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Publication numberUS90217 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 18, 1869
Publication numberUS 90217 A, US 90217A, US-A-90217, US90217 A, US90217A
InventorsB. H. Aylworth
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Improved vaginal speculum
US 90217 A
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solicited tapes @anni @inline Letters Patent No'. 90,217, dated Mag/ 18, 1869.

IMPROVE!) VAG-INAIL SPECULUM v The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the name.

Y'lo all whom tt may concern.- l

Be it known that I, B. H. AYLWORTH, of Oxford, in the county of Ohenango, and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Vaginal Speculums, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the ac companying drawing, forming part of this specification, and in which- Figure 1 represents a view in perspective of a vaginal speculum, constructed in accordance with my improvement, as in the course of being applied to the person; and

Figure 2, ya longitudinal section, on an enlarged scale, through said speculum.

Similar' letters of reference indicate corresponding parts.

My invention consists inA a speculum for examination of the vagina and womb, which, when applied, is of a close or air-tight character, and is so constructed and provided as that the vaginaI may be distended by blowing in air, or other iniiating-mediurn through the speculnm; also, instruments inserted, if desired, and manipulated from the exterior.

Said specululn may either be used in connection with solar light, or it may have an illuminating-character given it by means of a candle or lamp inserted within a tubular reflector, arranged in front of the speeulum, to facilitate examination or treatment while the vagina is distended, as hereinbefore referred to.

`1n the accompanying drawing, the body of the speculuin is represented as made up of an irregularlyshaped tapering tube, A, open at both ends.

The larger end of said body is closed by a glass, or lens, B, preferably of a double-convex form, which may be secured between rings (t a., and, if necessary, suitably-interposed rubber packing.

The smaller `end of the body is constructed to receive ou and over it, so as 4to forni an outward exten- Sion thereto, a tube, C, which is designed to be inserted in the vagina, and which may be removed and a differeut-sized `tube substituted, as required.

These tubes, or the body ofthe speeuluin where they lit, should be constructed to form ashoulder for a metal or moderately stiff collar, D, (which is slipped over the tube,) to rest against. I t,

This collar should be of an oval form, and hollow or dish-shaped on its face side. l

An inflatable soit-rubbercollar, E, is also fitted over the tube O, and made to bear or rest at its back against the metal collar D, said rubber collar being inflated, as required, by meansof a liexble tube, F, provided with a suitable stop-cock, b. Y

On the side of the body of the speculuin, near its large end, is an opening or nozzle, c, for attachment of a flexible tube, G, having a stop-cock, d, for the purpose of distending the vagina by blowing in air.

`H is a similar, but preferably larger and softer, or more exible tube, in connection with the body ofthe specnlum, the same being provided, at its outer end, with a flexible ring, or otherwise being suitably constructed to allow of the introduction, in an air-tight manner, and manipulation from the exterior, of a pencil, 4or instrument of any suitable description for treatment of the vagina, or womb, as, for instance, in the applicationof canstics, spray, or liquids.

Buckles, e e, are fitted to the body of the speculum for attachment of bauds, f f f, one of which in applying the speculum Vto the vagina, is passed around the' pelvis, over the Sacrum and pubes, and secured, by

buckles, forward of the ilium. Another of such bands or straps is passed atyright angles to the first over the pubes, and another from the lateral edges or side of the sacrum.

In applying the speculum to the person, the tube C is inserted into the vagina and the specnlum secured to the person by the bands or straps, afterwhich the liexible collar E is inflated and straps tightened to make close or air-tight the fit of the instrument to the vulva. The vagina then is inflated by blowing or forcing in air throughV the tube G, when, by means of a solar light passing through an open tube, and concentrated by the lens B, a strong light is thrown upon any portion of the vagina, or os. utert, to allow ofthe' examination or treatment of those parts while x the vvagina .is artificially distended by the air forced in througlnthe tube Gr. Or, as represented in iig. 1, an illuminating-character may be given to the speculum by closing the outer end of the spy-tube with a capretlector, and passing a candle or lamp into said tube through a vert-ical opening therein, the lamp being placed on a movable arm or base of an upright support, on which the tube is made adjustable.

Inspection may then be made through the lens B, over the tube in fropt of it, under shade from the dame of the lamp, without obstruction to the vision through condensation of vapor on the lens.-

A careful survey having been taken, any desired application may then be made to the vagina, or womb, while the vagina, is distended and without endangering adjacent parts by means of instruments passed through the dexible tube H and manipulated fromthe exterior.

A speculum, thus constructed or provided, supplies a desideratum long needed by the medical profession, namely, an instrument capable of producing a high degree of dilatation, and, if necessary, illumination, without obstruction to the view or interference with the application of remedies` What is hereelaimed, and desired to be secured by Letters `Patent, is-

1. A vaginal speeulum, made close or air-tight, when in use, by means of a glass or lens fitted to its body in rear of the tube which enters the vagina, and provided with an attachment for blowing `or foreihg in air to distend the vagina, substantially' as speci- 2. The combination of the inatable collar E and stiff back orA collar D with the tube (l, the Vbody A,


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Cooperative ClassificationA61B1/31