has reached the desired total. I

1 claim: i 1. The combination mechanism-f a base provided with a coin of a coin counting slides to retract the same at lowermost points in the revolution of said receiver to permit of entrance of the coin in said slots and pro jecting the coin outwardly in said slots at uppermost'points" in the revolution and into the path of said member and subsequently retracting said slides to permit of discharge of said coin through said opening, and means 'for operating said receiver.

4. The combination of a coin counting mechanism, of a base, arevoluble coin'receiver, a register provided with an actuating,

member, cam mechanism for projecting the coin carried by 'said receiver into the path of said member to actuate the latter, and means geared With said receiver for arresting the same upon completion of a predetermined coun 5. The-combination of a coin counting mechanism, of a base, a revoluble coin receiver. mounted on said base, a coin register provided with an actuating member, means or projecting the coin carried by said receiver into the path of said member to actuate said register, a disk provided with a spiral groove rotated by said member and IOVldGCl with an abutment at the termina of said groove, a. swi ngrngr'errji 'ggg-ing said groove mechani sr n geared with said receiver for ar- 10 at one end,, amie-"gi'ii g1uati0ns for. said. base r'estilllg'the same upon completion of a preadjacent tl1ri3thrlgndofsaidarm. I

determined count. v v V 6. The combination; of a coin cou tmg v In testimorry whereof I efiix my slgnaturemechanisrri', of a base, a movable c01n re in presence of two witnesses.

ceiver, a reglster providedwlth an actuating MAGNI GUSTAFSON 'FRUBERG.

membergjcam mechanismfor projecting the Witnessesz coir; earned bysaid receiver into the path of HJALMAR ZETTERSTROM,

msgidjmember to actuate the latter, and cam FRITZ HALLIN.

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