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Publication numberUS905216 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 1, 1908
Filing dateMar 27, 1908
Priority dateMar 27, 1908
Publication numberUS 905216 A, US 905216A, US-A-905216, US905216 A, US905216A
InventorsMichael J O'connor
Original AssigneeMichael J O'connor
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Apron-fastening device.
US 905216 A
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905,216. Patented Dec. 1, 1908.

Inventos rm: Nukms PETER: co4. lwmsHlNm'oN, D. c.

PATENT ormoni.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec. 1, 1908.A

Application filed, lI (Larchf, 1908. Seriallo-` 423,733.

To all whom 'it mag/concern:

Be it known that I, MICHAEL J. OCONNQR, citizen of the United States, residing at Denver, in the county of Denver and Stateof Colorado, have invented certain new andA useful lImprovements in Apron Fastening Devices, of which the following is a specilication. f f This invention comprehends certain new and useful improvements in fastening de,-`

vices for aprons of that type commonly em` ployed for bartenders or waiters use, and that are Ausually provided with corner 'grom ets or eyelets in which the apron stringsV are tied, andthe invention has for itsobject means for fastening the apron around the` wearers waist, which will do away with they difficulties incidental to the use of strings,

and which will at the same time result Vin positively advantageousfeatures. l

The invention relates specifically to improvements in that' type `of .apronv fasteningl device .for which I have obtained Letters Patent of the United States, No.- 850,960, dated April 23, 1907, said patented device consisting of awaist beltand clips mounted to slide thereon, the clips being arranged to be held at different relative vpositions on the belt, and being provided with fingers designed to :take into the corner gromets of the apron. v

The present invention consists in certain details of construction and arrangements of the parts of an adjustable apron fastener such as the patented one whichis referred to' above, said constructions and arrangements being hereinafter fully described `and the,` pointedfout in theV ap.-

novel features thereof pended claims. l

For a full understanding of the invention and the merits thereof, reference is tobe had to the following description and accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure l is a rearperspective view of my improved apron fastening 4device; illustrating its application; Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the waist belt with its attachment; Fig. 3 is a transverse sectional view through the clips and their supporting straps; Fig. 4 is a longitudinal sectional view' thereof,- Fig. 5 is a detail perspective view of oneof the clips. Fig. 6 is a perspective View of a modification hereinafter specifically referred to. e

Corresponding and like parts are referred to in the following description and` indicated-in all the views of the drawing, by the sameV reference characters.

l Each of the improved clips l of my present invention` embodies a plate which is formed at its side edges with flanges 2, said flanges being continued at transversely alined points at one end of the plate, and being turned inwardly towards each other so as to forniretaining tongues 3, by which .the clip is mounted for sliding movement on a strap 4.v `Each clip 1 is provided with a beveled or inclined lug' designed to take into anyone of a series of apertures 6 in the strap 4 to which the clip is attached, the `inclination or beveling of the lug permitting rthe clip to slide freely along the strap in one ,direct-ion, but preventing any free movement thereof in the opposite direction. Each clip 1 is also formed at one end opposite the end formed with the tongues 3, with an outwardly extending hooked finger 7 designed to take into a gromet 8 of an apron.

The straps4 are two in number, as shown, and are arranged one above the other, and are provided at their ends with tabs 9, each of said tabs carrying one member 11 of a spring socket or similar fastener designed for detachable engagement with a complemental member l0 secured to a waist belt 12.

In the preferred manufacture of the parts, clipv 1 mayy be very cheaply formed out of v,one piece of sheet metal, or stamped. and shaped in practically one` operation, the tongues 3 and finger 7 being integral parts of the plate or blank, out of which the clip is yformed,'and the lug 5 being also an integral part and being punched out of the metal, as clearly indicated in the drawing. Preferably also., the two straps 4 are formed of one piece of leather or other material slit along a median line from a point near one end, to the opposite end, and being pivoted or otherwise securely attached at its ends, to the tabs 9., For the fasteners, those of the ordinary type known as glove fasteners may be lemployed.

