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Publication numberUS913297 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 23, 1909
Filing dateNov 27, 1907
Priority dateNov 27, 1907
Publication numberUS 913297 A, US 913297A, US-A-913297, US913297 A, US913297A
InventorsKarl Krautschneider
Original AssigneeKarl Krautschneider
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Medical apparatus for injecting purposes.
US 913297 A
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91 3,297.. Patented Feb. 23, 1909.

@www l MnDrcAL APPARATUs Fon INJ'Ec'riNG rimrosns.

specification afnemers Patent.

ratente Feb. 23, 1909.

Application led November 27, 1907. Serial No. 404,130.

l To all whom it 'may conce'm Be it known that I, KARL KRAU'rscHNEi- DER, subject of the Emperor of Austria- Hungary, residing at Innsbruck, in Tyrol, Austria-Hungary, have invented'certain new and useful Improvements in Medical Apparatus for Inje'cting Purposes, of which the following is a specification.

This invention has for its obj ect to provide medical apparatus for injecting urposes in which the medicine or the like to e injected may be' ke t in a sterilized state in compressible .ca su es each containing a charge or dose o exactly the correct quantity. Brom these capsules, which are also sterilized, the charge can be introduced by means of the syringe directlyA and under ase tic conditions into the particular part of t e body to be treated.

Figure 1 of the accompanying drawings shows by way of example one construction of a paratus embodying longitudinal section. lilg. 2 shows the injecting cylinder or body of the apparatus in elevation. Ifig. 3 shows a-capsule adapted to keep medicine contained' therein in proper condition, l

The apparatus com rises a cylinder a,l having acover bjdetacha ly fastened thereto as by means of a'bayonet joint or the like. Through a centrally arranged threaded hole in the cover eXtendsaspindle which is formed with a 'screw of steep pitch and which is provided with a follower d at 'its inner endand a milled head atits outerend. The front end of the cylinder a has a split tubular extension g on tov which is forcedor screwed a disk h adapted to compress the extension g at its forward end.

The medicine capsule i, made of tin orl other suitable material, is of such size as to be readily inserted into the injecting cylinder a, and, in order to enable it to b'e filled in a sterile manner, it is provided with a discharge and lling tube y' which, as long as the' filled oalpsule is unused, is closed by a sealing en t e capsule isto be used the ca -c is removed .and efore the 4disk h has een laced on the extension g the ca sule is introduced into the cylinder a'so t at the small discharge tube y tubular-extension g of t efc linder. By then putting the disk h in place-t etubular exten-J sio'i gY is compressed around lthe tube j and this invention in lprojects ,through the the capsule 'i thus held in place. The usual injection'needle l can then be attached to the. tube y'. After putting on the cover b the capsule can noW beI compressed by means of the follower d and its contents injected into the part of the body being treated.

In order to charge the capsules they may be connected toeJ vial containing the medi cine by a piece of iexible tubing.

1. In a syringe for combination of a cylin er open at one end and having a split hollow extension at its other end, a compressible capsule for the substance to be injected, adapted to be placed in said cylinder and rovided with av tubularlprojection to pass t ough said holincjecting purposes the L' low extension and protruding therefrom, i

' means for com ressing said hollow extension ar'ound said tu ular portion, and means for compressing the capsule in said cylinder.

2. In a syringe for injecting purposes the combination of a cylinder open'at one end and having a split hollow extension at its other end, a compressible capsule for the sub stance to be injected ada ted to be placed in' said cylinder and provi ed with a tubular projection to pass through said hollow eX- tension and protrude therefrom, means for compressing said hollow extension around said tubular ortion, a lcover for the cylinder adapted to e fastened onto the o en end thereof, a screw passing through a t readed hole in said cover and provided'with a follower for compressing the capsule in said cylinder.

8. In a syringe'for injecting purposes, the

combination of a cylinder open at one end and having va split hollow extension at its other end, a compressible capsule adapted to be placed in said cylinder and provided with a tubular` projection to pass through said hol- 'low extension and protrude therefrom and adapted to receive an injection point, such as a 'hypodermic needle, means for compressing said hollow extension around said .tubular projection, and means for compressinglfhe capsule in said c linder. i

testimony whereof have hereunto set my hand in presence of two subscribing'wit- IIGSSOS.'l v



JOSEF RUBnEsoH, -AUGUs'r lueeiiii.-

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