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Publication numberUS918393 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 13, 1909
Filing dateMay 21, 1908
Priority dateMay 21, 1908
Publication numberUS 918393 A, US 918393A, US-A-918393, US918393 A, US918393A
InventorsAlbert F Tarr
Original AssigneeAlbert F Tarr
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US 918393 A
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918,393. Panta Apr. 13, 1909.

@vih/wo om onrrnn w r n 1 rn m belli 551i@ BURIAL-VLT.

Specification of Letters ?ntent.

Patented April 13, XSOQ.

Application filed Hay 21, 1908. Serial. No. fll

. l1 '0 all whom 'it moy concern:

Be it known that I, ALBERT F. Time, n. ritizen of the United Ste-tes, residing at Franklin,

in the county of Venting() and State ot Pennsylvania, have-invented certain new end. useful Improvements in BurioLVeults :rnd i do declare the4 following to be o full, clean', ond

vexact description of the invention, such us `Will enable others skilled in the ort to which 1t appertarns to ineke and use the same.

This invention relates to nn pro ved cement coins orburial 'vaults The objec-tot the invention is to rovide i). Water-proof louter oofim designe( to be placed in the bottom of a greve, end which 4s composed of two pieces only having ineens or seahng them together water-tight titer the casket has been placed therein.

Another object of the invention is to provide lowering devices connected with the inner face of the vault bottoni to )revent `tiny possibility of moisture entering t ie vault by Ineensof these devices.

With this and other objects in View, the invention consists of certain novel features of construction, combination ond orrzuigement of parts, as will be more fully described and particularly pointed out iu the appended claims.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure l is a side elevation partly in section olt u; vault -oonstructed in accordance with this inven-I tion; F ig. 2 is e, to `pien View thereof with' the lid removed biig. 3 is :r vertical trnnsverse section thereof. i

In the embodiment illustrated, o eollin bod)Y l is shown preferably inode in one piece und composed of cement. A continuous groove l 2 is arranged around the upper edge ol' the side end e'nd members ol' the body l und is adopted to receive e sealing composition prelerebly composed oll soit rement which tilled into the groove l'or connor-ling the lid thereto, os hereinafter desrribed.

The lowering devions :is A'l :ire embedded in the bottom ol' the collin body l on the inner lace and project through the inner loue their of to receive the cords (not shown) lor lowering it into the frnve. 'lhese lowering devices are prefere ly inode iu the l'orui ol' U- slniped members lowing the legs thereoi spread 'outwardly in opposite directions und embedded in the cement during the molding,V operation, the curved portions o1' said meinbers projecting upwardly es shown. ihese l l l l i i l i l i l l i l l l l l i i l lowering devices 3 prelere. bly :irren-ged in poire, shown in big. iig.' embeddinof tires members in the inner ieee of tno rollin bottom all possibilityr oi' moisture entering,l the oolnr around these membersis prevented. Yvllien disposed on the outer iure ol' the oollin, moisture iioble to follow the wires :uid poss into tbe rollin.

A lid 5 is shown, preferablyT composed ol one piece ondv provided on its vlower luce neer the edge thereol with :i depending tongue l ol' any suitable sho )o preferably oll o l'orin to correspond with. tue slurpe ol' the groove LZ, and it is so disposed ns to lit into seid groove when the lid is plooed in position on tbocollni. This tongue G is also mede slightly smaller in tlm-n the groove 2 to provide for the insertion oll the sealing com.- position between the hires oi' the groove und the tongue. Lowering os T ore secured to the outer l'nee of the top or lid 5 for receivinr the cord whioh posses therethrough to bold the lid, suspended :rnd position on to the body l.

llondles os is nre prel'orubly secured to the outer loros of tbe side .members :is sl'ioun in Fig. 1 lor moving the rollin from platre to phare.

lower it into thelow mpr oords nre possed through the devices fl in the bottom oi the body portion tlfroreol' :ind the vault is lowered into the bottoux oi the 4orue in the marinier usuol with other roilins, the rords :titer lowering tbe placed therein, the lid is lou'errd on to tbe rollin or voult bod)Y l by moons ol cords pos-sed through the members '7 and the tongue o 'lits` into the groove 2 ond is sealed therein by inonnsol the seoling composition 3.

lfrom the loregoing description, token in connection with the nrcompunying drawings, the cmistruction und operation ol' the invention will be readily understood without re quiring u more extended explzinotion.

\'zirions rlurnges in the ll'orm, proportion :ind the minor detrdls oi ermstrurtion moy be resorted to without deportiupr ir-om the prinriple or neri'lioiiugy env' ol' tbe iulvonteges ol tbe intention, ns de'iined in the appended claims.

,ln the use o1" this improved rement vuult,

oosition is :wronged in the grooros 2 preler- "I claim as my invention: 1. A cement burial vault or outer coiin having lowering devices embedded in the bottom thereof on its inner face, each ol said devices having downwardly and outwardly inclined lateral arms 'extending in opposite directions terminating within said bottom at points remote l'roni its outer lace t0 prevent moisture from penetrating said bottoni.

2. A ceinent burial vault or Collin having lowering devices secured to the bottoni thereof on its inner fx1-ce :md comprising ep roXieieee posite diottoni at the` outer face thereof I and` with the curved portions projecting into mately inverted U-sliftped devices wit i the l the coffin.

In testimony whereof have `hereunto set my hand in presence of two subscribing wit- 20 nesses.

ALBERT F. TARE. Witnesses: Y



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