In the practical application and operation of my improved apron fastening device, either before or after the waist belt is fastened around the wea-rers waist, the clip supporting attachment constituted by the straps 4 and their tabs, is secured by the fastening devices to the rear side of the belt, and after the apron has been placed around the waist,

the hooked fingers 7 of the respective clips l the apron, and the clips are slid in opposite directions and held snugly and securely in place. It is to be particularly noted that owing to the inclined or beveled feature of the lugs, the clips may be slid in one direction along their supporting straps l, but are held against accidental movement in the op posite direction. Such opposite movement to unloosen the apron may be readily effected owing` to the fact that the tongues 3 that retain the clips on the straps, are at one end only of the respective clips; hence this mounting` of the clips permits the same to be rocked outwardly on the belt, so as to release the lugs from the apertures of the belt, in order that the clips may be slid freely in either direction.

From the foregoing description, in connection with the accompanying drawing, it will be seen that I have provided a very cheap, simple, durable and ellicient construction of apron fastening device of this character, which is formed as a complete attachment separate from the waist belt, and which may be easily applied thereto or detached therefrom, so that the belt may remain around the wearers waist and serve its ordinary functions after the attachment has been removed therefrom and when it is not desired for use, which is a desideratum, particularly in the case of women, as the small fasteners that remain as parts of the waist belt, are comparatively inconspicuous.

It is to be understood that my invention is not limited to a double attachment such as that illustrated in Figs. l and 2. For instance, as illustrated in Fig. G, the clips la with their lingers 7a, like the clips l, may be mounted on a single strap attachment 4 secured by its tabs 9a in a detachable manner to a waist belt.

Having thus described the invention, what I claim is:

l. In a fastening means for aprons, the combination with a waist belt, of a strap attachment therefor, means for securing said attachment to the belt, and clips mounted to slide on said attachment and provided with lingers designed to take into the gromets of an apron.

2. ln an apron fastening means, the combination with a waist belt, of a strap attachment therefor, and clips mounted to slide on said attachment and provided with means for automatically limiting the sliding movement to one direction, said clips being provided with lingers designed to take into the gromets of an apron.

3. In an apron fastening means, the combination with a waist belt provided with separable fastening members, of a clip supporting attachment embodying straps and tabs secured thereto, said tabs being also ',rovided with separable fastening members by which they are designed to be secured to the fastening members of the belt, and clips mounted to slide on said straps, and provided vvith lingers designed to take into the gromets of an apron, and also provided with means for holding them at dilierent positions on the straps.

fl. A waist belt attachment of the character described,` comprising a pair of straps, attaching tabs secured to said straps, and clips mounted to slide on said straps and arranged to be held thereon in dilli'erent positions, said clips being provided with lingers designed to take into the gromets of an apron.

5. A device of the character described, comprising straps, attaching means secured to said straps, said straps being provided with a series of apertures respectively, and clips mounted to slide on said straps, and each formed with a lug arranged to take into the apertures, and designed to automatically limit the sliding movement of the clips to one direction respectively, said clips being respectively provided with lingers designed to take into the gromets of an apron.

6. An apron fastening device of the character described, comprising a clip supporting attachment formed with apertures, and clips formed at one end with inwardly e.\'- tending retaining tongues by which they are mounted to slide on said attachment, said clips being formed at their opposite ends with tongues adapted to take into said apertures and with lingers designed to engage the gromets of an apron.

7. In a fastening means for aprons, the combination with a waist belt of a strap attachment therefor, means for securing said attachment to the belt, and clips mounted to slide on said attachment and arranged for connection to an apron.

In testimony whereof I aliix my signature in presence of two witnesses.

MICHAEL J. acarrea. lL. s]

itnesses DUNCAN XV. MILLER, HENRY C. Jones.

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