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Publication numberUS907875 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 29, 1908
Filing dateJul 21, 1908
Priority dateJul 21, 1908
Publication numberUS 907875 A, US 907875A, US-A-907875, US907875 A, US907875A
InventorsRay W Pritchard
Original AssigneeRay W Pritchard
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Sanitary receptacle.
US 907875 A
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Patented Dec. 29, E908.

nvm/TR @MP1s Ton/115m.

www I be pulled over the head RAY WrPRITCHARD, OF PORTLAND, OREGON.


Specication of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec. 29, 1908.

Application filed July 21, 1908. Serial N0. 444,669.

To .all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, RAY W. PRITCHARD, residing at Portland, nomah and State of Oregon, have invented certain new and useful Im rovements in Sanitary Receptacles, of Whic the following is a specification.

My invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in sanitary cuspidors, and in its generic nature the invention embodies a cap or mouth piece to which is removably attached a suitable receptacle and to which a net or covering is also attached that passes over the receptacle and may be opened yto permit removal of the receptacle from the cap or mouth piece, the ca or mouth piece being provided with a va ved opening that is automatically closable and can be readily opened to permit use of the receptacle.

More specifically my invention comprises certain novel details of construction, combination and arrangement oi parts, all of which will be first described in detail, and then be specifically pointed out in the appended claims, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure 1, is a perspective view of my invention. Fig. 2, is a central vertical longitudinal section thereof. Fig. 3, is a detail perspective View showing how the cap or mouth piece may be opened. Fig. 4, is a detail view illustrating how the netting or covering may tacle to permit its ready removal.

Referring new to the accompanying drawings, in which like letters and numerals of reference indicate like parts in all of the figures, 1 designates the head which may be formed of any suitable material, preferably of rubber, and isef dome-like form, the base 1EL of which being provided with annular ribs 1b may be vulcanized to render the same rigid. The dome or mouth portion l of the head 1 is of more flexible material and is slitted as at 1d so that when squeezed, as shown in Fig. 3, the same will open to permit use of the receptacle, and soonas finger pressure has been released from the mouth piece the same will automatically close up.

The receptacle 2 consists of a bag having a in the county of Mult-V to expose the recap-- mouth to sli over the rigid portion of the cap or mout piece, and which may be secured thereto by a rubber band 3 or in any other approved manner, so as to be readily removable from the mouth piece and the bag may be constructed of rubber, oiled-cloth or any other suitable material.

In order to protect the receptacle 2 and at the same time cover the same, I provide a netting 4, one end 4a of which is securedr to the. mouth piece 1 by a string 4b, or rubber band, if desired, and the other end 4c of the netting is closed 'by a draw-string 4d, as shown in Fig. 1 ofthe drawings, so that When it is desired to remove the receptacle 2 and redplace it with another one, the draw-string 4 may be loosened and the netting slippe off over the mouth piece, as shown in Flg. 4, so that the receptacle 2 may be taken otf and a new one substituted Without detaching the netting from the mouth piece.

The operation of my invention Will be readily apparent to those skilled in the art to Which the invention appertains by a sim le reference to the drawings, and a detail escription of the uses and operation of my invention is thought to be unnecessary as from the foregoing description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, it is thought the complete construction, operation and advantages of my invention will be readily understood by those skilled in the art.

`What I claim is,-

1. A mouthpiece consisting et a domeshaped member having a resilient portion provided with a self-closing slit and having a rigid portion, a receptacle removably secured to said rigid portlon, a covering secured to said rigid portion and projecting over said receptacle, said covering having its projectingd end open, and means for closing said open en 2. In a device ofthe class` described, a mouth piece consisting of a dome-shaped member provided with a rigid portion having annular beads, and a iiexible slitted portion to form a self-closing mouth, a receptacle removably secured over said rigid portion, a covering removably secured to said mouth piece and enveloping saidreceptacle.

3. In a device of the class described, a

" mouthpiece consisting of. 'a dome-shaped covering having its projecting end opened member provided with a rigid portion having and a draw-string for closing said open end. annular beads, and a flexible slltted portion to torm a sell-closing mouth, a. receptacle rel I RAY W PRITCHARD 5 movably secured over said rigid portion, a Witnesses:

covering removably secured to said mouth J. M. LONG,

piece and enveloping Suid receptacle, said EDWIN L. MINAR.

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