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Publication numberUS910194 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 19, 1909
Filing dateFeb 6, 1908
Priority dateFeb 6, 1908
Publication numberUS 910194 A, US 910194A, US-A-910194, US910194 A, US910194A
InventorsWallace Rutherford Harris
Original AssigneeWallace Rutherford Harris
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US 910194 A
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91 O, 1 94. Patented Jan. 19, 1909.




To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WALLACE R. HARRIS, a citizen of the United States, and a: resident of Louisville, in the county of- Jefferson and State of Kentucky, have invented a new and Improved File-Wrapper, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description. This invention relates to file wrappers,

and it is particularly useful in connection with ve'rtical filing systems.

More specifically, the invention relates to file wrappers which comprise backs and covers, between which the papers to be filed can be inserted, and which have removable, centrally-disposed means for fastening the papers to be filed, in position.

An object of the invention is to provide a simple and inexpensive file wrapper which prevents the loss of the papers to befiled,

which keeps them-smooth and in good. con- 1 dition, and in which the papers-can be filed with rapidity and ease.

A further object of the inventionis to provide a file wrapper which-is of large capacity, which is especially well adapted for use in connection with vertical filing systems, and in which is employed a removable clasp or fastening so that if desired, the

same can be dispensed with and the papers filed between the back and the cover of the wrapper without securing the papers to one' or the other of the same.

The invention consists in the construction and combination of the parts to be more fully described hereinafter. and particularly set forth in the claims.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specifithe wrapper with papers filed therein.

cation, in which similarcharacters of refersection of the wrapper, showing certain of the parts in different positions in dotted outlines; and Fig. 4 is a similar view showing Before proceeding to a more detailed exe planation of my lnvention, it should be understood that while the same is particularly useful in connection with vertical filing Specification of Letters Patent. Application filed February 6, 1908. Serial No. 114,491..

Patented ran. 19',- recesarranged in classified groups,and in which each group is filed in a special envelop, the

invention can be advantageously employed, in other filing or similar systems in which:

the papers, documentsor the like are grouped and filed in groups, each group being mclosed or contained in a suitable wrapper.

In many filing systems the papers are merely loosely arranged in the wrappers; andconsequently there is danger of one ormore of the papers being accldentally dis-- placed from the wrapper, and lost. Furthermore, the papersjn' each of the wrapperscan easily become 'disarranged and crumpled or otherwise injured.

With my invention, the papers, do

systems inwhich the papers to be filed are sired, canibe securely held: in position in the wrapper by means of a suitable. fastener. This fastener may he .of any preferred or common form; thbugh I have found it; useful to employ the ordinary fastener whichcom 'sists of .a head and bendable legs or. prongs,v I

which can'be forced through the paper and then disposed to one side, whereby the fas-. tener becomes firmly attached tothe aper.

My wrapper has a particular part or the attachment of the fastener, and this part is strengthened and reinforced so that the fastener cannot be torn loose by acc-1dent.

It will be understood that the wrapper can be fashioned from any suitable materialsuch, forexample, as stifl paper .orthe like.

The size, moreover, forms no part of the invention but the wrappers may be of various sizes and shapes to adapt them for the filingof papers, documents and the like of different size-and form.

Referring more particularly to the drawings, 10 represents the body from whichthe wrapper is formed. Near the middle, the body has a plicature or fold 11 to permit the body to be bent or folded upon itself, whereby is formed the back 12 and the cover 13 between which the papers to be filed are in-.'

serted; The back 12 has an extension 14:

adapted to. have inscribed or otherwise marked thereon, indicating numeral reference letters or the like, to identify be contents 'of the file wrapper. The extension" 14 projects beyond the edge of thecover 13 when vthe latter is folded against the back,

so that the indicating marks on the extension can be easily seen without opening the wrapper. The back portion of the ody' 12 is extended to form a flap 15 which is separated 1 the back, the person filing the papers has both the cover.

from the back 12 by a .fold or plicature 16. The latter permits the flap to be bent or folded into position between the back and double reinforcing strip 17 is glued or otherwise fastened to the flap 15 at each side thereof, substantially near the middle. A fastener or clasp 18 is mounted upon the flap 15, by being inserted in an openin' extending throughthe reinforcing strip an theflap. I Thearrangement is such that the.

head 19-.of the fastener is arranged between. the flap and the back 12 when the flap is folded over against the back, while the prongs 20 of the fastener extend outwardly from papers can be easily secured thereto. Usually papers'to be filed will have openings formed therein through which the prongs are passed and then bent over, as is shown most clearly in Fig, 2.

. As the fastener is held in position at the hands free for the insertion of the papers in the wrapper; thus the operation of filing can bemore rapidly executed than is usually the case. -,The fasteners can be removed by sun withdrawing them from the 'openin' in and the papers can then be' filed by merely placing them in position between the back and the cover and under the flap.

Having 'thus descrikged my invention,

claim as new and desire tosecure'by Letters Patent:-v \v 1 V 1. A file wrapper, comprising a body hav- 1 the back so that the letters or other ing plicatures whereby it is formed into a back, a cover, tobe folded and at said back a flap adapted 'nto position intermediate said cover and said back, and a fastener remov 3. A file wrapper, comprising a body having plicatures whereby it is formed into 'a back, a cover, and atsaid back a flap, said flap having a reinforcing strip, a fastener carried by said flap at said reinforcing strip, in such a manner that the head of said fastener is positioned between -said back and v said flap when the latter is folded into position against said back, said stri being arranged near the middle of said ap.

In. testimony whereof I have signed my nameto this specification in the presence of two'subscribing witnesses. r 1



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