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Publication numberUS911884 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 9, 1909
Filing dateJun 13, 1905
Priority dateJun 13, 1905
Publication numberUS 911884 A, US 911884A, US-A-911884, US911884 A, US911884A
InventorsJohn A Kyle
Original AssigneeJohn A Kyle
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Coupon or tag for cartons.
US 911884 A
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APPLICATION FILED JUNE 13, 1905 Patented Feb. 9, 1909.

iii/Paint; 05*

- being had to from the packages,




To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that 1, JOHN Alli-mimosa i KYLE, a citizen of Great Britain, and a subl jcct of King Edward Vii, of Chicago, in the county of Cook and slate of lllinois, have invented certain new and useful lniprovel merits in Coupons or Tags for Cartons; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, 1 clear, and exact description thcreol', rel'erence the accompanying drawings, and to the letters ol' reference marked therei on, which form a part of this specification.

This invention relates to improvements in 1 sheet material cartons or packages of that class more especially designed for containing 3 merchandise of a granular or pulverulent na- I tore, such as powdered soap, cereal foods and l the like, and refers more specifically to what may be termed a premium coupon which is applied to or constitutes part of the carton and which is adapted to be detached therefrom by the salesman at the time the package is sold, or by the consumer at the time the package or carton is purchased. Coupons of this nature are used as I a part of a premium system, designed as an incentive for the retail salesman to sell, or the consumer to buy, a particular brand of merchandise, with which the coupons are given out itbeing the practice for the salesman or consumer to remove the couponsi and when a certain number oi coupons have been collected to return the same to the jobber or manufacturer in exchange for a premium which such jobber or manufacturer has agreed to give for such number of coupons.

Among the objects of my invention is, to produce a package of this character having thereon a coupon which is reliably secured to or made a part thereof, and which adds little or nothing to the expense of producing the carton or packa c.

To this end the coupon is made an integral part of the blank from which the carton is formed, it being formed on one oi the nmr ginal parts of the carton blank and preterably on one of the end closing llaps ol the carton.

A coupon carton made in accordance with the preferred form of my invention is so constructed that the coupon is located entirelv within the original dimensions of the blank so that the Specification of Letters Patent. Application filed June 13, 1905.

from which the carton is made, provision of the coupon does not require'the Patented Feb. 9, 1909.

Serial No. 265,042.

i use of :1 blank larger than that required for making the carton without the coupon.

As shown in the drawings,--l*igure 1 is a plan view of one end of the blank l'rom which the carton made, showing the manner of forming the coupon on one ol the closing iiaps. Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the earton with the closing l'lups at one end closed together and those at the other end in their open positions. Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the carton with the flaps at both ends closed, and showing the posltionlo'i the coupon thereon.

As shown in said drawings, the carton A is made of a continuous blank of suitable material, such aseard-board, as is usual, an is scored to provide side walls a, a, walls a. One of the side walls is provided with a pasting strip 0 which is adapted to be pasted in overlapping relation to one of the end walls when the carton is setup to give permanent tubular form to the carton. The side walls are providedwith closing flaps a. a and the end walls are provided with similar closing; llaps a, a, said flaps being designed to be folded down over the upper and lower ends of the carton and pasted or otherwise secured together to constitute top and bottom walls. As herein shown, the end wall flaps a, a are made short r than the side wall ilaps, this bein g true iiecause the side wall l'laps are eachiiitended to reach entirely across the top and bottom of the. carton, while the end wall flaps need only overlap each other a short distance at their meeting ends when closed a designates the coupon referred to, which is made integral with, and extends laterallv from the side margin of, one o L' the side we l flaps, as herein shown, to-wit: the side wall flap last to be folded down when closing the flaps. Thusit will be seen, that, owing to the fact that the end wall flaps are made shorter than the side wall flaps, the material for such roupon may be l'orniedout of the iiuiterial just outside of the outer or free margin of one ol' the end wall flaps, and is formed of that material which, in the absence of a coupon, is ordinarily cut away, as is shown at the right hand side of- Fig. 1. By reason of this construction and arrangement (which is the preferred one), it will be seen that the coupon lies entirely within the original marginal bounds or dimensions of the sheet or blank from which the carton is made, so that the presand end Inc above mentioned, recommended. yet it i 1 to be understood that 1 do not limit myself to tho specific form of the device shown oxoept as hereinafter made the snbjovt of a specific claim.

blltlni it will ho ulmol rod that said coupon ltll'li1ll)l ronnm-tutl with the Milton and. tho nwr-iitily i ntvoid i of providing; spofinl nit-nus lm n1 tum-hing thr: coupon to tlwourton. 'lhv saving: of tho tinm ruquirod to so attach tho tuit on to tho carton is of oonsith-inhlo prnn'lit-azl irn iortumro, for the mason that such Limo, while not great when Considered in tonnoction with It single carton, lH'll'UHlt'H of mnsidernhlo moment whvn rnnniilorod in tbllllflz'tiufl with nniny thousands ol cartons it will he 38071 that hy mnlainat tho coupon on iuiie grul part of the carton i all] c-na lr-d to mti zt COHHjtlPTithlti (SEW-Hart, holh with hs'poci to the nmlorini inhich cunvtitntw; llw coupon and with rosy-opt to the manner nl' o-iinsiifuting the coupon 11 port of tho Milton.

\Yhilo the particular onihodiment of my invention which 1 have herein shown is; u dosirable 0110, and in, for the reasons licminat one end 01' the carton being provided ulion I claim as my invention;

A parerboard carton comprising inclosin side. wa s provided at their end margins wit 1 tiups whit-ii are folded together to constitute the end walls of tho carton, one of tho flaps one of its margins with a laterally extent ing coupon adapted to be detached without destroying the integrity of tho carton, the

outer side margin of said coupon being; lo-

outed substantially in line with the side marin of the flap of which it forms a part and eing dl\1d(l from said flap by it wenltoned line, whereby said coupon may be folded at an angle to said flap and rest against one of t i the side walls of the carton. which may be lJilO-d and sent out daily. Thus In testimony, that 1 claim the foregoing as my invention 1 attix my signature in presence of two \ntuesses, this 2nd day of June A. D.



\Yitwm L HALL, I. P. Wtuuxs.

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