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Publication numberUS907497 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 22, 1908
Filing dateJan 30, 1908
Priority dateJan 30, 1908
Publication numberUS 907497 A, US 907497A, US-A-907497, US907497 A, US907497A
InventorsIsaac W Henderson
Original AssigneeIsaac W Henderson
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Number-display device for automobiles.
US 907497 A
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Patented Dec. 22, 1908.


.MMMMM Hx I I HIHHHIP I LWW I mw IUI! H I MI MW m V U x M 6 I I x I I I I I n my Z Wimp m m //07 specification of Letters Patent.


Patented Dec. 22 1903.

. Application filed January a0, 1908. Serial 'No. 413,404.

I Toall w7zom 'z't may concern:

Be it known that 1, Isaac V. HENDERSON,

a'citizen of the United States, residing at f i O a kPark, county of Cook," and State 'of Illi- Snom, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Number Display- Devices for Automobiles, i flspecifica-tion;

j' My "vention relates -to number display "Io devices for auto'mobiles, that is to devices 'for'dis laying the license number of the automo ile. j The object of'my invention is to rovide a number display device which. will light f A further object of myinvention is to 25 license number. Other objects will appear hereinafter.

; f; 1' With these objects. lnview my-mvention consists generally in a, lamp casing and lamp rotatably mounted about sai lamp,

la timef each annular member; and said 35,5 members and the numbers thereon 'belng "z-bpaque and translucent respectively,

My invention further consists in a device that., the annular membersmay be rea ily '49 ,turned to change the number displayed, and 'ifequipped with means for locking said memp adement.

gl scribed and particularly pointed out claims. V y.

vention will be more'i'eadily under 1'50 stood ,by' reference to the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specifica:

tinn and in which,

' Figure 1 is a side elevation of a number display device embodying myfin'vention,

.55 Fig. 2 is a vertical cross section'thereof, Fig.-

' Y 3' 1s a feentral, vertical, longitudinalsection of which the following is'a exhibit the-number as plainly-at night as by day neat or even ornamental appear-v arranged thereir'i, combination} with a ity of annular, n'un'iber bearmf' mem 'said casing havin a longitudinal opening of sufficient size tov isplay but one number at' f asfi'nentioned so constructed; and arran ed.

vragainst accidentallmovemei t or dis \Iy invention further consists iii-{various to-details of construction and arrangements of 'rparts fall as .will be hereinafter .lfull dem the may e employed although I prefer the elecof the device, Fig. dis a perspective view-of one of the annular number bearing members, Fig. 5 is a detail cross section upon an enlarged scale illustrating one form of locking device, Fig. 6 is-a detail cross section illustrating a modified form of the locking device, and Fig. 7 is a detail longitudinal section through several of the annular members assembled.

In carrying out my invention the device "maybea'rran ed at any desired point upon theautomobile, .but I prefer to utilize the usual side li hts for thls purpose and have so illustrate it in the drawings.

Referring to the drawin s, 1 indicates the lampcasing. This ma e of any size or form desired but I pre er that it be cylindrical asshown. Secured to the front edge of the. cylinder, 1 is an annular flange, 2, to which is fixedthe front member, 3 carrying the glass-or lens, 4,

S'mdicates a lining for the lamp'casing. This comprises a cylindrical member' arranged concentrically within said casing and substantialb co-extensive in length therewith. To t e rear end of the lining, 5 is secured an annular flan e or ring, 6 to'whichis secured in any'suitab e manner the back, 7

,of the device, within which is arranged the reflector, 8. Y

It will be seen that. the shell of the device is formedof two separate arts, one comprising the casing}, 1 with the ront secured thereto and the ot er the member, 5 with the back 'formed'thereon. The members, 1 and 5 telescope a's'shown, the members, 2 and6 formgsto'ps to limit the movement of the mem bets, 5 and 1 respectively. 9 indicates a plurality of tie-bolts extend- -,ingthrough lugs, 2- and 6 on the members, 2 fandfires'pectively for securing the devlce t0- ,gethm';

IQindicates the lamp arranged within the e Itwill .be obvious that the portion of the device above described may be substantlally of an desired form and that any style of lamp tri'c lamp as i1 ustrated.

