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Publication numberUS902289 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 27, 1908
Filing dateOct 23, 1907
Priority dateOct 23, 1907
Publication numberUS 902289 A, US 902289A, US-A-902289, US902289 A, US902289A
InventorsJohn Upton Gribben, Max Mohr
Original AssigneeJohn Upton Gribben, Max Mohr
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Ventilating-cover for cisterns.
US 902289 A
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' 902,289. Patented 0013,27, 1908.

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42 mHIII-lr Y www@ n Swoon/komf- Jam Maw@ m Mu/1M? [WL/w@ PETERS ca., wsrimcfoN, D. c.



Application filed October 23, 3.907.

T 0 all 'wcm it' may concern.'

Be it linovn that donn' UPTON GREE- BEN and Max Morin, citizens of the United States, residing at Columbus, in the county of ldranllin and State of Ohio, have invented a certain new and useful ln'iprovement in TVentilating-'Covers for Oisterns, of which the following is a specification.

The of this invention is to provide an improved construction of Ventilating cover for cisterns, catch-basins and the like, said construction being cheap, strong and durable and also adapted to utilize the cistern cover in common use and be interchangeable with it in connection With the curb ring of the cistern.

The invention is embodied in the construction hereinafter described and claimed, the invention notbeing confined in its practical embodiment to precisely the forms of the parts shown in the accompanying drawings.

ln said drawings-Figure l is a vertical diametrical sectional View of the Whole structure; Fig. 2 is a similar section of a fraction of What is shown in Fig. l, to sho-uT on a larger scale and more plainly the details of construction, Fig. 3 is a detail in horizontal section on the broken line .ec-rc, looking down, to show the mode of connection between the Ventilating ring and the curb ring.

ln the several views e designates the cur ring or thiinble of ordinary construction, and

5 designates the ordinary lid or cover adapted to engage the curb ring to close the opening to the cistern. The curb ring is 'provided With the usual interior flange 4l having one or more notches, as seen at 4b.

6 designates our improved ventilating ring or Wall Which is designed to be located above the ground and therefore exposed to the atmosphere. As shown, the Ventilating ring is an integral casting contracted at its lower portion and provided at its lower edge With an inwardly extending rim 6a to afford a support for the screen hereinafter more particularly described. The contracted lovfer edge or portion of the Ventilating ring is also provided With a double rabbeted curb-entering and engaging shoulder affording the part Gb to rest onv the interior flange da of the curb ring and a shoulder 6C to rest on the upper surface of the curb ring. This construction of double shoulder makes a closer and firmer joint to exclude the Washing in of dirt, and for the support of persons stepping upon the cover. This construction of shoulder also Speciiication ci Letters Patent.

Patented Oct. 27, 1908.

Serial No. 393,688.

prevents danger of dislodgment of the ventilating cover and the exposure of the opening of the cistern. The contracted portion of the ventilating ring belowl the shoulder 6b is provided with several lugs, as illustrated at ed, to engage the notches lb of the interior flange la of the curb thimble, as more particularly indicated in Figs. 2 and 3.

From the shoulder 6C the main cylindrical or inclosing Wall of the Ventilating section stands upright or rises vertically in the instance shown, and said wall is formed With a series oi openings through which the atmosphere can pass, as indicated at 6e. At its upper portion the main Wall extends inward, 'forming a flange, as seen at of, and a rabbetlike shoulder as seen at 5g, to constitute a seat for the cover 5. 'lhe cover 5 has a lug 5a, and the flange (if a notch 6h, the lug 5Z1 to engage the flange f by being passed through the notch, and the cover given a slight turn in the same way that said lug Would be engaged with the curb thimble if the cover Were placed on said thimble. he cover has at its center the usual handle 6i for manipulating it.

lt will be thus observed that either the Ventilating ring or the cover can be engaged with the curb thimble and the opening to the cistern sufficiently guarded in either case. To prevent access of dirt, twigs, leaves, insects, or small animals, rats and mice for example, to the cistern, a hoop 7 having a Wire screen 7 a stretched across it and suitably secured to it is placed on the rim or shoulder 6a, said screen being secured to the flange by suitable clips 8 attached to the screen and hooked under the rim 6U'.

By this construction it is plain that a simple, cheap and durable means for aerating and keeping pure the Water of cisterns is provided.

Jlhat l claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. il. Ventilating cover for cisterns comprising an upWardly-extending exposed inclosing Wall provided with Ventilating openings, a rabbet-lile shoulder on the exterior of its lower end to enter and engage a curb thimble, and an interior rim on said lower end to support a screen, and a rabbet-like shoulder at the upper end of the Wall to receive the ordinary cover of a cistern, combined with a screen and a cover, substantially as described.

2. ln a removable Ventilating cover for cisterns and the like, an integral upwardlyextending ring or wall provided at its lower end with a double contraction, one to engage a curb thirnble7 and the other to ali-ord a seat for a screen, said ring also having Ventilating openings in its main portion and also constructed at its upper end to receive an ordinary cover of a cistern.

3. In a removable Ventilating cover for cisterne and the like, the integral upright perforated Ventilating section having a contracted lower end, two shoulders on said lower end to it upon a curb ring of a cistern, an interior rim on said lower end to receive a screen, and a rabbet-like seat in the up er end oi said section to receive a remova le 15 cover.


Witnesses to the signature of John U. Gribben:


l/Vitnvesses to the signature of MaX Mohr:


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Cooperative ClassificationF24F13/02