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Publication numberUS908737 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 5, 1909
Filing dateApr 13, 1908
Priority dateApr 13, 1908
Publication numberUS 908737 A, US 908737A, US-A-908737, US908737 A, US908737A
InventorsBen Broughton
Original AssigneeBen Broughton
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US 908737 A
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908,737. v mentari @11.5, 1909.




No. eosvsv.

Specioeton' oi .lettere Potent. Application lefl April 3.3, 1338. j'

-m -l s P- s g' Y riss. o, 1MM-9.

este. rre. lessee VMy invention relates to improvements inv eye glasses, in whichV side stre secured rimless eye gloss, seid end brought to close Contact base, of seid straps, end theextended arms .of the straps, and held there.

r e objects of my invention ere, irst, to provide means, whereby the side straps of e rimless veye gloss, ere ede. ted to move equally end positively togeter on the lens and drew the lens to the bese, and the arms, of seid straps, and. look the seme, second, to provide ineens whereby 'adjusted 'to the bese of arms et the glass hes lo third, to

s ere rigidly of the lens being with the root, or

the straps end the straps, and. looked, otter the eyeeen in use for s length of' time, end rovide Ineens whereby in adjustsicle sti-eps they shell have positive movement on the sides of the to equalities of pressure on pressure being exerted and the straps, thefssme on both seid' straps,

"consequently the lens lies smooth and equal l the mechanism illuse accompanying drawing, 1n

movement between both seid straps. attain these objects by trated -in th w oh:` Figure 1 is en enlarged elevation of one side of an e e gloss, 'showing one side strep secured to t e broken lens. Fig'. 2 is e eeetional pien of the same. Fig. 3 is s pien of the same, the lens together with the adjusting device being removed. Fig. et is e seotionel plan of the deteohedlens. Fig. 5 is e glen of the deteched eccentric stud, end,

ign 6 is an elevation of seid stud.

Similar letters refer to similar throughout the severel views. In the drawing the rimless eye glass frame, is indicated 'oy A, the broken nose bridge by B, the nose side stays hy D, the arms by end the side straps by c the several ports indicated, ctre ports of t frame, and to -lens l1, tits snugly between the straps e, end stud.

the end of the ens shuts theories lil, s own.

to the sioles and end o., the lens offs.

the lens may be rem position, thereby avoidingen r in-4 lmprovel following E, hole 7,

I o, of the drawing, that otter a lon the straps o together with ll, is e stud or heeel edeptesl to rotete irl one serel strep o,

as ere also their respective holes 5 and 5.

which'lits snugly the ecoentrioliocly' part 3, of the stud.

Figs. 1, and 2 of the drsw'in short7 the convex end 8, of the lens F, brouit in close contoot with the arms of the treme A, end oonse uently in olose Contact with the shoulder, orqbese, or root 9, of the straps o. The errns E, end the shoulder 9, ere in oonoeve form and on the seme oonoeve line, which oonorms to tl e convex end 8 of the lens l?.

`When the stud heed lol, es indicated hy erroyv in Fig. 6 or the drawing, their bese, or root 9, the convex end 8 of the lens, snol held in secured position by meens hammer on the end of the shank Consid- @ring the light construction, or thielmess, of the straps e, in actuel size, of the eye-gloss, the hole 6 extends through its strep o, and the outer part of the hole is slightly oountersunlr, es at o, that the slisnl /l may be riveted thereto. .A nut on the end ot the shank would answer the purpose set forth, in lieu of riveting ofthe shank.

Previous to the shank e, being secured in the hole 6, the lens is adjusted to position hy means of the rotary movement of the stud heed H.

shank 4l, are concentric with eeoh other. and. also, the holes 5, end @in the stre )s c, the only' l eccentric ood` part 3, which fits in the round of the ens. lt will loe obvious, in Fig;

weer end teer or the eye-glass, en

h thereby t .e

possible loosenin7 of the lens, thst the H, may be slight y rotated to bringthe trsps enel the lees to positive position.

dlt will oe noticed. thet when the stud is' roeetl en outer slot 2, to' admit en ordinary soreW-clriver to rotate the l heed H, fits i The heed ll, end' is sli htly rotated,

term of he lens F, hes e common rourid hole i7 into loo I As hereinbetore-ststed, the heed H, end, parte t 1e eccentric pe-rt of the device, is, t 1e tated, the pull on the side straps is ositive, equal and together, on account of t e same lintegral stud operating at the same time in the side straps c. I regard this as an unportant feature of 'my invention.

What I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. In eye-glasses, a lens having a round hole, side straps having concentric holes, on the sides of the lens, a stud head adapted to rotate in the concentric hole of one said strap, an eccentric body Eart of said stud adapted to rotate in the ole of the lens, a shank on the eccentric body part of the stud, and concentric with said head adapted to rotate in the opposite said strap.

2. In an eye-glass, a lens having a round hole, side straps having concentric holes, one larger than the other, the smaller hole having an outer countersink, a stud head adapted to rotate in the-larger hole of one said strap, an eccentric body part, or eccentric extension of said head, adapted to rotate in the hole of the lens, a lshank concentric with said head and extending from the eccentric body part and integral therewith, adapted to rotate in the concentric hole of the opposite said side stra ISEN BROUGIITON. Witnesses:


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Cooperative ClassificationG02C1/02