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Publication numberUS904679 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 24, 1908
Filing dateJun 4, 1907
Priority dateJun 4, 1907
Publication numberUS 904679 A, US 904679A, US-A-904679, US904679 A, US904679A
InventorsDavid A Bruton
Original AssigneeDavid A Bruton
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US 904679 A
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Patented Nov. 24, 1908.



no. actieve;

Specification of Lettera yatent.

Patented Nov. 24.-, 19438.

Application filed .Tune 4, 1907. Serial No. 377,196.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, DAVID A'. BnU'roN, a citizen of thel United States, residing at Clarksville, in the county of Red River and State ot Texas, have invented a new and useful Chuck, of which the following is a speciication.

This invention relates to chucks for use in connection with jewelers7 lathes and it is more particularly designed for holding disks such as watch crystals, etc. during the treat; ment thereof.' lt has heretofore been customary to manufacture crystals in standard sizes but as certain sizes are rarely used they become dead stock because of the small demand for them. Then, too, it is sometimes impossible to tita watch with a crystal of standard size and considerable ditliculty is experienced in reducing the size of a crystal .so that the same will be of the properproportions.

The object ot' the present Vinvention is. to provide simple and etlicient means whereby a crystal an be held securely in place and rapidly rotated whereby the periphery thereof can be ground so that the diameter of the crystal may be reduced. It therefore becomes possible w-hen using a device such as embodied in the present invention to reduce the size of the crystaly so as to t any watch, thereby obviating the necessity of keeping in stock a large number of crystals of different sizes.

Another object of the invention is to provide a chuck and Suction device used in connection therewith designed to be placed upon the market as an article of manufacture and to be readily substituted for the ordinary chuck and spindle used in connection with jewelerslathes.

TWith these land other objects in View the inventionv consists ot' certain novel features of construction and combinations ot' parts which will be hereinafter more fully described and pointed out in the claims. i ln the accompanyingdrawings is shown the preferred form of the`invention.

ln said drawings: Figure 1 is a longitudinal section through the device. F Q is an end view of the head of the chuck.

Referring to the figures by characters of reference, l and 9 designate the two sections of a tubular sectional spindle, the section l being provided with a screw-threaded nipple designed to engage one end of the section l). in enlargementQl is formed at one end of the section l, while another preterably frusto-eonical enlargement 9b is preferably formed upon the section 9 of the spindle. Section l ot the spindle opens into a pump cylinder 3 provided Awith a yalved iston 4, from which centends a rod 5 havmg a handle 6 at its outer end. A disk 7 is preferably secured upon the spindle section 1 close to the pump cylinder, and constitutes a Agrip whereby the device can be grasped in one hand during the reciprocation of the piston.y

A cup the spindle. section 9 and has a nipple 9l1 therein and extending around the inlet end of the passage within the section 9. This nipple is engaged by a housing 11, provided with an opening l2 whichl is normally closed by a va'lre 13, there beingr a spring 13 for holding the valve upon its seat. An annular bead 10n is formed around the large or open end of the cup and is engaged by a ring 16 preferably formed ot' soft rubbe and constituting a seal hereinafter set forth. lt will be noted byy referring to Fig. 1 of the drawing that the inner edge of this gasket extends beyond the inner wall of the cup and is left unsupported. This is advantageous, as will be hereinafter explained. A vent 14 is formed on the wall of the cup and has a is arranged at the outer end of screw cap 15 mounted thereon and normally closing the same.

Itis to be understood that the device herein described is designed to be sold to the trade as an article of manufacture, and when it is to be used upon a jeweler-s lathe, the spindle ordinarily extending through the pulley 9. of the lathe, is removed, and the two sections 1 and 9 of the spindle forming a4 part of the presentinvention are separated, one section, 1, being inserted into one end of the passage within the pulley 2, while the other section 9, is inserted into the other Vend of the passage, said sections being screwed together by means of the nipple 8 after they have thus been inserted. The enlargements 2 and 9b will cooperate with the adjoiningr portions of the pulley to prevent longitudinal movement of the tubular spindle within the pulley. After the device has been placed in a lathe in this manner it is ready for use. When it is desired to reduce the diameter of a watch cr stal said crystal is placed against the rub er ringer gz sket 16 and the pumpY pistou fl is then reciprocated. The air will be sucked from the vacuum cup l() llO sind its return te the cup iviil be prevented by the valve 13. A partial vacuum Will thus lie prcduced Within the' cup and the crystal Wil loe held rmlyypon the end thereof by air pressure. The 'pulley is then rotated inthe usiieimanner and will cause the spindle to revolve therewith. During this rotation of the parts, 1 suitable grind ingl device. such as e rough glass or other materia" is placed against the peripherycf the crysi sc that the diameter of the sziid crystal u be quickly reduced. When the grinding 'operation has be `i completed the Aspindle section 9 is nnscrewed from the spindle section l and "the cup with the crystel adhering thereto is placed above the Watch te which the crystal is to be secured,

and es soon as the crystal has been placed in proper position on the Watch the vacuum Within the cup may be broken by partly un- 'screwing the cap 15. The cup can then be lifted from the crystal and re-secured to the spindle section L Not only is the device serviceable for holding the crystals in place While being ground or polished, but it can also be used for holding small grinding disks and otlierdevices which it may be desired to rotate. i

,The device herein described can be contachebly connected land a vacuum cu eee, ere' nected t0 en ordinary tapered chuck, which is a. art of every jewelers lathe, simply by drilnigthrongh thecliuck se as to permit the spindle l 'to be inserted thereinto.

What is cieimed is:`

L Ani ttecliment for jewelers lathes @enr prising tubular Spindle consisting of de sections, each of said secn tions having an enlargement thereon, ersuctiolrdeviceconnected to one of the sections, extending from the other section. 1

2. The combination with e tubular revo@ luble spindle having a vacuum-producing means connected theretc, ofevacniun-cup detacliably connected to the spindle, and having a velved passage communicating with the tubular spindle and adaptedn et the open end,` for air-tight connection With the. Work, end havlng also a Vent with means foropening and closinfy the same for destroying the vacuum produced- Within the cup.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own, I have hereto inthe presence of two Witnesses.

DAVID A. BRUT- Witnesses:

E. M. BOWERS, 5v/V. B. Leon.,

aiiixed my .signature

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