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Publication numberUS908751 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 5, 1909
Filing dateOct 23, 1907
Priority dateOct 23, 1907
Publication numberUS 908751 A, US 908751A, US-A-908751, US908751 A, US908751A
InventorsAlfred C Cooke
Original AssigneeAlfred C Cooke
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US 908751 A
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APPLICATION FILED our, 22, 1907.

908,751. v Patented Jan. 5, 1909.




.flfrd C Cooke A TTORNE Y.


ALFRED o. COOKIE,- or RocKrmLL, CONNECTICUT. men'r-rixmn.

To all whom it may concern: 4 Be it known that I, Amman C. Coonn, a

citizen of United States, and resident of tures, of which the following is a fu clear,-

tially in section.

the device removed Rockyhill, in the county of Hartford and State of Connecticut, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Li ht-Fixand exact specification.

This invention relates to li ht-fixtures, and more especially to that class thereof which are adapted to receive and hold the sockets of incandescent electric lights, and it has for one of its objects the provision of a holder which comprises a plurality of articulated sections or members which permit the li ht to be thrown into any desired direction without affecting the position of the base, which may be adapted either to be placed on a table, or attached to a wall.

My invention has, furthermore, for its ob-- feet the provision of a holder of this character, which is made of ,sheet metal and the' several parts of whichmaybe stamped out by punches and dies, thus rendering the en-. tire device light in weight and cheap in man-f ufacture.

My invention has, furthermore, for its ohject the combination, with the foot plate of the holder, of a base or supporting plate to which the foot plate may bereadil'y attached without extraneous means, so that a number of such base plates may be provided within,

the reach of e lamp cord ,--and the ht holder itself, with the light, may be b 'ly transferred from one'baseplate to any other without di-fliculty.

7 Another object of the .invention resides in the provision of means for locking the foot plate of the holder against accidental displacement on the base plate.

Further objects of the invention will here inafter appear and be particularly pointedv .out in the claims. j The invention has clearly illustrated in the accompanying drawings similar characters in which- Figure 1 represents a side view of my improved fixture attached to the wall of a uilding. Fig.. 2 is a top view thereof par- Fig 3shows a section on 1. i

line 3--3 of Fig. g. 4 is a rear view of the foot plate. Fig. 5 represents a perspective view of a base late, and Fig. 6 shows in the base plate and one table or bench.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed October 28, 1907. Serial No. 898,698.

in which denote similar parts and cently di post is 'swiveled in a foot p ate 18 provided Patented mi. 5, 190

oved light fixture is Primaril m im r y y ho sor factories where desi ed for use in s one 'ght is generally a oted to each workman and where inmost cases the bench work apt to require the light to be-portable so the lamp socket from its holder. ,In its preferred form this fixture comprises two sections, a base plate and a lig t holder, both parts being formed of stamped sheet metal so as to meet all requirements of lightness in weight, strength of support, interchangeability, chea ness of manufacture, and universality of position and adjustment.

'Referring to the drawings, the numeral 10 denotes the base plate of the device, a number of which may be secured in any suitable manner to the wall or the window of a building, and which consists substantially of a sheet metal plate, having light, without necessitating the removal of i perforations 11 for the fastening devices. I

The lamp holder comprises a series of articulated members, to wit, a light-clamp 12 consistitggi of a sheet metal strip doubled upon i f and adapted to receive the key socket S of the electric light, the branches 12' 12' being preferably rwilient in order ggdpermit the insertion or removal of the The shank portion of the clamp is pivoted to anarm-13, consist of a pair of slotted sheet metal members 13' '13, havinghz:i binding screw 14 for frictionally h g the clamp 12, and also a binding screw 15 for clamping said arm members 13 to a slotted post 15, which comprises a pair of adjasposed metal stri s 16, 17. This with a circular aperture 19 (see Fig. 3 to 't the rotation of the postwhich is eld in contact with the foot plate by virtue of laterall projecting feet 16' 16" of the strip 16, an the feet 17' and-17" of the ost strip 17. The feet 16 16" are form 'by slitting the lower portion of the post 16,

the foot plate 18 on the base plate 10 and to aperture 19, through which they pass.

I Fl 6.

and bending them outward and at right angles relatively to said post, the feet 16 being disposed above the top surface of the foot plate 18; .while the-feet 16" are disposed at the underside thereof. The same construction applies to the post member 17 the feet 17 17 of which are similarly bent but in a reverse direction from that of the feet 16, 16 so that consequently the post in its entirety is firmly held in position on the plate 18 without, however, Interfering with its rotation therein, inasmuch as the width of webs of the central feet 16', 17", is substantially equal to the diameter of till; desired, the post strips 16, 17, may be riveted together as at 20 to stiffen the structure. The foot plate 18 is slightly cupped near its central portion, as at 21," so as to form a recess in which the'post feet 16" 17" may freely move without contacting with or projelcting beyond the lower surface of said p ate. p

Means are provided for removably holding the foot plate- 18 on the base plate 10 above mentioned, these means consisting preferably of a pair of buttons 25 stamped out of the base plate and bent outward as shown in Fig. 5, so that the shank 25 may rest in slot 26 in the foot plate, as will be readily understood. In order to position prevent the same against accidental displacement, 1 provide a projection 27 on the latter so that a slight outward pull must be exerted on the foot plate before the latter can be raised to disengage the latter from the base, 18, after which the fixture may be transported either to another base plate or to stand in an upright position as shown in @Vhile the above description deals particu larly with all ht-fixture which is made of sheet metal it s ould be understood that the invention is not confined to that-construc- 5 be deemed more desirable, or the base plate may be loaded on account of the stability required when the fixture is intended to be used as a stand, this construction not interferin with the other features of the device.

1. The combination, witha foot plate,having an aperture, of a post passing through and freely rotatable in said aperture and having lateral projections for engaging the opposite sides of said plate, and a socketc amp carried by said post.

2. A light fixture comprising a socket clamp, a post formed of a strip of sheet metal, slitted to form outwardly and oppositely bent feet at its lower end, and a vfoot plate interposed between and in engagement, with said feet.

3. The combination, with a clamp, a 0st for sup orting said clamp, and a foot p ate vrotatably supporting said post, of a base plate, and means for removably holding said foot-plate on the base plate.

4; The combination,-with a clamp, a post for sup orting said clamp, and a foot plate rotatably supporting said post and having slots, of a base plate having buttons for enterin said slots and for removably holding said loot plate on the base plate.

5. The'combination, with a clamp, a 0st for supporting said clamp, and a foot p ate attached to sa d post' and having a recess, of

a base platehavm a projection adapted to enter said recess or pos tioning sa1d,foot

plate on the base late, and means for reniovably holding the foot plate on the base ate. v

p ALFRED C. C00. Witnesses;

.E. Jonnson, Sonarnnz.

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