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Publication numberUS903682 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 10, 1908
Filing dateApr 30, 1908
Priority dateApr 30, 1908
Publication numberUS 903682 A, US 903682A, US-A-903682, US903682 A, US903682A
InventorsFrederick B Cumpston
Original AssigneeFrederick B Cumpston
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Supporting device for umbrellas.
US 903682 A
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WITNESSES iwww user 0 EE arse sauna onion.


sorron'rme DEVIGE son names.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Eatented Now-10, 1908.

Application flied A ia so, 1903. Serial miaaao'zi.

Navarro, and State of Texas, have invented I a new and Improved Supporting Device for Umbrellas, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

The purpose of this invention is to provide novel, simple means for adjustably supporting an umbrella or the like, from the person of the user of the device, and thus permit the free use of both hands and arms as occasion may require.

The invention consists in the novel construction and combination of parts as is hereinafter described and defined in the appended claims.

Reference isto be had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, in which similar characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in all the views, and in which 4 Figure 1 is a rear View of the improved umbrella support shown mounted upon a person; Fig. 2 is a side View of the same,'and of an umbrella shown distended and held in position for service above and over the perfitted upon a person for comfortable wear,

or be quickly altered tosuit the physique of another person of a different size.

A preferably leather belt 5, having a buckle a, is provided as a means for supporti the harness from the waist of the the same. A laterally-curved carrier plate 6, having transverse slots 6, b, therein near its'ends', receives the belt 5, that is passed through-said slots, the plate being soositioned on the belt that it will span the ack of the wearer when secured in position bye proper'buckled attachment of the belt upon the waist of theperson, as indicated Y inFigsland2. g A T-shaped flat-bodied yoke platel, s

' slidably mounted at'its lower endon the carrier plate 6, this connection being preter ably efiected as shown, consisting i i-forming or securing a fiat standard 6 on the upper edge of the carrier plate, at a point which I locates the standard over the spine of the wearer. The side edges of the standard 6 are parallel with each other, and beveled so as to remove their outer corners.

Uponthe lower portion of the yoke plate 7, inwardly-inclined flan s 0, are bent along the side-edges thereof, firming parallel V- shaped channels at said edges, which will receive the standard 6 and permit its longi- 'tudinai sliding movement.- In 'the' yoke plate 7, centrally between the flanges 0, a

longitudinal slot dis formed,,having its edges rabbetedon the side of the plate opposite that over which the flanges. c. are turned, and thus forming recesses. In the standard 6, opposite the slot 0?, a perforation is formed, through which the body of a clamping bolt 6 is passed after its insertion through the slot (1. The bolt 6 is provided with a head 6', that seats in the recesses along the edge of the slot (1, said head being fiat and of such thickness as to render its end face'flush with the corresponding surface of the yoke plate.- Upon the threaded 1 end of the bolt '6, which projects throu h the standard 631a winged nut e is screwe and by proper adjustment secures the standard and yoke plate together at a desired point of longitudinal adjustment of said arts. The similar lateral members if, whic are oppositely formed on the upper end of the plate 7, have flan es 9 formed: on their side edges at or near t eir outer ends, these-inwardlybent flanges being spaced from the yoke members ofwhich-"they are portions, and

thus aflord channels for the reception of the side edges of extension members? which may be slid into" engagement with the flanges and members 7?, and be secured on the latter by an adjustment of bolts, the win ed heads. of which are shown in 1.

The construction of the yoke plate aiid its connection q-witli- JQth f -parts as described,

permit it to be adjusted so as to conform to the height and" breadthof. different individuals, and thus fiaeilitate a general use of the device, without irequir' different" sizes of the same to be. speciallyrnished. Upon the outer ends of the yoke extenover and upon the shoulders of the wearer, 'as shown in Figs. 1 and 2, the forward portions thereof being severed, thus producing sion members 7 the ends of two flexible bands 8 aresecured, the bands being carried tabs 8 that are respectively secured at their laterally-curved carrier plate thereon, a T- ends upon the belt 5, and upon the corresponding ends of the pendent bands 8, of which said tabs are members.

