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Publication numberUS906976 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 15, 1908
Filing dateAug 18, 1906
Priority dateAug 18, 1906
Publication numberUS 906976 A, US 906976A, US-A-906976, US906976 A, US906976A
InventorsEdward B Weston
Original AssigneeEdward B Weston
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US 906976 A
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. 906,976. Patented Deo.15,1908.

. a 3 V a A 9 12 r1; a 1

lnz'eni'or 772% eases.

WMMK z 2 fli arn g y for the support and display of coffee cans.

- from the rack.

IS--13 of Fig. 2.





To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, EDWARD B. WESTON, e citizen of the United States, residing in Dayton, in the county of Montgomeiy and State of Ohio, have invented certain new and useful 1m rovements in Dis leyJlncks, of which the ollowlng is a full, 0 car, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification My in] rovements relate to racks or stands for the r s play of goods and merchandise, and it consists of that certain novel construction and arrangement of parts to be herein-. after pointed out and claimed whereby the display rack can be cheaply constructed out ofmetel strips, in which the re uisitc strength to withstand the'striiins incid -fnt to the displayof hem merchandise on the rack is obtained, an in which at the same time the rack can be readily and easily folded together or knocked down, so that it can be stored and transported in convenient shape for handling so as to occupy but very little space.

My display rack is particularly designed such as are ordinarilv used. by coffee dealers for coliee,:and the l' e, in which an inclined top cover for the can is employer! hinged to the permanenthorizontal. top piece, and the shelves oi ithe incl; ere constructed of a, length, width and height to hold any desired number of cans, com mctly, without waste of space and so that the lids of the cams can he raised to give access to the can without interference and without- ,removing the can Specification of Letters Patent.

Appllcatien filed August 18,

In the drawings Figure l, is n mrspoefive view of my improved rack, ready for the re- 1 ception of the cans. Fig. 2, is a front eleval ti.m of the reel: closed. Fig. 3, is a vertical secti n of the rack closed taken on the line Fig. 4, is a side elevation of I the rack closedi The entire reek 'is'made up of metal strips, 1 in. which i, I, sqre the side standards to Wlllf'h the shelves are pivoted. These shelves consist of on open rectangular frame work coml prising the outside frame Patented Dec. 16, 1908. 1996i Bartel No. 331,146.

metal on edge, riveted at one corner and with the flat transverse strips 3, 3 riveted to front end rem of the frame with an intermediate motel strip 4 on edge, to divide the shelf into sections. v

in the drawings I have illustrated each shelf ss divided into two sections by the strip 4 and such i1 shelf is designed to hold two cans which rest on the flat strips 3, 3;aiid are held in place by the edge strip of the frairie and the intermediate strip 4. Of. course where the shelves are designed fortllree or" more cans. spaces for the required number of cans will be formed by additional intormediate stri s; Thexshelvcs are'pivoted to the stander s 1, l;"a"l:" efa'cl1 end suclradistanee :1 art that the, lwill'receive =conveniently t e cans azid w en in horizontal post eddrom w ports 5, 5,Ti1're'- braced together byfthe crossg )races 6, 6. and are pivot-nlly-connectedwith" the loworends of jthe standards h tll'elinka 7, '7. In order to'su port the rack more efl'e molly l also provideanilltcr mediate stanfard 8 which is pivoted to the inlm'mediuto transverse strips 4, 4, of each" shell lmtwecn-the'frontisrlcl rear of the main fmmv. The st mdnrds are further braced by the diagonal cross-braces 9, fl. j 1

The c onstructibnabove describe-l fullords a strong and substantial frame work, perfectly adapted for the display of (offset-sins; a. construction which can be folded up, as shown in Figs. 2 3, and 4 to oeenpy very little space for storage or shipment and which can lie at once opened out ready for use without any adjustment or securing to gather of the parts.

Iiuving thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by letters Patent, is: In a rlisplqy reek, It series of shelves eo1nmade of strip 1 verse strips for the support of the cans and prising an open frame work with flat transRfQfxE- l2 r 006,016 intermediete strips arranged on edfeto dimediate strips so'thet the rack when open vide each shelf into SBCQODS, stun ards for will present orizontal shelves arranged in a the su port of the shelves arranged in p'sirs diagonal line.

at eec end, and to which the shelves are EDWARD B. WESTON. pivoted in front and rear, with sugports for Witnesses: the frame work pivoted to the stan erds epd EARL H. Tvnmm,

intermediate supports pivoted to the inter- EUGENE B. HUFFMAN.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47F5/13