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Publication numberUS914992 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 9, 1909
Filing dateAug 23, 1907
Priority dateAug 23, 1907
Publication numberUS 914992 A, US 914992A, US-A-914992, US914992 A, US914992A
InventorsLeslie Bown Taylor
Original AssigneeLeslie Bown Taylor
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US 914992 A
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Mar. 9, E509.

atentecl pplication Au- To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, Lnsrrn Born: 'iriy- LOB, a subject of the Kingof Great Britain, residing at Grange Road, Bonrnoroolr, near Birmingham, England, have invented 0etain new and useful Improvements in Bu of which the following is a specification.

My invention has especial reference to compound bullets which, as most oonly made, consist of a solid lead bullet, provided with a harder metal envelop or covering, the said envelop ,being applied either, to the whole or to it portion only of the solid lee-d bullet. In some cases the compound bullets are entirely inclosed at their colloidal or hemi-spheroidal front ends and in other cases the conoidal or herni-spheroidal front ends are loft'uncovered, the said enveloped bullets with uncovered front ends being genorally called half-mantle bullets, softnose bullets, or 'duIn-duni bullets.

In the new construction of compound bullet hereinafter described, constituting my invention, it may employ a reduced form. of the full enyelop of harder substance, that is to say, either a three quarter mantle or envelop, or a half mantle or envelop; or the nmntle envolo p may be so shortened as to become a shallow cup, or it maybe reduced to the form of a disk placed the rear oi the bullet. Or I may apply the hsrdefsubstence the n of the bullet as a solid tip, disk, hollow cup or of other suitable form. the front solid tip, disk, hollow cup or the like may he used in addition to the harder substance or on the rear portion of the bul t.

In carrying my invent on into eil'ect Y make the hemispheroidsi, ogival or conoi front end or nose of the bullet conipl 1 closed but hollow, is, with a car therein, the bullet having the out? pearance of the ol ry solid elongate let of load here? said liiollow closed proved bullet alloy and p extension of the .1

Figure 1 of the accoin represents in elevation and rig. linel section COlIllJUlllT-li indict or according to r 6 are modified (t, c is the lee: part A being sold c hollor's is s front end or nose trial ii1.i" 'or than the Wall of the nose (L2 and. of the sainoinotsl as the Said nose.

I lesion.


March 9, 1909.-

e1 No. 339,932..

the said hollow bullet resembling an ordinary solid three quarter mantle bullet.

. t is the harder metal mantle of the bullet.

From tllGdGSOIiPi/iOII hereinbefore given it.

will he understood that the mantle b may be of any length desired, that is to say, if thennproved bullet is to be provided with s halt mantle the said haltrnantle terminates at the dotted line indicated in Fig. 1; Fig. 3 represents in longitudinal section one of the improved bullets in which the mantle b has the form of a short or shallow cup.

The hollow front end or nose a of the improved compound bullet may be l1emispherordal, ogrvol, conoidal or of other desired shape and may have any length suitable for {i'licro the oticcti veuess of the outlet l iix in the front end tip oi the hollow part a" a rivet-like stud c as is represented in Fig. 4; or instead oi employing a. solid rivet-lilac stud c a cupshaped tip 0 as is represented in Fig. 5 may e el'iiployed; or at nearly spherical tip 0 as w entoai in. Fig. 6 may be secured in the ront end (1 01 the bod y of the bullet, i 1i\ 'Ct-l C tip 0, or cup shaped tip a, lrcroi. .ial a the body of the bullet and consti- 4,), or cupslmped ti c (Fig. 5), or hol- (l ig. o), of a lmrdor metal or alloy hollmr nose (1 yet the some 0 nearly ell ct rna y or; obtained by making the cup c, or spheroidal tip 0'' avails Or the tipsqc may be made of a softer metal or alloy nan tin hollow front end (.1 or ofcther suitizil.

t s rain/n, as my inve tion and desire by .liottors Patent 5;

' Juliet oi the class specified having a hollow ,inetal at nose or front end it is desired to still further increase.

o c projecting beyond the th end or point of the hiillot. "Lou i prefer to make the solid tip c and formed of soft metal, the front terminal of a solid metallic body having a completely of the nosehaving a convex contour and unbrokenly merging into the side portion of the said nose or front end, the hollow nose or front end being completely closed, and af mantle ofharder material than the body and partially inclosing the latter.

2. A bullet of the class specified having a body ofsoft metal with a hollow nose or front Q end completely closed and of exterior convex contour unblokcnly merging into the body, the nose or front end of the body being also of soft metal similar to that of the body, and i a mantle of harder meta-l than the body and is partially extending over and inclosing the 5 utter.

3. A bullet of the class specified, consisting closed chamber formed at its front end, the

latter being integral with the body and con- 20 mantle of harder material than the body and partially extending over and inclosing the latter.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in presence of two subscribing wit-- nesses.




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Cooperative ClassificationF42B12/34