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Publication numberUS916313 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 23, 1909
Filing dateMay 7, 1908
Priority dateMay 7, 1908
Publication numberUS 916313 A, US 916313A, US-A-916313, US916313 A, US916313A
InventorsArthur W S Herrington
Original AssigneeArthur W S Herrington
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US 916313 A
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Patented Mar. 23, 1909.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented March 23, 1909.

Application filed May 7, 1908. Serial No. 431,397.

To all whom it may concern:

' Be it known that I, ARTHUR W. b. HER- RINGTON, a citizen of the United States, residing at Madison, in the county of Morris and State of New Jersey, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Spark- Iflugs, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to hydro carbon engines and more particularly to spark plugs therefpr, and has for an object to provide a plug of this type which will be efficient and durable. I

An important object of this invention is to provide a means for making positive connections between the plug and a cable extending from a primary 0011.

Another object'is to provide such a connection which will not be liable to disengagement accidentally. i

Another object is to provide a plug which will be effectively insulated, and in which the liability of short circuit is reduced to a minireference indicate similar parts in the several views, Figure 1 is a side elevational view of the plug, Fig. 2 is a longitudinal seetion through the plug, Fig. 3 is a detail view of the plug electrica connection, Fig. 4 is a cross sectionalview on the line 44 of Fig. 3.

Referring to the drawings, there is shown a spark plug of a type similar to those now generally in use, and comprising a porcelain core 10 havin a longitudinal passage 11 therethrough, 1n which there is engaged a conductor 12 having an enlargement 13 at its inner, end engaged within a similar enlarged portion 14 at the adjacent end of the passage 11. An annular shoulder 10 is formed around the core 10 intermediately.

of its length, and engaged inwardly and outwardly thereof is a supporting nut 15 of the usual type, being adapted for engagement in the usual threaded opening provided for that purpose in the cylinders of gasolene engines. A retaining nut 16 is engaged outwardly of the flange 10 and within the nut 15 to hold the core 10 engaged therein. A sparking wire 17 is engaged on the inner edge of the retaining nut 15 extending longitudinally inward therefrom, being curved inwardly and having its outer end portion disposed in registry with and spaced from the portion 13. of the conductor 12.- The opposite end of the core 10 has a reduced portion 19 formed thereon upon which there 1s closely engaged a threaded sleeve 20 to engage with and hold the contact portion now to be described. The adjacent end of the channel 11 is provided with a circular enlargement 21 having engaged therein the enlarged portion of a'tapered head 22 carried by the conductor 12. The contact making portion comprises a nut 25 having an interiorly threaded portion 26 at one end from which there extends a gradually reduced portion '27 having a smooth surface and communicating with an opening 28 at the opposite end of the nut from the threaded portion 26. Engaged loosely within the reduced opening 2 7 there are pinching members 30 of wedge shape, having concave sur faces on their inner side, convex surfaces on their outer side, and being provided with inwardly projecting shoulders 31 at their enlarged ends.

In operation, the members 30 are disposed near the tapered portion 27 of the nut 25, as shown, and the-nut then engaged upon the portion 20, carried by the core 10. The cable to be connected with this lug is then out squarely and introduced tnough the o ening 26, being forced over the head 22.

he nut 25 is then further tightened upon a. the sleeve 20, this action compressing the members 30 into close engagement with the enga ed portion of the cable 83, and making ane ective contact between the wires of the cable and the head 21 carried by the conductor 12.

It will be understood that if desired the threaded portion 26 may be enlarged to the full diameter of the opening 27, so that the members 30 may be disengageable from the nut 25 from either end of the nut.

What is claimed is 1. An electrical connection comprising a central cable-piercing contact member and an externally threaded sleeve, each adapted for engagement with a spark plug, a nut adapted for engagement over said sleeve, and having an enlarged conical chamber centrally thereof, the restricted end of the chamber being disposed oppositely of the sleeve and opening through the end of -the nut for the reception of a cable member therethrough, and wedge members carried concentrically Within the chamber and adapted to engage oppositely around a cable to be compressed thereagainst' by adjust, ment of the nut.

2. The combination With a spark plug having a non-conducting core, of a concentric pointed conducting member projecting longitudinally therefrom, an externally threaded sleeve carried by the core, said pointed conductor being adapted for iercing engagement concentrically of the cab e member, a nut adapted for engagement with said sleeve, said nut having an enlarged conical chamber centrally thereof the restricted end of the chamber being disposed oppositely of the sleeve and opening through the 3. An electrical contact means comprising a pointed contact member adapted for piercing engagement concentrically of a cable member, an externally threaded member located at the base of said pointed member,

Wedge shaped members adapted for engagement around the contact point, and a nut having a conical opening therethrough and provided with threads at its enlarged end adapted for engagement over said Wedge shaped members against a cable disposed around said contact point.

In testimony whereof I afiigr my signature, in presence of two Witnesses.



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