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Publication numberUS911204 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 2, 1909
Filing dateNov 27, 1908
Priority dateNov 27, 1908
Publication numberUS 911204 A, US 911204A, US-A-911204, US911204 A, US911204A
InventorsElizabeth A Busby
Original AssigneeElizabeth A Busby
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US 911204 A
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I 91 1,204. Patented Feb. 2, 1909.



Patented Feb. 2, 1909.

Be it known that I, ELIZABETH A. BUSBY, a citizen of the United States, residing at San Francisco; in the county of San Francisco and State of California, have invented new and useful Improvements in Bust-Sup porters, of which the following is a specification.

The present invention relates to bust supporters, and its object is to provide a device of this character, which will support the breasts :of the wearer directly from the shoulder, and preventmotion or vibration thereof, being thereby of special value to ,stout women.

. In the accompanying drawing, Figure 1 is aperspective front view of the device in use; Fig. 2 is a similar rear view of the same; Fig. 3 is an enlarged broken detailed view of the front fastening; Fig. 4, is. a similar view of the rear fastening.

Referring. tojthe drawing, 1, 2, indicate right and left breast pockets, similar in form and construction. Each pocket is formed of cloth, reinforcing strips, and a marginal web. The cloth 3 is of strong, light material, such as linen or cotton, but preferably loosely Woven, like gauze, in order to allow of free ventilation therethrough. The binding web 5 which is stitched, as shown at '6, to the cloth 3, is of elastic tape and commences at the outer corner, 7 of the pocket, then extends in an approximately semicircular curve 8, first upward, then across, and then downward to the inner corner 9; then across the lower side of the pocket, as shown at 10, with but slight'curvature to the outer corner 7; there passing over the initial end of the web and being stitched thereto, as shown at 11. It then extends beyond the corner 7 as shown at 12, to form a back band, the use of which will be hereinafter explained.

An important feature of the invention resides in the form and arrangement of reinforcing strips, which are arranged and directed to render the pocket comfortable'in use, andwell adapted for the purpose. intended. There are four of, these strips, which may be distinguished by suitable affixes, thus, 4 4*, 4, 4. The strip 4% is a horizontal strip, and extends from the inner corner 9 of the pocket -'to a pointon the marginal Web 5 slightly above its initial point, the outer corner 7. The strip 4 is 'ing greatly in size.

A nus'r-surroa'rnn.

- No. 911,204. Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed November 27, 1908. Serial No. 464,749.

To all whom it ma/y concern:

vertical, and crossw the strip 4 substantially through its center, extending from the upper part 8 of the marginal web 5 to its lower part 10. It is, therefore, divided by the horizontal strip 4 into two unequal parts, the upper part, above the horizontal strip, being considerably. longer than the lower, below it. The strips 4, 4 pass through the point of intersection of the strips 4, 4 obliquely or diagonally, and substantially midway, angularly, between the latter. Each strip 4, 4, is thus also divided unequally, having a longer part above the point of crossing and a shorter below it. I find that this arrangement of reinforcing strips, in combination with the elastic marginal web 5, provides that form of pocket which is the most comfortable in use, and best adapted to firmly contain and support the breast of the wearer.

To the upper part, 8, of the marginalweb are secured, at points s aced apart, three suspender strips 13, which are all connected at their upper ends to a strip 14 which passes over the corresponding shoulder of the wearer, and is connected at the back to the end of the extension 12. Both of the strips or bands 14, 12, on each side, are, at their point of juncture, connected to a cross band 15, which cross bands 15 are provided, the one with a, series of spring sockets 16, and the other with a corresponding series of knobs 17 adapted to enter said sockets, in the manner of the glove fastening now commonly in use. Since any one of the knobs can be used with any one of the sockets, this arrangement permits of considerable variation in the combined width of the two cross hands when united, and therefore also of enlargement or contraction to fit women vary- To the right breast pocket 1, at or near the inner corner9, are attached three such spring sockets, the middle one, 19, being on the outside of the web, and the'upper and lower, 20, 21, being on the inside. To the web of the left breast pocket at its inner corner 9, is secured a knob 22, adapted to enter the socket 19,'and to the ends of short ta es 23,24, attached to the web 5, above and elow-rsaid inner corner, 9, are secured knobs 25, 26, adapted to enter the sockets 20, 21.- All of the stri s, bands, or tapes 13, 14,15, 23, 24, aremad to the marginal web 5.

e of elastic webbing, similar The extensions 12 pass under the arm of the wearer while the strips 14 pass over the shoulders. By reason of this arrangement,

also of the adjustability of the cross bands 15, of the use of the suspender strips 13, and the upper and lower elastic tapes 23, 24, and especially of the form of the pockets obtained by the particular arrangement of the reinforcing strips, the breasts are supported directly from the shoulders, and, moreover, are held firmly and without shaking, thereby adding greatly to the comfort of the user,

, especially of stout women, and particularly zontal strip at a common point and extenda in below the same to the lower margin, a we secured around the entire margln of 'the pocket, and extended from the lower margin in a direction to pass beneath the arm of the wearer, suspender strips secured to the upper margin of each pocket at oints thereof spaced a art, a shoulder strip for each pocket, to w 'ch said suspender stri s aresecured at the top, and secured to t e end of the corresponding web extension, cross bands secured to the latter and to the suspender strips at their point of juncture, fastening devicesfor adjustably securing together said c oss bands across the back of the wearer, and fastening devices for securing together the inner ends of the pockets.

2. In a bust supporter, the comblnation of breast pockets, each formed of thin, light cloth, and having a substantially semicircular upper margin, a slightly downwardly curved lower margin, and forming inner and outer corners, reinforcing strips secured to the cloth, one of said strips being horizontal and the others crossin said horizontal strip at a common point an extending below the same to the lower margin, a web secured around the entire margin of'the pocket, and extended from the lower margin in a direction to pass beneath the arm of .the wearer, suspender strips secured to the upper margin of each pocket at points thereof spaced apart, a shoulder stripfor each pocket, to which said suspender strips are secured at the top, and secured to the end of the corresponding web extension, cross bands secured to the latter and to the suspender strips at their point of juncture, fastenin devices for adjustabl securing together said cross bands across tie -back of the wearer, all of said webs, extensions, suspender strips,

and shoulder strips, being elastic, and fastoning devices for securing together the inner ends of the pockets.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set 'm hand in the presence of two subscribing witnesses. I ELIZABETH A. BUsBY' Witnesses:


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