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Publication numberUS907735 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 29, 1908
Filing dateNov 8, 1907
Priority dateNov 8, 1907
Publication numberUS 907735 A, US 907735A, US-A-907735, US907735 A, US907735A
InventorsCharles C Cain Jr
Original AssigneeCharles Gibbs
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US 907735 A
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G. 0. GAIN, J'E.


Patented Dec. 29, 1908.

as if;


V4 in:

ATTORNE spaced holes formed in the disk within the mirrnn STATES PATENT OFFICE.




No. 907,735. Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Dec. 29, 1908.

Application filed November 8, 1907. Serial No. 401,226.

To all whom-it may concern:

Be it known that I, CHARLES 0. GAIN, Jr., a citizen of the United States, residing in borough of Brooklyn, city of New York, in the county of Kings and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Drill-Jigs, of which the followlngris a specification.

his invention relates to a jig or appliance for facilitating the operation of drilling shafts, studs and analogous articles.

The object of the invention is to provide simple and inexpensive means for enabling a hole of any desired size to be drilled transversely in a shaft, stud or like article.

In carrying out my invention, I form a V- groove in a block to receive the shaft to be drilled, and I mount upon said block a disk having around its border a succession of drill guiding holes of graduated diameters, any one of which may be brought into line with the center of the shaft to be drilled, the disk length to accommodate the vertical adjustments of the disk.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a plan of a drill-jig emb Inents. Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the same. Fig. 3 is a plan of the block. Fig. 4

is an end elevation of the jig, showing a drill 1 guide in the disk and penetrating the work.

Fig. 5 is a sectional elevation illustrating the manner of mounting the disk.

. In a block 1 of metal is cut a V-groove 2 to receive the shaft or other work 3 which is to be drilled. Any other form of work holder or support may be usedin place of the V- groove, within the scope of the invention.

or border a circular series 5 of drill holes of graduated sizes, is pivotally mounted upon the block, the disk or pivot-hole 6 to fit upon a cylindrical neck 7 of a collar 8, which is threaded or otherwise secured upon a shank 9 of a screw, the latter being revolubly mounted for this purpose. haylng a linger-piece or head 10. The collar I provide means for indexing the disk, to in- 8 fits snugly in a vertical pivot hole 11 formed sure accuracy in positioning the drill guiding in the center of the block, and the projecting hole centrally of the shaft or of the V-groove which holds the shaft, and I also provide means for clamping the disk down upon the shaft or work.

In the preferred manner of practicing the invention, grooves are formed upon opposite sides of the block, and the disk overhangs threaded lower end of the screw 9-is threaded into a central hole 12 extending through the block below'the depression 11. The disk 4 is loosely confined between a shoulder 13 formed upon the upper end of the collar, and a flange 14 formed on the screw.

In the block is formed, at a point remote both grooves, so that it may be used in confrom the groove 2, a deep vertical hole or nection with either of them. These grooves seat 15 to receive a positioning or index pin are of different capacities, to suit either small 16, passing down through the disk and havwork or large work. A third groove, which ing a head 17 above the same. Said pin 16 is distinguished from the others in being ramay pass through any of a circular series of dial instead of tangential, may be formed holes 18 formed at equal angular intervals half way between the other grooves to extend from the edge of the block towards the axis about which the disk revolves. This third groove accommodates the shanks of screws or other headed articles. A single indexing device positions the disk to cooperate with all three grooves. The indexing device preferably comprises a circular series of evenly in the disk within the circular series of drill guiding holes 5. It will be understood that when the pin 16 registers one of the holes 18 with the hole 15, the corresponding drill guiding hole 5 occupies the proper position for guiding a drill to the center of a cylindrical shaft-3 placed in the work holder 2.

In operation the thumb piece 10 may be turned to unscrew and screw 9 and raise the disk 4, the latter being moved by the shoulder 13, which raises with its screw. Then shaft or other work 3 is placed in the groove 2, and the disk 4 is ro circle of drill guiding holes, and a single vertical pin which may be passed down through any of the index holes into adeep hole or seat odying my improve- A horizontal disk 4, having around its ed e having a central aperture.

site edge of the block 2 is formed a second.

V-groove parallel with the groove 2, but of much greater width-or much larger capacity, to accommodate larger shafts. It will be seen that any of the drill guiding holes 5 may be brought to the central line of the groove 20,- and that the operation is similar to that already described with reference to 'cular series of drill holes 5.

the groove 2. V

In one end of the block may be formed a short groove 21, this groove being radial or extending from the edge of the block to the axis about which the disk 4 revolves; the grooves 2 and 20 being tangential to the cir This short groove 21 will accommodate the shank 22 of a headed screw or other headed device, and any of the drill guiding holes 5 may be brought into register with the central line of the groove 21. The single index pin 16 serves to position the disk for drilling work placed in any one of the three grooves. Preferably the mdex holes 18 are placed at intervals of about nine degrees, and are forty in number; the drill guiding holes 5 being laced in the same manner. lhe pivot of the arbor 4 being half way between the centers of the grooves 2 and 20, and the central line of the parallel groove 21 assing through the center of said ivot, it to ows that when any drill guiding ole is in register with either of the three grooves, two other drill guiding holes are in register with the other two grooves; the central .lines of the outer grooves touching the circular drill iding holes at opposite points, each of WlllOll is separated by ninety ees from the center hne of the'groove 21. If desired, the indexing holes may be numbered, as illustrated at Fig. 1, for convenience in adjusting the disk.

Variations may be resorted to within the scope of the invention, and portions of the imlpIrovements may be used without others.

aving thus described my invention, I claim:

1. The combination with a block provided with a v-groove to position the work, of a drill guide in the form of a disk revolubly 'mounted upon said block with its edge portion overhanging said groove, and having in said edge portion a circular series of holes to guide thedrills to the work, and means 3. The combination with 'a block provided with a v-groove to position the work, of a drill guide in the form of a disk whose edge overhangs said groove andcontains a series 'of drill guiding holes, and an arbor having means whereby it may be rotated; said arbor comprising a stem ortion threaded at its lower end into the b ock; and also havin a head to clamp the disk down, and a co ar below said disk connected to said shank to lift the disk.

4. The combination with a block provided with a v-groove to position the work, of a drill guidein the form of a disk whose edge overhangs said groove and contains a series of drill guiding holes, and an arbor having means whereby it may be rotated and also having a head to clamp the disk down, and having a collar below said disk to lift the disk, said collar fittin in a cylindrical hole or depression in the %lock, andsaid arbor having a threaded end projecting down from said collar and threaded into said block below said depression.

5. The combination with a block, of a drill guide in the form of a disk revolubly mounted upon said block and rovided with a series of drill guidin ho es, a V-groove to position the work eing provided in said lookand extending tangentially of said circular series, a-second V- oove being also providedin said block an extending from the edge thereof towards the axis of said disk, and a single indexing means for positioning said disk relatively to both of said grooves.

6. The combination with a block provided with a plurality of V-grooves of different capacities to positionthe Work, of a drill guide in the form of a disk revolubly mounted upon said block with its edge portion overoverhanging said grooves and having drill guiding holes in said edge portion; said seat being positioned to enable the index pin grooves bein located at opposite sides of to position the disk for cooperation with all 0- the block an said disk being mounted beof said grooves.

tween said grooves, index holes being formed 5 at uniform intervals around the disk to correspond to the drill guiding holes, and a sin- Witnesses:

gle index pin to fit said index holes and hav- CHARLES GIBBS,

ing a seat in the block; the holes and the WILLIAM W. LASKER.


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