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Publication numberUS914717 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 9, 1909
Filing dateSep 5, 1908
Priority dateSep 5, 1908
Publication numberUS 914717 A, US 914717A, US-A-914717, US914717 A, US914717A
InventorsEmil Hacker
Original AssigneeJoseph Goldman, Emil Hacker
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US 914717 A
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v 914,717. l Patented Mar.9,19o9.


'WASHING-MA CHINE No. 914,717. Y

Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented March 9, 1909.

Application led September 5, 1908. Serial No. 451,841.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, Emir; HACKER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Baltimore city, State of Maryland, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in lVashing-Macllines, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to washing machines and more articularly to the irashingor rinsing of t ri'nking glassesv or other similar vessels, which are more or less in constant use.

In the construction of my device the washing of the glasses and the operating ot' the machine isaccoinplishtal by a single source. of power, the machine being so constrain-.teil that a fresh and more or less clean supply ot' running water is ail'orded during washing operation, the soiled or polluted water being more or less discharged from the device by reason of the pressure of in'l'low of the nnpolluted water into the machine.

The device is cheap of mainrl'aeture, simplel in operation and 'effective in the purpose for which it is intended.

'.With the foregoing objects .in view, my invention consists in other novel features ot construction and combinations of parts which will be hereinafter described and pointed out in the appended claims.

In `the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification, Figure 1 is a side elevation ot the invention with the parts broken away. Fig. 2, is a central sectional elevation of the same, the view being taken at right angles to that of Fig. 1, and Fig. 3 is a sectional plan view.

A indicates a cylindrical receptacle open at one end, and provided with perforations 1 in the upper end portion thereof.

2 is a tray or shelf, laterally extended from the upper end portion of the receptacle, upon which the glasses 3 are deposited for the purpose of draining them.

Secured on theI lower end portion of. the receptacle A is a ring 4, provided with a flange 5. i

G lndicatcs a. supply pipe conveying fluid, under pressure; 7 a T coupling; 8 a valve, from which isextended a pipe 9 leading and discharging into the receptacle A, at a point indicated 10X, and 10 indicates a union joint by which the connection of the pipe :is facilitated.

` A, the polluted or 11 indicates an overflow pipe leading from the upper end portion ot' the receptacle and discharging intothe discharge pipe l2.

ll indicates a. casing, provided with a laterally extended flange trom the upper end portion thereof, the said `flange correspondiug to the liange 5 on the ring 4, the casing being secured to the ring 4; on the lower end ol: the receptacle A by means of the screws 14, interposed between these said flanges is a packing 15. Secured within the said cz ing is a revoluble water Wheel C, composed oi a plu ality of blades 16 on the ends ot' which are provided cup shaped disks 17. Secured within the casing B,and extended within the receptacle A a vertical shaft 18,' to which the wheel C is secured on the lower end thereof by means ot' a set screw 19, the upper end` ot' the said shaft heilig threaded at 20; the shaft being supported within the 'casing by means ot the step bea-ring 2l. Secured on the upper threaded end portion 20 of the said shaft is a frame 22, threaded at 23 to receive the said shaft. The frame is provided With a central arm 2.4, which is provided with bristles 25. Surrounding this central arm is provided a plurality ot' arms 26 provided with bristles27.`

My device is operated as follows: Fluid nnd`er pressure is supplied through pipe (S, and directed b v nozzle 28 into the casing against the disks 17 causing the Wheel C to rotate, and by reason ot' the sha-ft 18 this motion is transmitted to the frame 22 carrying thereon the brushes 25 and 27 Fluid is also supplied through pipe 9' (which is connected with the supply pipe (i) to the receptacle A, the pressure being controlled by the valve 8, the fluid being permitted to fill the receptacle to a predetermined depth by reason of the over flow pipe 1l, through which the surplus lluid is discharged into the outlet 12, this outlet also affording means for the discharge of the lluid from the casing C. By reason of thisconstruction the brushes are made to rotate, and a supply of clean Water is constantly passing through the receptacle soiled Water being carried .oif through the overflow pipe 11. A glass 3 indicated by dotted to be Washed, is firmly grasped by the operator on the lower end thereof, and placed over brush 25, and firnil held in the osition indicated by the g ass 3, for a riet' -HALF TO JOSEPH GOLDMAN,

lines in Fig. 2

paf i eriod of time, the brushes in the mean time aving been'setin motion; while the brush is washing the interior of the glass the brushes 27 wash Titexteriorly. The glass is to` drain, I'the drainage passing 'through the perforations 1 back into the rece tacle A,

the washing of additional glasses eing accomplished by simply repeating the operation just described.

Slight changes and alterations might vbe resorted to in the form and arrangement of the'several parts'described Without departing from the s irit and scope of my invention and hence do not wish to limit myself o the exact constructionv as herein set forth,

ut- I Havinvr fully described my invention, what I c aim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is 1. VIn a machine of the character described, comprising a cylindrical shaped receptacle, having a plurality of perforations in the upper lend ortion thereof, a laterally extended yshel secured around the said upper end portion, a suppl pipe leading into the said receptacle, a va ve secured on the said pipe, an overflow pipe leading from the said receptacle, a casing secured beneath the said receptacle, a rotatable water-Wheel secured .within the said casing, a pipe dischargingthereinto, means directing the discharge' -against the said wheel, causing the sald Wheel to rotate, a frame secured within the Said receptacle, ajplurahty of brushes carcomprising a cylindrical shaped receptacle,

a plurality'of perforations in the u per end thereof, a laterally extended ,Shel secured around the said upper end portion, a supply.

pipe discharging into the said receptacle,

4 means on the pipe forcontrolling the su ply, an overiiow pipe leading from the sai re.

ceptacle, a metal ring secured onthe lower end of the said receptacle, having a laterally extended flange provided thereon, a casing havinga laterally extended flanGe provided on the u per end portion thereo means securing t e flange on the said ring to flange on the' said casing, a packing interposed between the said fianges, a supply pipe discharging into, and an outlet leading from the said casin a rotatable water wheel com- .posed of a p urality of blades and having cup shaped disks formed on the ends thereof, means directin the said discharge against the said bla es, -a -vertical shaft earriedby the said wheel and extended within the said receptacle, a frame carried by the said shaft, 'a plurality of brushes carried by the said frame, substantially1l as described.

In testimony whereof I a in presence ofv-two Witnesses.


Witnesses MARY M. MAGRAW,

E. l'VAIfluu Bumwl NG'IoN X my signature

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