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Publication numberUS904149 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 17, 1908
Filing dateMay 31, 1907
Priority dateMay 31, 1907
Publication numberUS 904149 A, US 904149A, US-A-904149, US904149 A, US904149A
InventorsHenry Rachmann
Original AssigneeHenry Rachmann
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Atomizer for scent and other sprays.
US 904149 A
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Patented NOV. 17, 1908.,



Aromas-a non scam AND OTHER SPRAYS.

' Application filed m 31,

Specification 'of Letters Patent.

Patented Nov. 17, 1908.

1907. Serial No. 376,470.

'-have invented certain, new and useful Immotion.

provements in Atom-izers for Scent and other bprays, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to atomizers especially those for hand use, of the hollowr'eciprocating piston form, and my invention consists in substance of a valved pump barrel or cylinder which has inserted thereon a hollow piston-rod provided at the outer end with a valved head, having a suitable nozzle provided with a suitable atomizing ca or tip, and by the peculiar construction 0 the nozzle and ca or tip, the fine stream of liquid just be ore it issues from the cap or tip is given a cyclonic or whirling spiral My said invention is fully shown in the following specification of which the accompanying drawing forms a art, and wherein the sole figure is a view t ereof in central vertical section.

In the drawing the letter a indicates a pump tube or barrel, the lower end I) is reduced in diameter and formed separately from the body to which it is connected by a screw thread a. The upper end of the barrel a is enlarged and may be'provided with an exterior screw thread (Z whereby it may be attached to the cap e cemented or otherwise secured to the neck of the flask F.

The reference letter 9 indicates a cap or enlarged portion of the pump-barrel a closing the opening in the cap 6. The cap 9 being centrally perforated for the passage of a hollow piston rod h, andits uppgr part formin a stuffing box or gland-pac closed y a screw cap 9', for the plston rod h. The piston rod h is provided at its lower end-with a hollow piston 71 preferably composed of two cup leathers as shown. The upper end of'the piston rod khas secured to it in any suitable manner a head k of any convenient outline to which 'is connected by a screw thread or-the like a discharge nozzle. Z, terminating in an atomizing tip m having at the extreme tip a small central I perforation throu h-which the spray issues.

That portion 0 the outer end of the dis-- charge nozzle Z, covered by the tip m is closed at-the-{end adjacent to the outlet of the tip; and a short space is left between the inner face of the end wall of the tip 5 and the outer face of the end wall of the l discharge nozzle Z, and the communication with this space at the outer end is a spiral groove m on the outside ofthe nozzle which groove is in communication with the interior of the nozzle Z, at its other end by a suitable;

perforation m". In passing through this spiral groove m the liquid which is to be reduced to spray, before being blown out through the central opening m, is given a twist or cyclonic spiral whirling motion, and by this a far better atomization and a finer spray of the liquid at its escape from the nozzle is accomplished.

The reference lettern indicates the inlet valve located at the point of juncture beprovided with a spring N so as to keep it upon its seat; and a second valve 0 is disposed within the part is at the point of junc ture with the nozzle Z and is provided with a spring N for keeping it upon its seat.

The action of the device is as follows: The upper end of the piston rod h is rasped by the fingers and reciprocated, the iquid issuing from the perforation in the ca m. Upon pulling the piston rod upwards h uid is drawn into the barrel past the valve nfillmovement being pressed against its seat. Upon the downward movement the valve 92 ispressed upon its seat and the fluid in the barrel is forced u the hollow piston rod lifting the valve 0 om its seat and finally escapin through the perforated cap m asgdescribe A s eeve 7* may be provided-upon the rod h to limit its upward movement.

. Although I have described the device as an atomizer for scent or other sprays it will be evident that it may be readily adapted for other uses. For example by simply removing the atomizing tip on it may be employed for with-drawing liquids from bottles, and discharging same into glass or other receptacles. What I claim as my invention and, desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. In an atomizer, a barrel adapted for attachment to the neck of 'a' iflask, a hollow piston rod movable therein, a hollow piston at the lower end of the piston rod, a hollow dis charge-nozzle at the upper end of said piston rod, closed at the extreme outer end, and provided with an exterior peripheral spiral tween the barrel on and its lower end I), and

ing said barrel. The'valve 0 during this zle at the outer end the inner end of which groove communicates with the interior of groove the inner end of which is in communication by way of a perforation with the interior of the nozzle, the other end extending to the outer end of the nozzle, and a perforated cap or atomizing-tip covering the grooved end of the nozzle.

2. In an atomizer, a barrel adapted for attachmentto the neck of a flask, a hollow piston rod movable therein, a hollow piston at the lower end of the piston-rod, a hollow discharge nozzle at the upper end of said piston rod closed at the outer end, a spiralgroove formed on the periphery of the noztral perforation in the end wall covering the nozzle in such mannerthat a small-space or whirl-chamber isleft between such two end walls, ,a perforation formed in the peripheral wall of the nozzle adjacent to the end, and a spiral groove formed on theiperiphery of'the nozzle wall forming a communication between the pertoration and the whirl-chamber when thetipis in position on the nozzle.

4:- In a device of the class described, a hollow discharge nozzle having an end-wall at the outer end, an atomizingtip having a central perforation in the end wall covering the nozzle in such manner that asmallspace or whirl-chamber is left between such two end walls, a perforation formed in the periphery wall of the nozzle adj acentvto the end, and a spiral groove forming a communication between the perforation and the whirl-chamber when'the tip is in position on the nozzle.

In testimony whereof I have signed my naine to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.


Witnesses: Q



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