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Publication numberUS905617 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 1, 1908
Filing dateOct 24, 1905
Priority dateOct 24, 1905
Publication numberUS 905617 A, US 905617A, US-A-905617, US905617 A, US905617A
InventorsWilliam H Wood
Original AssigneeWilliam H Wood
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US 905617 A
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APPLIGATIQN FILED 0011.24, 1905.

Patented Dec. 1, 1908.

nvcnroz w awww.,

60 l'llheinvention will be hereinafter fullyv set UNITED STATES yPATENT oEEIoE.


' Noz' 905,617.

- Specification of Letters Patent.

` PatentdTec; 1, 1908.

lapplication mea october 24, 1905. seria mi. :$4,246.

the art to which it -appertains .to fmakeand use'thesame. This invention relatesto certainnew and usefull improvements'in archisup orts tor the treatment andprevention'oft ev condition known as hat foot. The invention has for its object the production of a simple'v and inexpensive device of the character specified which lcan be readily adjusted to conform to feet of various shapes and also combine the necessary rigid1ty with amaximum lightness andelasf ticity.

A further object is toprovidemeansffor Ventilating the arch of the foot and at vthe same time protect the. foot from any discomfort which might otherwise arise through contact with the ventilating channels. y A further'object is to provide means for securing a cover or lining to the arch support in such a manner that the same is securely4 heldin` osition, and'yet may bereadily de# tached or cleansing or renewing.

In carrying out `my invention I provide a comparatively thin-metal plate with a bulged or upturned edge portion to form the arch su port. Said dplate is providedl with longitu inally exten ed curved corrugations forming .Ventilating channels, perforations being Vformed in said corrugations for Ventilating purposes Said plate is also provided with Integral clips whlch are bent up to engage a protector p ate and a lining, the free ends of lsaid lugs ointing towards the bulged portionfor arc 'sup ort, whereby the downward pressure ofthe oot tends to'hold saidlining 45 fandprotector plate .into engagement with the=lugs- `The rotector plate and lining are perforated to' allow the ventilatin currents tozpass from the corrugations to t e .archot the foot.

particularly lpointed out in, the claims. l

Inthe accompanying drawingfFigure 1 iB -a p lan.y view illustrating .1n -invent1on. 4Flg. 2 1s a longltudinal sectiona view. fFig.

` diminishing lengths, as shown, .rventilatin Fig.v 1. Fig. 4 is aperspective view. of the arch.=plate. Fig. `5 isa similar vieW-ofthe protector plate.

Referringto .the drawing,v 1110 designates-.aa metallic plate having a bulgedrupturnededge portion: 11 to support 'the arch-of the foot said bulged ortlon being provdedwithf4 approximate y semiI circular slot .12.l {Thes oty 12 extends longitudinally of. the: later 65 ormingfa strip 13. Near each'end'n x the4 plate 10 the body thereof is. cut onorati-1:4 and the'metal struck upto form clips. 15,-.the free --ends of which extend 1 transversely 2,; across the` late-in the approximate direction of thel bu ged portion-.or arch support` 11. Ifhe plate 10 isvalso providedrad'accnt .the

`base of thearch'support with-a p urality'of;

longitudinally curved corrugations 16: exl tending lengthwise of` said plate and'fof 75 holes or pcrforations 17 beingformed in sai corrugatlons. VIn lthis connection 'itwill be noted that the longest corrugation 16 4conforms approximately to the base of thebulged portion or arch support 11.

yA lining 18 is placed over the top face-of plate 10 and providedwith slots 19 which arearran ed to receive the free ends -of the clips 15, t elining being preferably of leather or other flexible. material and held in position by. bending down the ends of said clips. In-

terposed between said lining 18 and the top face of plate 10, and spanning the corrugaf tions thereof, is a protector plate 20which is 90 slot'tedat-21 to receive the clips 15. The plate 20 servesV to. brid e over thel corrugations ltolforml a plura ity of channels, said plate being perforated to allow the ventilatmg currents to passthrough, the lining 18 95 bemg also perforated, as indicated at 22 to allowof e-rfect ventilation of the arch ofthe foot. T e plate 2O also serves to protect the foot from the unevenness caused by the cori-'ugationsin plate 10.

