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Publication numberUS916503 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 30, 1909
Filing dateFeb 14, 1908
Priority dateFeb 14, 1908
Publication numberUS 916503 A, US 916503A, US-A-916503, US916503 A, US916503A
InventorsAgnes Thompson
Original AssigneeAgnes Thompson
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Collapsible parcel-envelop.
US 916503 A
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Patented Mar. 30, 1909.





Patented Mar. 30, 1909.


luuento'c witness attoznugs:



' COLLAPSIBLE rancnn-nn'vnnor.

specification'of Letters Patent. Application filed February 14, 1908. Serial No; 215,922.

' Patented March 30, 1909.

To, qll'ttmayconcerh:

Be it known that I, AGNES THOMPSON, a

citizen of the United States, residin at St.- Thomas in the countyI'of Pembina, tate'of- North name,- have sinvented certain newand useful Improvements in Collapsible Parcel-Envelopski and I ,do' he'reby declare the followingjto be'a full, clear,andexact depertains to makeand use the same.

scription of the: invention, such as i will en- 'able others in the art toj which it ap This invention relatesto collapsible parcel envelopsjsiiclras" are desi ned for sending books andsimilar-regular y-shaped parcels through the mails and more specifically speak1ng, the invention belongs to that class i which are soconstructed that when sealed,

a and sealin it will-'b'eimpractical to open them without destroying'onmarring some portion which ,wilhbfc'o'urse, indicate to the reci i-ent that the envelop has been tam ered wit 1.

An equally desirable eatureof the envelopresides in the formation of its flaps in such a manner that the upper open end of the envelop'will be closed prior to folding "the main closure flap, strain upon this ap being in this manner relievedto a considerable degree.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 the main closure flap, Fig. 3 is which is opposed to the closure flap, Fig. 4e

, is'a vertical sectional viewthrough'the envelo folded, Fig. 5 is a plan view of the blan from which the envelop is formed,

Fig. 6 is a horizontal sectional view through the envelop, Fig. 7 is a bottomplan view of 8 is a similar view, the

the envelop, Fig. flaps whichare into al with the front and backof. the envelop eing open.

The preferred embodiment of the inventionisjillustrated in the first six figures of the drawings. and in these figures the envelo' is shown as being formed from ablank whic is creased longitudinally substanv tially at its middle as at 12 and to opposite sides of this-crease as at -13 to form phes 14 which constitute one integral side of the envelop when completed.

That portion ofthe blank which-constitutes the front of the envelop when completed, is indicated by the numeral 15 'and ends of the adjacent s i that portion which "emanates the back by 1 the numeralf16. T h ef back 16 formed along its gouter' longitudinal .edge with an extension whichl' iscreased at its middle as at 17-to'form plies 18, one edge of the inner ply being'determined by a crease "19 formed at the yunction-of the extension with the back An extension is, formed withthe outer longitudinal edge of the front 15 and theblank 1s folded along the line of junction ofthis extension with the front 'to. form aply 2 0 which, when the envolp is bein made up, is lued to the outer ply 18,a co lapsible tube cing in this manner formed.

. The lower edges of the front andj back 1 5 and 16 respectively are cut away as at 21 and the blank. is slit along the creases 13, 19-and 19 as indicated at 22 these slits extending. from thelower edge of the-blank in the direction of the upper'edge, the slits and the-cut away portions forming at the lower ends of the sides of the envelop ton ues '23 and at the lower ends and to each side of the front and back, tongues 24. In assembling the envelop, these tongues'cooperate to .form the bottom thereof in this manner. The tongues 23 are creased-on the dotted line 25- which extends, in each 7 tongue, p the upper .end of the other slit forming the same and above thetongue the blank 'or rather the sides thereof are creased on the dotted lines indicated at 26, these creases extending from the upper ends of the slits 22 to the middle crease 12,.in ali' upiward direction. Greases 27 are formed in'each of the tongues 23 and extend from the upper ends of the slits 22 downwardly toflthe' middle crease" 12, the blank being folded in along these creases and the creases 26 and being creased along the dotted lines 28,

these latter creases extending from the corners of the cut away" ortion to the upper lits 22. g The tongues 24 are first folded inwardly upon the front or the back of the envelop and flaps are thus formed between the slits 22 at the front and at the back of the envelop. After the sides of the envelop have been folded in alon the creases 26 and 27, and have been folded out along the creases 25, the tongues 23 are folded in to overlap each other and have their overlapped portions glued together. The flaps formed at the front and back of the envelop are then folded over one upon from 'theupperend of one slit to I ioo theother and glued-together and to the being then tongues 23, the entire bottom creased transversely. Formed at the upper ends-of the sides of l the envelop areflaps 29 the saidsides being creased as'indicated by the dotted lines 30 from the central crease in the sides to the inner corners of the 'fiaps '29 and. being i folded inwardly along these creases the flaps also being folded longitudinally in a line with the middle fold of the sides. 'Forrned with the upper 'edgeof the front of the blank is a flap 31 which" is creased overthe rear edges of'the flaps 29, the parcelto be sent having been previously introduced into the envelop and the flaps 29 overlapped and. glued together throughouttheir overlapped portions. The end portion of the flap 31'is folded beneath the" saidflaps 29 and a flap 32 which is-formed integral with the upper" edge of the back ofthe envelop is folded overupontheout'er face'ofthe front thereof, the said front being provided or formed with a slit 33 which extends transversely thereof and through which is tobe inserted the flap 32, the said flap being provided withinwardly directed slits 34: which practicallyresult'in a shouldered tab35 which is inserted in the slit. 'the engagement of the shoulders of the flap formed by slitting it, servin to pre'ventfopenin of the envelop bvwith rawlng the flap sun ess' indeed the flap lisbe'nt or folded o'r 'torii all 10f wh ch of a postage stamp or'other seal 36, it being understood of course thatv the .seal will be destroyed or more specifically speaking torn before the flap can be withdrawn; I f 1 What is 'claimed, is:-

An envelop including a lapsible sides, flaps formed integral'with the possibilities are eliminated .byb'onding'the flap and the front of the envelop by means I front, a back, .c olupper edges of the sides and foldable to edgeiofthe backg the said. flap b'eing "of? greater width than the slit and formed with slits which extend from its side edges toward a each other with their opposing ends spaced I. apart distance equal to the length of the slit in the front, the portion of the "flap'beyond the slits being insertible'through the.

slit in the front, and a. seal bonding the last. mentioned flap and the; front of the envelop.

i In testimony whereof, I affix my signa ture, in presence of two witnesses. H I AGNES THOMPSON; lVitnesses: I 1



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