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Publication numberUS911476 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 2, 1909
Filing dateMar 3, 1905
Priority dateMar 3, 1905
Publication numberUS 911476 A, US 911476A, US-A-911476, US911476 A, US911476A
InventorsRoy Earl Cheesman
Original AssigneeRoy Earl Cheesman
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Fireman's mask.
US 911476 A
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' 911,476...v Y Patented Feb.2,1909{ Inventor.




be worn comfortably, the same concealing andcovering only the minimum portion of the head of the wearer,K and being so constructed and carried as to offer no hindrance to the passage of sound to the ears of the Another object is to provide a mask which can be held in place withoutthe necessity of tightly binding it as heretofore, the ears of the wearer being utilized to assist in supporting the mask in proper position upon the head.

A still further object is to provide simple and efficient means forl supporting a moist cellular ob'ect, such as a sponge, in place, where it wi l iltertheair before it can be inhaled by the wearer of the mask.

Another object is to provide means whereby only a small part of the mask will contact directly with the face'of the wearer, this contacting portion being formed of-anins'ulating material. j

With these and other objects in view the invention consists of certain novel details of construction and combinations of parts hereinafter more fully described and pointed out in the claim.

In the accompanying. drawings the preferred form of the invention has been shown. In said drawings 2-Figure 14 isa central vertical section through the mask, the same being shown in position. tive view of the mask.

Referring to the iigures by characters of reference, 10 designates the .body of the mask, the same .being formed of a s'uitable heavy fabric, tapered from its center toward -its ends, said reduced ends being connected byV ancela'stic vstrap 15, designed to yieldingly A hold thebody of the mask in contact with the hea'dof the wearer, the said body and the strap being so proportioned as to extend Specification of Letters Patent. App1'..1tion lfiled March 3, 1905. Serial No. 248,364.

' sides of the nostrils.

pad thus constitutes a shield for preventing gases' from entering the space back off the parts have thus been placed in Patented Feb. 2, 1909.

completely around the head. The end por tions of the body are formed with openings 12 and 13 designed to receive the Aears of the user, the straps 105Lformed above these op'en-A ings 12 and 13 and extending longitudinally ofthe body, being designedto rest on the ears, as shown particularly in Fig. 1. The body has a substantially rectangular opening 14 a, across which extends a sheet of `transparent material 14such as mica, the edge por-A tions of this sheet being concealed by a pad 16, of Aflannel, felt, or other soft insulating material, said pad serving to contact with the face of the wearer and to extend above and around the eyes and terminating at the It will be seen that the sheet 14, inasmuch as'said pad rests firmly throughout its length upon the face of the wearer. As shown especially in Fig. 1, the lower portion of the body 10 is slightly in turned, as indicated at 11, this inturned ortion constituting a supporting ledge on wfiich rests a sponge 17 ,'or other absorbent cellular filtering device. The sponge is sufficiently large to bear comfortably around the chin, so

`as to fill all ofthe space within the lower front portion of the mask.

When it is desired to use the mask the band 15 is stretched so as to permit the body 10 to be placed around the head with the opening` 14a and the sheet 14 in front of the eyes an( nose-and with'the ears extending into the openings 12 and 13. Inasmuch as the straps 10a rest on the ears, they constitute efficient means for supporting the mask uponthe head and it therefore becomes unnecessary to bind the mask against the face as tightly as would otherwise be necessary. After the osition, a s onge, 17, saturated with'liquid, 1s laced in t e space bet-Ween the chinand t e lower front portion of the mask, :and is supported in this position by the ledge 11. rI'he pad 16, as heretofore stated, contacts throughout its length with the face, and only a narrow space is formed between the ends of this pad t rough which air isv admitted from the sponge to the space inclosed by the pad 16. Air is free to pass through the sponge and into the space surrounded by the pad 16, and

is filtered as it'passes through the sponge and' before it can be inhaled. Inasmuch as the sponge is sup orted solely by the ledge 11 it Will be seen that the same can be readily ,re-

' moved whenever it is desired to clean the sponge.

What is claimed is A mask comprising a body having ta# pered end portions, there being ear-receiving oenings within said end portions, the upper e' ges of said openings being disposed to rest upon the ears of the wearer, an elastic connection between 'the end portions of the mask, there being a central opening within the body, a transparent sheet extending across said opening, a pad upon the edge portions of said sheet and the inner surface of the body, said pad being disposed to bear throughout its length against the face of the A wearer. to form a conined air space surrounded by the pad for the reception of the eyes andvnose of the wearer, the endsl of the pads being spaced apart at the nose-receiving portion of said space, there being an inwardly directed supporting ledge integral with the lower portion of the bo and a removable filtering device detachably sup orted upon the ledge for filling the space between the mask body and the chin of the wearer, the

space between the ends of the pad constituting a passage for establishing communication between said filtering material and the confined air-space.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as

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