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Publication numberUS913325 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 23, 1909
Filing dateSep 9, 1907
Priority dateSep 9, 1907
Publication numberUS 913325 A, US 913325A, US-A-913325, US913325 A, US913325A
InventorsOttomar Touzimsky
Original AssigneeOttomar Touzimsky
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Device for drying air, gas, &c.
US 913325 A
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Patented Feb. 23, 1909.






Specification of Letters Patenti. I

retentea Feb. 23, i909.

' Application filed-September 9, 1907. Serial No. 392,000.

To all whom -wmay concern:

lle 1t known that l, O'r'roMAR ToUzrMsKY, a subJect of the Austrian Emperor, and'reslvdent yof Lobositz, Bohemia, AustriaHun gary, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Devices for the Drying of Air, Gases, &c., of which the following is a specification. f'

' ly invention concerns a device for extracting moisture from air, gases etc., and should be especially serviceable wherever it is` desired to protect anything whatsoever from the'daniaging inlluences of humidity.

The invention is chiefiy based on the well.

known fact that chlorid ofcalcium is capable of quickly extracting moisture to a very great extent.

The accompanying drawing shows in a vertical section one form of construction of the new device.

The outer cylinder 1 (made of metal, or

some' other suitable material) is open on two opposite sides, so that the moistened air or gis can pass through the cylinder. lVhen necessary the two openings of the cylinder can be suitably closed by perforated covers. The cover 2 is made of perforated metal, and held fast by the ringI l which is tightened by the screws 3. The cover 5 is likewise of perforated metal, being similarly fastened to a ring (S screwed on to the cylinder 1.

7 is a cylinder which is fitted into the cyliuder 1, and which contains the chlorid of calcium. This cylinder T is perforated on all sides, so that the air or gas which is to be dried can have free access to the chlorid of calcium t3,

S) are pegs by means of which the cylinder 7 is held fast in cylinder' 1.

On the one side the cylinder 'l' could be closed by a perforated cover-,10, whereas the .other side 11, used for filling and emptying,

can only be closed by the screwing-up of the ring through the rover 5 of theouter cylinder.

Underneath the cylinder 1 there is the cyl inder 12 for the reception of the extracted fluid. The same Ais provided with a screw cap 13, which is opened to let off the fluid.

1-t is a cover which is screwed on to the cylinder 12, and 15 and 16 are rubber-packings.

. The cylinder 1 has a sloping-bottom; on the lowest point of which the perforated cover 18 is fixed over the outlet 19. The

collected fluid in cylinder 12 could also bel let olf through vthis opening.l To accomplish this one has only to turn the whole deviceA upside down.

In the form shown on the drawing, the arrangement is such that the cylinders 1 and 12 are cast in one piece; the cylinder 7 is to be made of perforated-metal. This cylinder 7. and thecovers 2, 5, 10 and 18 can also be made from wire-trellis. The outer cylinder 7 .and the cylinder 12 can also be made of sheet-metal or similar material. The air or lgas which is to be dried passes, on entering through one of the covers 2 or 5, along the surface of the inner cylinder 7 and partly enters saine. In this manner the moisture .is

absorbed by the chlorid of calcium and the fluid hereby produced passes into the cylinder 12. Any larger pieces of the chlorid of calcium aie retained by the cover. 18. From the collected fluid in cylinder' 12, the chlorid of calcium can, by means of the usual method of regeneration, to a great extent be recovered. I y

lV hat Iclaim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. ln a device forthe drying of air, gases ctc. in combination, a box open on two opposite sides, a perforated cover on each open side, one of which is removable, a perforated box arranged. in the said outer box and open on one side, a perforated cover to close the open side=of the inner box, means to hold the said inner-box in a suitable position in the said outer box, the latter having an inclined bottom, an'opening at the lowest point of same and a water-tight receptacle below the said inclined bottom, substantially as set forth. e

2. 1n a dev-ice for the drying of air, gases etc., in combination a box open on two oppo site sides a perforated cover on each open side, one'of which is removable, a perforated box arranged in the said outer box and open on one side., a perforated cover to close the open side of the inner box, and pegs to hold the latter in position in the said outer box,

forated cover lwhich closes the said; openin signed my name inthe lpresence of two sub' a Water t-i ht 'rece tai-cle, fastened 'to the said serjbing witnesses.


outer box elow t e said inclined bottom, an v outlet in the said vreceptacle and'means to 5 close the said outlet, substantially as set Witnesses:


In testimony whereof I have hereunto WILHELM FLERSVCHNER,

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