, The casing, 1 and the cylinder, 5 are providedwith corresponding longitudinally (llS- posed openings,11 and 12 respectively,-

tending' substantially from'endto end thereof and the former is closed by aglazed door, 13 hingedly connected as at'14 tothe cas- "25 I of which are provided with translucent digits ,and the other parts 15 being blank or opaque, and this latter art is turned in front ran ed openings are of sufficient size to display but one digit of each annular member at a time. The desired number is obtained byrotating v the several rings and there may be as many rings or members, 15 as desired, it being evident that the greater the number, the larger the range of the device. have illustrated six, the range then being "from 1 to 999,999. It is obvious tha'twhen less than six digits are required for the num-' her to be dis layed, several of the rings, 15

must appear lank. To this end each rmg or member, 15 is divided into eleven parts, ten

the openings, 11 an 12. Various means may'be'employed to preventthe'light from issuing from between the several rings, but I find that illustrated inthe drawings both simple and efiicient. This consists in shouldering or rabbeting the 'adj acent edges of the rings forming the overlapping peripheral flanges, 16.

It 1s obvious that some means must be rovided to revent the jolting of. the'mac e from disp acing the rings, 15. This may be done byti htenin the bolts, 9, the combined width of t e mem ers, 15 in such case being slightly greater than the length of the meme rings are provided with notc es or indenta- I and 12, the several members bers, 1 and 5 in order to clamp said members,

that is, 'the rings-15 between thefianges, 2 and 6. To facilitate turnin the rings, the

tions, 17 which maybe readily engaged by the end of the finger when the door, 13 1sopened. 1 This also provides means forlocking the rings against accidental displacement instead of em loying the bolts, 9 as before mentioned. 0 this end one of the cylinders, 1 or 5 is provided with a plurality of indentations, 18 arranged to enter one of the indentations, 17 when the digits are in proper position with relation to the o enings, 11,

eing sufficiently resilient for this urpose. In Fig. 6 I have illustrated a modified form wherein the notches or indentations, 17, 18 are formed oppositely from the notches or indentations, 17 and 1S.

It is obvious ploy both casings, 1 and 5 particularly when the outer casing is cylindrical; also that the 15" indi-' In the drawings 1 that it is not necessary, to ein- I outer casing may be of'any desired configuration when the inner. cylinder is employed.

' In using the device the number may, be readily changed to conform to a change in license number and this is particularly advantageouswith touring cars which pass from one jurisdiction to another.

Havingdescribed my invention what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is: b

1. A number display device for automobiles comprising a lamp casing and lamp arranged therein in combination with a plurality of number bearin annular members rotatably mounted wit in said casingand having. ftranslucent ortions, 1 said casing having alongitudina openingof sufficient size to display one dig t of each annular member simultaneously, substantially as described. v

2. Alnumber display device for automobiles comprising a lamp casing having a lon- .gitudinal .o enmg therein and a lamp arranged wit said casing, in combination with a lurality of similar'annular members .rotata ymounted within said casing and parallel with each other, each of-saidmemers having-a pluralit of translucentdigits from 0 to 9 arrang at intervals thereon and said longitudin opening being of suf- -ficient size to display but one digitof each annular memberr-simultaneously, substantially-as described. p

. 3. A number d' play device for automobiles comprising-a lamp casing and lamp arranged therein, in combination with a lurality of number bearing annular mem ers rotatably mounted withm said-casing and having translucent portions, said members being adapted for rotation-independent of each other and'said casing having a longitudinal opening of sufficient size to displa .one digit of each. annular member sim'u 'taneously, and a transparent closure for each opening, substantially as described.

bilescomprisinga lamp casing having a longitudinal o enmg therein and a lamp 'arran ed wit said casing, in combination wit a pluralityl of similar annular members arranged para el within said casing and rotatable independently of each other "each of said members having a lurality of translucent digits arranged at intervals, thereon, said 'longltudinal opening being of sulficient size to display but one digit of eachmember at atime, said members also having a blank or opaque portion adapted toclose said opening when desired as and for the. purpose specified. I I

5. A number display device for automobiles comprising a lamp casing and'larnp arranged-therein, in combination with a plurality of similar annularimembers rotatably mounted within said casing. and each having 4. A number display device 'for=automo j a plurality of transluoent'digits arran ed at intervals, thereon, saidcasing having a ongitudinal opening of sufficient size to displa one of each annular member simu 5 'taneously and means to prevent light issuing from between said members as and forthe purpose specified.

6. A numberdisplay devicefor automo-' a lamp casing and lamp ar- 40 ranged thereinyin combination with a' 1 biles comprisin rality of number. bearing annular mem rs I rotatably mounted within said casing, said casing having a longitudinal openinglof sufficient size to display one digit of sec annu= 1 lar member simultaneously and means for locking said members a ainst accidental dis= placement as and for the purpose specified.

name to this specification two subscribing Witnesses.

. 7. In a device of the class described, a lamp casing comprising a pair ofconcentricallyarranged members each provided witha longitudinal opening registering With each other, in combination with a plurality of lpartially translucent number bearing annu :11 members rotatably mounted between said concentric members and a lamp within said-casing, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I have signed my in the presence of I ISAAC W. HENDERSON.




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