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Publication numberUS914460 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 9, 1909
Filing dateJul 27, 1908
Priority dateJul 27, 1908
Publication numberUS 914460 A, US 914460A, US-A-914460, US914460 A, US914460A
InventorsEdward P Selden
Original AssigneeEdward P Selden
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Postal-card check.
US 914460 A
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Patented Mar. 9, 1909.


no. clases.

Speccaton of Lettere Eatent.

Patentes esame e, ieee.

.application mea .my 2 7, isos. semi ne. assess.

To all whom t may cm1/cern: Y

Be it known that l, EDWARD l?. SnLnnN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Erie, in the county oi' Erie and State of Pennsylvania, have invented new and useful limprovements in Postalijard heckS, of Which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to postal card checks, and consists in certain improvements therein as will be hereinafter fully described and pointed out in the claims.

The object of the invention is to royide a bank check form which may be rea ily transmitted through the mail, and with which the labor incident to making and mailing is made less and greater accuracy assured.

ln carrying out my invention l preferably place a blank check forni on a postal card, complying with the Government regulations :in relation to such cards, leaving a blank space which may be lled'witli. the amount el' the eelt., and arrange said form to make the eli; payable to the addressee ot' the postal .the date is al o left "orelerabl" blank and a blank space for the name of the maker is also left blank, and there is also preferably on the same side of the card a place for mdorsement. @n the opposite side ci' the card is arranged a space for the stamp and alsofa place 'for theaddress of the postal card. l prefer to arrange these lwith stubs to which the cards aredetachabl attached, and this is preferably accomplis ed by erfor'ations alon the line for severance.,l preferto royide on the check form a place for a numbei', and also a blank space on the stub forja correspondin number, and a blank space for the name of t e addressee to Which the check is made payable.y With this form of check it will be noticed that it is only necessary to write the name of the addressee once in order to fill in the check, and to rovideforthe mailing of it. This not on y reduces the labor incident to .making out and mailing such checks, but assures greater accuracy in the mailing of them.

In the accom anying drawings, Figure 1 shows a View of t e check form on one side of the postal card, and an attached stub. Fig. 2 a similar View of the opposite or address side of the card.

The form is that usually used with cheek,

except that it provides that the check shall be paid to the party to Whom the card is adin space 5 for indorsement.

dressed. lank spaces l and 2 are provided for filling in the amount. The blank space 3 is left for the signature ol the maker, also a blank space ll'or the date, and a blank nlhe stub which is preferably attached by perforated lines 8 has the blank da for the date, and the blank 7a for the addressee or payee of' the check. Also space on Which a memorandum of the amount may be made. The opposite side of the postal cardlhas the space 6 lor the stamp, and thespace 7 for the address.

llfnat claim as new is:

ffl. check form on a postal card having a blarlfl: space suitably designated by tlieconn text 'to be filled the amount oi' the check, the forni containing matter which makes the check payable to the addressee of the postal cardl 2. l check fo. blank space st text to be fi en a postal card having a iesignated by the conthe amount of the check; a blank suitable in size and po sitioan rer the date, a blank space suitable in sise an position for the signature of ythe mak t the context to tl card.

3. check form on apostel card having a blank space suitably desi` nated by the conaddressee of the postal text to beillee. fwith t e amount ci the check, a blank space suitable in size and posltion for the date, a blank spacevsuitable in lsize and position for the signature of the maker, `and a blank space suitably desigmated for the signature of an indorser, said form making the check payable by' its context to the addressee of the postal card.

4. A check formen one side of a postal card having a blank space suitably designated by the context to be filled with the amount of the check, a blank space suitable in sizeand position for the date, a blank space suitable in size and position for the s1gnature of the maker, and a space for the address on the opposite side of the card of the usual size and in the usual osition, the form of check making the check) payable by the context to the addressee.

5. 'A check fprm on a postal cardhaving a blank s"ace'su1tably designated by the context to e filled with the amountoftthe check, a blank space suitable in size and position lor the date, and a blank space suitable in i, eek being made payable by size and osition for the signature of the In testimony whereof Ihavle hereunto set maker, sald check form by its context makmy hand 1n the presence 'of two subscrlbmg ing the check pa able to the addressee, and wltnesses.

having detachab y attached thereto a stub EDWARD Pv. SELDEN. having blank spaces of suitable size and po- Witnesses: v sition for memorandum fas to the amount K. R. KANE,

and payee of the check. J. R. CRAIG,

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