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Publication numberUS903320 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 10, 1908
Filing dateMar 15, 1907
Priority dateMar 15, 1907
Publication numberUS 903320 A, US 903320A, US-A-903320, US903320 A, US903320A
InventorsSylvester J Rivoire
Original AssigneeSylvester J Rivoire
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Combined shoe-buttoner and shoe-horn.
US 903320 A
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S. J. RIVOIRE. @Mmm Sgo@ umana 11n am; .59m


903 ,320. Patented Nov. 10, 1908.

//zllfn/ e sse, 3: .Inl/enfin".


comentan saoE-BUTToNnn. ann anon-Holm.

Specifica-tion of Letters Patent.

Application ma umh is, i901. semi No. seam.

'To all whom tnmey concern:

Be it known that I, SYLVESTRE Jesi-:en

` RIvOmE, a citizen of the United States, rc-

`Shoe ButtonfHookCombined.

adapted-for'buttoning shoes in the ordinary manner. l I am aware that it is not new broadly to com-bine iii. a single article a shoe liorn and hook, but such devices, so-far as I know, usually comprise complicated struct-ure and such as is undesirable by reason of the expense' iiivolved iii the manufacture. thereof, the coniplicated construction involved, or other features of disadvantage.

The object of my invention is to provides structure' ofthe utmost simplicity which can be as cheaply manufactured :is tlie'ordinarv shoe horn, and in which the structure is inteu"ral-.and inade in the n iost inexpensive way laooking at the same from A5the lstandpoint of manufacture. l

YToobtain a clear compreliensioiiof the details of construction ofthe invention, reference is to be had to the following description and to the accom aiiying drawings, iii which Figure .1 is 'a p anrview of the deviceenb. bodying the invention, land Fig. 2 is an edge view ofthe same.

4Throughout the following detail description and on these-veral figures ot' the draw.-

\ ings similar parts are referred to by like reference characters.

Referring to the drawings the character A indicates the shoe horn or body of the device which'constitutes virtuallyaJiaiidle, iindat one -end ol' which is fornied'tlie hook B.

curved vm cross section heilig eoiiiparzitively arish of Ouachita, and

The i `horn iicurves longitudinally und is also end at which is provided the hook B. When the hook B is used the horn or body A is employed. as a ha die by vwhich the. device isl grasped to facilitate the operation of buttoniiig shoes, or the like. In -usin the-deviennel a' shoe horn -the small end o thesame 1s grasped in an obvious manner.

` wide. at one eiid and tapering at the-"ther It wi 1l be noted that the hook B is arranged in substantially the saine laneA as the body' of the device and is preerably somewhat,"

heavier l'or thicker.V The arrangement of hook is necessary within the contemplation of the invention, in order that the-devicemsy 4- be eonstructedas cheaply as possible inthe' manufact-ure thereof.

In the ,iiiaiiufacture of the invention itisA l conteinpla-ted that the horn and lio'ok shall be made from a fiat piece' of metalwhicli is pressed into the shape' descr, i namelyv curving longitudinally and ii'ic'ross section or transversely, the hook being cut out with a die constructed forthe purpose Y and struck up to shape.

The simplicity of my invention its value as a cominci-cial article will beappl'eciated in view of the foregoing.

Having thus described Athe invent-ion, whatis claimed as new is As aiiarticle of manufacture, acombinedshoe horn and butt'oiiing device coin rising a body of sheet metal 'wide at one en( andtapermg at the other ei d und pressed so 'as to curve longitudinallyand in transverse section at its larger end portion, the smalle-r end 'of the body being formed with aii'iiitegral lioolt cut out of'thef metal and lying iii'substanti'all)Y the phiiie of Ithe metal forming the bodv, siiid hook being thicker than the ody of t iedevice, substniitialtv :is described.


'itiiesses W. A. Mix-rrr, B. Il. l'iilroii.

ibed above,

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US6704973 *Apr 16, 2002Mar 16, 2004Milton NahamDevice for facilitating button engagement
Cooperative ClassificationB26B13/20, A43D95/28