The 4operationand advantages of. myimproved arch su ort-will be at once apparent to thoseskille 1n the art to whichitapper-` lf/alim. K j" i. When it is desired to raise the arch, lthe105 sup ort is placed upon a solid rest allowing the road end to `project over the edge aboutone quarter of the'length of the support, and l the-extended end may then be bent downrby a blow. A Slight bend win effect the desired 1 10' result, but ifa further bendis requiredv the Salsa cross-sectionalview on the. line 3 3,

opposite end: may .be .treated inthe same overcomes any tendency of the linin strip 13 above slot 12 is bent at each end ofthe slot. It will thus be noted that by forming the arch plate 0f thin metal and providing the arch support with slot 12 and strip 13, I am enabled to secure the necessary a justability and rigidity, combined with a maximum lightness and elasticity. It will also be noted that byarranging the longest corrugation 16 to conform to the base of the arch su port, said corrugationserves to stilen t e bulged portion forming said arch support. It Will be further observed that by providing integral securing clips for the lining and protector plate, and pointing the free ends of said clips toward the higher part of the support, said lining and protector plate 'are worked down into engagement with the clips by the pressure of the foot. In this manner the natural pressure of the foo protector plate to work out. It will a so be seen that the clips may be readily bent down to engage the lining, and when it is desired to remove the latter for cleansing or renewing, the ends of the clips may be readily bent upward, whereby the lining may be easily disbend and adjacent its free e engaged. y It Will also be observed that the protector plate not only serves to complete the ventilating channels but being made of thin metal conformsv to inequalities of the foot and rotects the same from formation of callous p aces and any discomfort that would 'yided with holes adjacent'said slot for this purpose.

I claim as my invention 1- 1. An article of manufacture comprising an arch supporting plate having one edge bent up to form an lnflexible arch su port, said bent up portion being cut out in allongitudinally extended line at a oint above the dlge, said cut out portion being adapted to facilitate the bending of the arch support to conform to the curvature of thefoot.

2. An article of manufacture comprising an arch supporting plate having one edge bent up to form an inflexible arch support, said bent u portion being provided with a lODgtudlIli. V @Xterlnrl mnvnrl elnf. lrmn+mll 4channels being formed in said edge to form a Ventilating opening and to facilitate bending of said edge in adjusting the arch support to the foot, Ventilating plate, and a s perforated lining covering said ot and said channels, whereby means are provided for the ventilation of the entire arch.

4. An article of manufacture comprising an arch supporting plate having one edge turned up to form an arch support, said plate being also provided with corrugations, and a protector plate spanning said corrugations whereby ventilatingchannels are formed, saidv supporting plate being provided with ,means or securing the protector plate thereto.

5. An article of manufacture comprising an arch supporting plate having one edge turnel up to form an arch sup ort, and a lining for said plate, said plate aving clips struck up therefrom and having their free ends extended towards the higher side of the plate and adapted to engage said lining.

6. An article of manufacture comprising an arch supporting plate having one edge turned up to form an arch support, said plate being also provided with corrugations, and a perforated protector plate spanning said corrugations, whereby ventilating channels are formed, said arch su porting plate having clips struck up there omnadjacent its ends support.

8. An article of manufacture comprising an arch supporting plate having one edge turned up to form an arch support, said plate being also provided with corrugations and securing clips struck up therefrom, a perforated protector plate spanning said corrugations and engaged bysaid clips, and a lining also engaged by said clips.

9. An article of manufacture comprising an arch supporting plate conforming to the curvature of the under portion of the human foot, said plate being provided with corrugations, a proltectpr plate spanning said corruland adapted to engage said protector plate.

' prising a sheetnietal plate having a bottom located vvithin and extending longitudinally 10` portion arched to fit the arch of the instep of the arched portion thereo tom and side'portions and extending beyond Witnes-ses':

and having an upwardly extending side por- In testimony whereof, I have signed this tion curved to it'the side curve ofthe inste specification in the presence of two subscriban aperture in said side portion, -a exib e ing witnesses.


covering s'ecred to and overlying said botthe periphery thereof, the said 4late hein C. L. STOCKER, provide with 4a curved etrengt enng ri J. -A.`FENNER.

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