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Publication numberUS915738 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 23, 1909
Filing dateFeb 15, 1906
Priority dateFeb 15, 1906
Publication numberUS 915738 A, US 915738A, US-A-915738, US915738 A, US915738A
InventorsAustin F Burdick
Original AssigneeAustin F Burdick
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US 915738 A
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Patented Mar. 23, 1909.

Witz/Lesmo l' PATENT OFFICE.



\ Specication of Letters Patent.- .Patented March 28, 1909.

application and February 15, 190s. striping. 301,246.

To all whom it may concer/lt:

Be it known that I, AUSTIN F. BURDIGK, (the body 1, as shown at 3 in Fig. 1f, so that:

citizen of the United States, residing at B e loit, in the county of Rock and State of Wlsc onsin, have invented certain new' and use` ful Improvements in E e-Shields'; and I do -hereby declare the -fol on-'ing to .be a full,

clear, and exact description of the invention, suchas will enable others skilled in the art to vhich it appertains to make and use the same.

My invention relates to eye shields or pro tectors, and its object is to provide a simple, durable and inexpensive device of this character which v ill fit close to the face of the user'rithout exerting any pressure upon, or restricting the movements of the eyeball and A still further object is to provide a de-l vice of this character Which can bey adjusted so as to prevent the admission of light to the oye Without necessarily utilizing elastics.

lAnother obect is` to provide an eye shield or protector aving a moisture proofflininof which may be permanent or removable and which is formed of anv .suitable material whereby medicated cottbn or other dressing may-be placed' v'ithin the shield Withoutthe moisture contacting there?. ith and injurin it.

The invention also consists of the furt er A novel features of construction and comblnation of parts, which will be hereinafter more fully described and pointed out in the claim'.

In `the accompanying v.drawings I have shown the preferred form of Iny invention.

In said dra"'inUs-Figure 1 is a perspective vier.'v of the shield= Referring-to figuresby numeralsof reference, l is the .body of a shield; the same being preferably formed of buckramcut the lproper shape and havin aslit formed therein and extending from t e middle of the up-l per edge to the centerfso that the edges ofthe slitfcan be caused to overlap, as shonn in Fig. 3, to produce a substantially conical de-v vice. This body 1 is then placedv bet-Ween layers 2 of silk or other suitable material,

Fig" 2 is avertical section- Vtherethrou h; Fig. 3 is an endviewofthe which layers are folded ina) the sla Wallin the entire device will assume a substantially conical appearance, whereupon 4the edgesof the body and the layers 2 are bound together by means of tape 4 or'other suit? able material'. The parts of the shield are so shaped that, Aafter they have been assembled in this manner, the same Will'have such a contour as to' fit snugly vithin that portion of the face bounded by the nose, orbital ridge and cheek. -Ti'ro strips of tape are preferably employed in binding the shield,

and each strip extends from one corner of the shield to constitute a securing device 5, 'and these corners G'from whichthe devices 5 project are located at Vopposite ends of the upper edge 7 of the shield. This edge is curved so that the central portion thereof is above the corners 6.

In applying the shield herein described, the upper edge 7 is placed upon the orbital ridge, and the tapes 5 are'placed about thehead and after' being drawn tightly are fastened together. -As the edge 7 extends above the corners 6 it will obviously form a fulcrum, and when the tapes 5 are tightvened the shield l Will be drawn inward against the'face at points around the eye so thatthe light rays will be positively excluded and there is no danger of the shield flapping. Moreover, as the' shield is substantially con# ical in form it Will not contact with the eyelid or interfere with its vvaction or the action of the. eyeball. The shield can be used either to exclude light or to hold suitable medicines in contact with the eye. Where material saturated with medicine is to be used in connection With the shield, said shield may be provided with a moisture-proof lining 8 of oiled paper or other suitable material which portion thus formed.- being inserted into the slit of tl 1e shield 4and. adjacent covering. The medicine-saturated material can then` will not enter the shield and injure it.

It Will be seen that this device is extremely useful in all pathological conditionsk b e placed upon this lining 8 and the moisture Where it is lnecessary to shield the eye from light,l to apply dressing thereto, or to exert pressure '-thereon.. It Will be obvious that pressure can be regulated by tbe amount of material plaeed Within the shield.

Havin' thus fully described my invention, what I e aimes new and desire to secure by Letters 'Patent is: l Si As 'an improved article of manifai'ture, an eye shield comprising a vbodyportion of I substantially-conical form having its'upgerge edgecurvedto bear u pon the orbital 1'1 off the frontal bone at a point above the .points of connection-0f the fastening` devices- "so as to fulcrum'upon said-orbital' ridge.;

fastening devices for drawing' zillzi'edg'es'gf said body portion against the face to exclude the iight, and a moisture proof'linin folded upon diverging lines' fandremove )ly insertible into position upon the inner lfoce of said body portion. v

'In testimony whereof l have signed my naine to this speeiioation in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.


' Witnesses:

E. D. BULLoeK,


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