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Publication numberUS914047 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 2, 1909
Filing dateOct 12, 1907
Priority dateOct 12, 1907
Publication numberUS 914047 A, US 914047A, US-A-914047, US914047 A, US914047A
InventorsNorton L Holcomb
Original AssigneeNorton L Holcomb
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Adjustable bracket.
US 914047 A
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Patented Maf. 241909.




@l @9G47 n atanted Mar. 2, i909.


ADJUSTABLE nnaomi'r.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented March 2, 1909.

Application filed October 12, 1907. Serial No. 397,204.

improvements in brackets, and it has more particular reference to a bracket attaehable to articles of furniture, such as beds, desks, chairs, tables and the'like.

ln its broad conce tion, the invention coz,- L prises a bracket inc uding a standard adjustable vertically and horizontally and in connection with which other adjustable ele-v ments are employed so that the shelf which is carried by the bracket has adjustment to any desired position and angle.

v The invention'aims as a primary object to provide n ovel means forv holding the shelf ree to swlng at selected vertical adjustments and for likewise holding said shelf at selected pivotal adjustments against swingingv movement.

The invention aims asa further object to provide a novel construction, combination and arrangement of parts, the details of which will appear in the course of the following description, in which. reference is had to the accompanying. drawings, forming a part of this specification, like characters of refer.

V ence designating similar parts throughout the several views, wherein Figure 1 is a side elevation showing the manner of use of a bracket constructed in'accordanee with the present invention, the said bracket being arbitrarily disclosed as applied to one of the side pieces of a bed. Fig. 2 is acentral longitudinalsectional view of the bracket and its adjunctive elements.

F ig. 3 is a view' showing the application of the bracket to a chair. Fig. 4 is a top plan view of the bracket.

In the accompanying drawings, the reference letter A designates one of the side bars of a bed frame and the reference letter .B designates generally the bracket included in the present invention. The said bracket is attachable to the said' side bars or to parts of other articles of furniture by means of a U-shapcd clamping member 5 having one of L. HOLCOMB,'

its parallel side portions formed with a threaded aperture, through which is engaged a threaded screw shank 6, having at its outer end a knurled head 7, and at its linner end, al

swiveled clamping plate 8 which is desi ned to bear frictionally against the surface `o the side bar A. Thecross piece of the member 5 is formed with a vertical threaded o ening in which is engaged a screw shank 9, raving a head 10 provided with a base flange 11. The screw shank 9 passes through a slot 12 in an angular-ly adjustable horizontal arm 13 and the base flange 11. When the screw shank 9 is turned into the opening provided therefor in the member 5 its flange 11 is designed to impinge against the upper face of the arm 13 and hold said arm at selected angular and sliding adjustments against the member 5. The arm 13 carries at its outer end a vertical sleeve 14, preferably integral, and through which asses the vertical standard 15 said standar-dp being bent at a right angle as at 16 to form a horizontal arm 17. Surrounding the standard 15 is a collar 1,8,which rests u on the upper face of the sleeve 14 and throug which a set screw19 is threaded, the

inner end of the latter bearing frictionally against the standard 15. A set screw 20 is threaded through the sleeve 14 and is designed to bear frictionally with its inner end against the standard 15 and hold the latter against movement in the sleeve. By `loosening the screw 2O and tightening the screw 19 to hold the collar 18 tight upon the standard 15, the latter may be rotated freely with out permit ting it to slide through the. sleeve 1,4. By adjusting the collar 18 lon ritudinally on the standard the latter may ze adjusted to regulate the plane of the arm 1,7 and prevent said standard from lowering in the sleeve 14.

The shelf 'is designated by the numeral 21 and has secured to its under face a casting 22 formed with a sleeve` 23 mounted on the arm 17 and which is held in fixed relation to said arm by a set screw 24 threaded* through said sleeve and bearing frietionally against said arm. The revision of the sleeve 23 affords a means 'or ivotally adjusting the shelf 21 longitudina ly of the arm 17 and likewise angularly with respect thereto.

The member 5 when secured to a chair, has its side )ox-tions disposed in horizontal planes and t e uppermost of said side portions is formed with a threaded opening 25 into which the screw shank 9 is turned, it beingunderstood that the arm 13 in this relation is imposed upon seid uppermost side ortions as shown more pertieulerljyin Fig. 3. The invention is simple in itsl structurel details, inexpensive to manufacture, sind 5 practical and eifieient in use.

What is claimed is:

:Ldustable bracket comprising a U- sheped eieinp member, :i horizontally disposed fangailarly adjustable arm mounted on 10 damp member and having :i sleeve at one end. thereof, a standard loosely mounted in said sleeve for rotation therein and being bent on itself at one extremity to form zi einem right angularly dis osed erm, an adjustable collar on the standard and resting against 15 the u per edge of the sleeve to form a. bearing for t e standard, means for looking the standard against rotation in the sleeve, and a shelf longitudinally adjustable on the right-singularly dis In testimony wiereoi, I eix my signature, in presence of two Witnesses.

N. L. HOLCOMB. lNitnesses:


osed arm. 20

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