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Publication numberUS915789 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 23, 1909
Filing dateMay 1, 1908
Priority dateMay 1, 1908
Publication numberUS 915789 A, US 915789A, US-A-915789, US915789 A, US915789A
InventorsJennings Scott Mccomb
Original AssigneeJennings Scott Mccomb
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Sheet for loose-leaf binders.
US 915789 A
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l 5978, Patented Mar. 23, 1909.

C11/muro invention shown in the drawing, one

` vent the unautl'iorized or zuzcidental removal Figure l is a plan view lin such pages, they JENNINGS SCTT MCCOMB, OF



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Maren 2e, 1909.

Application filed May 1, 1908. Serial No. 430,382.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JENNINGs Scor'r Mo- COMB, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Dobbs Ferry, in the county of Westchester and State ofNew York, have invented cer-tain new-and useful Improvements in Sheets for VLoose-Leaf Binders, of which the following is a specification, taken in connection withthc accompanying drawingA which forms a part of thesame.

"Iltis invention relates to loose leaf binders and more particularly to a sheet or page for said binders, and means for preventing the accidental or unauthorized removal of one or more of said leaves from the binder.

In the accompanying drawing showing illustrative embodiments of this invention, and in which the saine reference nun'ieral refers' to similar parts in the several figures, of a page for a loose leaf ledger or binder, a portion of the page' being broken away to better' illustrate the invention. -Fig. 2 .is a cross section on lines 2-2 of Fig. 1 showing the tabs in operative position. Fig. 3 is a perspective View of a modified forni of my invention. Y Fig. 4 is a plan view of a modified. form of my invention showing a page used in connection with an oblong or non-circular binder post or pillar which in this figure is shown in section.. Fig. 5 is a cross section on line 5--5 of F ig. 4, looking in the direction of the arrows after the tabs are folded over in operative position. Fig. 6 is a plan view of another modifiedform of my invention. Fig. 7 is a cross section on line 7--7 of Fig.

In vthe illustrative embodiments ol' this is a the page As usual are formed with recesses 3, 3 forthe reception of a post or pillar of the binder (not shown), and with open slots 4., '1.

in my invention I provide means attached. to the sheet or page, and preferably forming a. part thereof, for closingl slots 4, ft to presheet or page for a loose leaf binder, being shown broken away at 2.

of anyr one or more sheets from the binder,

In the preferred coilstructiou shown in Fig. 1, l. use tabs 5 and 6, which are preferablxr l an integral portion of the sheet, and may be l formed at the same time that the sheet is cut., I preferably place an adhesive upon the upper surface of the end portion 7 of the tab 'oi' the arm 20,

5 and an adhesive upon the lower surface oi" the end 8 of tab 6. After the sheet 1 is placed upon the pillar or post which is caused to move through the slot 4 and into the recess 3, I bend the tab 5 at 9 permitting thc portion 10 to rest on top of the arms 11 and 12 of the sheet 1, and seal the gummed portion 7 tothe portion 1? of the tab (i which should have been folded at the saine tim e on line 14, bringing the end S of the tab 6 across the under surface of thc arms 11 and'12, permitting the gumrned surface on the end 8 to be sealed on the top of the portion 1() of the tab 5, Fig. 2. These two tabs 5 and will therefore close the slot 4, one on the top of the arms 11. and 12 and one on the bottom of said arms as shown, for instance, in Fig. 2.

The structure shown at the right of Fig. 1 is merely a duplicate of that previously described, and inserted to show that the sheet is adapted to be used in a binder with one, two or more posts or pillars.

l may use a different arrangement ol integral tabs such as that shown in Fig. 4. In this ligure the sheet 15 has a non-circular openingl 16, for the reception of a non-circular binding post 17 which is passed into the opening 16 through the open slot 1S in an obvious manner. On the rear of the sheet 15 and in'clerably forming a part of it, IA form two arms 1) and 20, and upon these arms preferably form integral tabs tab 21 on arm 19 and b 22 on arin 20. 'lhe tab 2]. is. preferabb' placed near the end of the arin l?) and lhetab 22 is placed upon the arm 20 at some internuidatc point between the sheet l5 and the end 23 oi" the arni i2()- so as to be staggered in relation to the tab'ii. l ln'elerably guur the upper surface 24 of the tab 21 and the under s'n'face .25 of thc tab 22. After the sheet lo hasbeen inserted in the ledger and the pillar 1.7 is seated in the recess Iii as shown in Fig` it, l close the slot 18 by bringing thc tab 21 up from the ,')osition shown in Fig. l, bend it ou the dotted line 2li, and seal the end on the upper surface of the end 23 as 'clearly shown in Fig. The other tab 22 l bend down on the dotted line 27 causing it to pass beneath the arms 20 and 19, and seal the giunnied end 25 to the bottom surl'ztee of the arm 19, as shown in Fig. l5. Instead of having my tabs formed integral with the sheet,vI may, if desired,

l'erur liliem wpnrul-elx' mul :il/meh them iii :my Lo the sheet, lo close the suitable marmer, Slot 1S.

ln. Figs. 3, U rml T l have shown. :L sepuriue detached Lulu ulrifzli is hold one end in any Suitable nummer Such ne by mi adhesive {'ulie'ugl'i :my other means would lm used) und alter lille sheet luis lieeir inserted in ille binder, l preferably gum the miller eml nl the 11ml so as to close lille slet. As shown iu Fig. 2% l take n. narrow .strip el" paper er elelilr ISU und secure its @ncl 31 by :my Suitable ad@ lresive or other means, lo the sheet 32 leaving one end 33 o'l" the ml) 30 free nml dui-:teil to ixeud across the Slot 19. After slweli 32 has been inserted in; the binder nml if e binder post reaches its sem in 'lille :iper-ture 3, l bend down (he end 38 of the (nl) 130 und secure tlm free @nfl 3B i0 lille :surface 3-4V of the sheet in an" suitable nimmer auch :".s

by mostening the gunrmed surl'ziue 255 which may be arranged. on the lmllom el ille eml 33 of the tal). lll is Olyvieus ihm; when lier/li ends elf the tub 3() are sealed to die sheet *the letl'er cannot be illulrnwn from the binder without being tom, und le: dence n1 the mnler or rte raiiwvuil..

In G and 7 l use ny lrt-tle :lillereirl ving evi- .form of ml) 36 which Consists ol. bodv v)ortion 37 :md L split ring .ln placing tali 36 upon the sheet l secure one end olf lille ml? in amy suitable nimmer, :is by adhesive, le the allee@ 39 und locale ring open portion. 42 of elle lzall Jig. 7, will register with the opening 0i) over the aperture ll 'in the Sheet, se lmt the 'The slet -lS in (he i .ring 3S 1S stz'iggerlwl with relation. to the slet g ES in the eheet so that :L portion 0f the ruig i l. A slieel lm' 1l leem: leef liiixiler raving iiiiniis for elesiii'r 'ille um iliug; slet, ulivi' llw livel line lweii ilisei'lml in lli@ liimllr 2. l slim-l l'mnl lewe len" liimlw having; :i ml: :i nl imams ihr farming ille uli le closes the liliug slm' in llie nlroei.

il, il livel ler :L loose leal liiiiflel lizniiig; me er mere imegi'ul llrlis im' wlw-ingr l l\ L lili'lrg in ille leal. l. :llrll lm' l smi 'latin if em'lr milicia meer im' u lees@ imil loueur im viii l l @zu me: is l llly

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