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Publication numberUS914975 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 9, 1909
Filing dateJul 27, 1905
Priority dateJul 27, 1905
Publication numberUS 914975 A, US 914975A, US-A-914975, US914975 A, US914975A
InventorsGuy R Radley
Original AssigneeGuy R Radley
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Portable electric light.
US 914975 A
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APPLICATION FILED gm. 1 27, 12-05.

914,975. 1 Patented Mar. 9, i809.

WIhwJes: j [we/11hr. Q

{0% Q03 )IMRW/ a mflwm our n. RADJLEY, or Milwaukee. WISCONSIN.


ToaIl-wlzom it. may concern:

2; .Be it known'that I, GUY R. RADLEY, a citizen of the ,United States, residing at Milwaukee, in the county of Milwaukee and 5 state-of'vl isconsim'have invented certain newiand useful-Improvements in Portable Electric Lights, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accom anying'drawing, forming apart thereof. ;-;;'l e main'obj'ects of this invention are to provide an electric lam 'which may be readil'r attached to am held. upon the 'thumiiin position to throw li ht upon any objcc tpr objects it niay beesired to see hands and of the. t mb and fingers of each hand; to provide for carrying u n=the persons battery for supplying su lamp with current in such a manner andpositxodas will. not (pull the clothing out of shape,

occas on 1 -,or,- ;interfere with the free movement of the 4 arms and hands, and as will admit of connectingva the lamp with the battery by a ileix 1e :c0nductor'cord'- which ,will not bein the -wny or. conspicuous; to provide for clpsthe circuit throu h'the lamp and temporarily turning, on t e ight b closin the thprnb against' an o posing till hTpd,.as in the act 0 grasping orholding a book withoutinterferin with the employpienlt of thepther hand or other work; and generally to improve the construction and operation and mcreasethe convenience of devices of this class.

'lhe invention consists in c'ertain'novel features of construction and in the peculiar arrangement and combinations of parts hereinafterparticularly described and pointed i, out in the claims. t

In the accompanying drawing like letters designate the same parts, in the several figures.

Figure '1 is a eneral view on a reduced scale showing ft e lamp attached to the thumb of the hand and connected in the preferred manner I) a flexible conductor cord with a battery s ung from the shoulder; Fig- 2 is anenlarged view of the lam with E6 the means for holding it on the thum and ,the circuit controller'for closing and automatically opening the lamp circuit; Fifi. 3 is a.

rear elevation of the lamp on a sti larger scale; and Fig. 4 is an enlarged axialfperrtion .E5 of the same.

Small incandescent electric lamps directly Specification of Letters Patent.

Application flle'd July 27, 1905 Serial No. 271,433.

without: interfering. with the"'use of the.

scqmfort, take up pocket room, of'the reading.

ger 0 oneconcealed by t Patented March 9, 1909.

attached to dry batteries which designed to be carried in the hand and are provided with contact ke s or buttons for closing the circuit when lig t' is desired, have come into so extensive use for tem rarily, affording a small light'when need in dark places, butv lamps of this .kind as heretofore; constructed are cumbersome and inconvenient when both hands are needed, as for example in taking and recording the-readings of meters which are located in dark places, it bei c necessary to inspect the meter, find the page having the corresponding meter number-1n a book, andthe'n enter in-the book the proper 72) reading. These operations must. be per formed quickl and sufficient light 'r. ust-bl thrown upon the meter dial and on the book to prevent errors. (hanging the lamp from one hand to the other is very apt to cause the :5 reader to unconscious] Y transpose the figures v The attery n1ust=bejarge enough-to su ply light for more than a single "days use. n the endeavor to tree the hands, various expedients have been resorted to, such as carrying the battery in the pocket and attaching the lamp-to t id lapelof tho coat, or even tothe end of a nc1l, but all" these. expedients have been ound unaatise factory and have tailed because: the cord connecting thelamp with the battery was in' the wayfiand the battery, if large enough to e be of service, was too,bulky to be conveniently carried in'the pocket. All-these dilhculties and objectionsareovercome and the. 9:: objects. heneinbefpre stated are attained, with my improved ap arrat us,'in which the lam is adapted to behold on the thumb of one and, and the Battery is preferably suspended by a'lband or stra from theshoulder 9-. and connected with the amp-b a flexible conductor cord passing through the coat sleeve.

Referring to the dra illustrating the preferred form of the apparatus, L desig 'Jc nates thelamp, which in Figs. 1 and 2 is shown as attached to the thumb of the left hand by an adjustable holder consisting of itfiletfi. ring or clasp G. I

B is the battery,which as indicated by 1 dotted lines in Fig. 1, is suspended from the. left shoulder by a strap or band D, andgjs connected with the lamp L ad'exible c'onductor cord Clpassing through and mostly e coat sleeve. The lamp comprises a metallic shell S,

provided With a socket and reflectorR-as

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Cooperative ClassificationY10S200/02, F21V7/09