Centrally upon the yoke plate at its upper end, a post 9 is secured, that carries at its outer end a cup 9*, in which is fitted a ball 9, from which extends an arm 9, that at the opposite end is provided with a cup 9, wherein a ball 9 is fitted, from which projects a tubular arm 9 The cups 9 and 9 are each rovided with a set screw, respectively designated by the reference characters 2', i, that by pressure 'on the balls 9 and 9 will secure them from turning after the arms 9 and 9 have been adjusted at any angle, or are disposed in a vertical plane, as may be desired.

The umbrella 10, preferably is of a type in which a portion of the cover supporting frame is positioned at one side of the stick when the cover is distended by an expansion of the frame. The stick 10 is fitted into the tubular arm 9 and is secured therein by a set screw m.

It will be seen that the improved harness when placed in position on a person, and the umbrella 10 mounted thereon, the latter may be given a proper position by adjusting the stick 10* at any desired angle, or perpendicular if this is desired, by changing the adjustment of the universal couplings afforded by the cups 9, 9, balls 9 9 and arms 9, 9

As the cover of the umbrella frame may be arranged so as to project forwardly and over the head of the wearer of the device, it will be apparent-that the shade from the umbrella, will protect the head and upper portion of the body, permitting free use of the arms and hands of the one having the device donned forservice.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent:

1. A supporting device for an umbrella,

comprising a .waist belt, a carrier plate mounted on the belt, a yoke plate vertically adjustable on the carrier plate, shoulder bands, an adjustable connection between one end of each of said bands and the yoke plate, the other ends of said bands being arranged for engagement with the belt, and means on the yo e plate for adjustably supporting an umbrella stick.

2. supporting device for an umbrella, comprising anarrier plate, means connected with the carrier plate for securing it on a person, a yoke plate vertically adjustable on the carrier plate, a tubular arm for support- 1ng an umbrella stick, and an adjustable connection between the upper part of said yoke plate and said tubular arm.

3. The combination with an umbrella stick, of a support therefor, comprising a belt, a

shaped yoke plate adjustably mounted on said carrier plate, adjustable members on 'the lateral members of the T-shaped yoke plate, bands on the said adjustable members, and an adjustable connection between the yoke plate and the umbrella stick.

4. The combination with an umbrella stick, of a detachable support therefor, comprising a waist belt, a laterally curved carrier plate mounted upon the belt near its center, a standard on the carrier plate, a T-shaped yoke plate longitudinally adjustable on the standard, shoulder bands on the ends of the lateral members of the T-shaped yoke plate and adapted to be connected to the waist belt, and a universal joint connection between the yoke plate and the umbrella stick.

5. A supporting device for an umbrella,

comprising a waist belt, a laterally curved carrier plate slotted transversely near its ends the belt passing through the slots in the carrier plate, an upright standard on the carrier plate disposed at the center thereof, a T-shaped yoke plate adjustably mounted upon the standard, extension members adjustably secured on'the lateral members of the yoke plate, a shoulder band secured by one end on each extension member at its outer end, the remaining ends of the shoulder bands being securable on the waist belt, and a ball and socket universal jointed connection between the upper portion of the yoke plate at its transverse center and the stick or handle of the umbrella. v

6. A suporting device for an umbrella, comprising a carrier plate having a standard, a waist belt connected with the carrier plate for securing the same in position at the back of a person, a plate adjustable vertically on the said standard and having lateral members at its upper end, shoulder bands having an adjustable connection with the said lateral members and adapted to be connected with the waist belt, and a tubular arm adapted to receive an umbrella stick, the said arm being adjust'ably connected with the upper part of said yoke plate.

7. In a supporting device for an umbrella, a carrier plate, a belt for securing the carrier plate in position at the back of a person, a yoke plate adjustable vertically on the carrier plate, laterally adjustable members on the upper part of the yoke plate, flexible bands connect d with said laterally adjustable members of the yoke plate and adapted for connection with the said belt, a post projecting rearwardly from the upper part of said yoke plate, an arm having a ball and mounted on the Waist belt, a yoke plate carried by the carrier plate, shoulder bands extending from the yoke plate for engagement with the belt, a post secured centrally upon the yoke plate at its upper end and carrying a cup at its outer end, an arm provided with a ball at one end fitting in said cup, the said arm having a cup at its other end, and a tubular arm adapted to reeeive an umbrella stiek and provided at one end with a hall fittin in the last mentioned cup, the said cups being provided with set screws for engaging the said balls.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of 15 two subscribing witnesses.


J. T. SPIRES, T. M. Guouon.

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European ClassificationA45B11/02