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Publication numberUS906040 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 8, 1908
Filing dateMay 18, 1908
Priority dateMay 18, 1908
Publication numberUS 906040 A, US 906040A, US-A-906040, US906040 A, US906040A
InventorsDaniel A Lucas
Original AssigneeDaniel A Lucas
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US 906040 A
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906,040. Patented Deo. s, i968.

v fication.

.cavity having a toothed wall adapted to ybolts or like articles of different sizes'and `face of the wrench cavity with reversely dis- DANIEL A. LUCAS, OF HAVELOCK, NEBRASKA.


Specification of Lettere Patent.

Patented Dee. 8, 1906.

' Application led. May 18, 1908. Serial No. 483,348.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, DANIEL A. LUCAS, a citizen of the .United States, residing at Havelock, in the county of Lancaster and State of Nebraska, have invented. certain new and useful improvements in Wrenches, of which I do declare `the following to be a full, clear, and exact-description, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, forming part of this specification.

The present invention has for its object to provide an improved construction of wrench which, while more especially designed for screwing stay bolts into and out of boiler sheets, can, however, be advantageously employed for Ia variety of other uses. t

The invention consists in thei features of novelty hereinafter described. illustrated in the accom panying drawing and particularly defined in the claim at the end of this speci- Figure l is a View partly inside elevation and partly in section through a socketJ rench embodying my inventlon, the wrench being shown as in engagement with the end of a stay boit. Fig. 2 is an end view ot' the` wrench.

My improved wrench comprises a socket A thatl is'ormed with an outwardly flaring grip the end of the `stay bolt or other article in connection with which the wrench is tobe employed. Preferably, the cavity of the socket A is of general conical shape and the surface of the cavity is provided witlrtwo of teeth a and 7) that face in opposite directions. 'My purpose in forming the socket A with a flaring cavity is not only to enable the wrench to more easily and ed'ectively engage the end of the stay bolt C, but also to enable the' wrenchto engage stay shapes. The object in forming the innerposed teeth, is to enable the wrench to more effectively engage the stay bolt or like article to turn the same in opposite directions and screw it. int-o and ont or position. As

shown, the wrench socket A is carried within the chambered portion of a stock B, the shank B of this stock being adapted for use in ,an air drill or in any` other suitable apparatus whereby rotary motion may be imparted thereto. Preferably, the wrench ocket A is held within the chambered stock by a key D that passes through a keyway a formed in the outer wall of the socket A and within a keyway b formed in the inner wall of the stock B. When the wrench is to be used, as, for example, in setting stay bolts in boiler plates,

the socket A will be forced against the ende of a stay bolt C, as shown in Fig. l of the drawing, and rotary motion will then` be' imparted to -the wrench from any suitable source of power. Inasmuch as the teeth of the socket A are reversely arranged, as in the preferred form of my invention illus'- trated in the drawing, the Wrench can be used for turning the stay Abolt or the like in opposite directions.

.Inasmuch as the socket .A is detachably held within the chambered stock B by a key D, the socket can be readily removed from the stock B whenever it is desired to change' the socket, as, forA example, when a socket having a cavity of a different size is desired for use.

It is manifest that the precise details of construction above set out may be varied without departure from the scope of the invention.

I-laving thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by'Letters Patent, is

A wrench of the character described, erp'-Y bodying a chambered stock, and a socket removably held therein and having an outwardly flaring. conical cavity provided vupon. its interior with reversely disposed teeth, said teeth extending over the entire interior 'surface of said conical cavity.

MATH; MADDEN, A. A. Hafens.

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Cooperative ClassificationB25B13/48