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Publication numberUS918575 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 20, 1909
Filing dateAug 6, 1908
Priority dateAug 6, 1908
Publication numberUS 918575 A, US 918575A, US-A-918575, US918575 A, US918575A
InventorsEberhard F Mees
Original AssigneeEberhard F Mees
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US 918575 A
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Patented Apr. 20, 1909.

nvvs N TOR mmddww w/ TNESSES.

wz/ rm w m 14 T TO RNE Y8.


" EBEBHABD F. nuns, or MILWAUKEE, wIsooNsIN.


- To all whom'itmay concem:

13s it known that I, BEB ARD F. Mme, residing in Milwaukee in the count of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin, ave invented new and useful Improvements in- Roller-Skates, of which the 'followin is a description, reference being had to t e accompanying drawings, wh ch are. a part of this specification. a

, My invention relates to im rovements in roller skates, the invention eing directed to the production of skates by which an especially nicely balanced support and ease of movement are secured, the ease of move- 16 ment including a, minimum of friction,'few and narrow points or lines of sup ort, and adaptability foreasyb'ut successful shifting,

turning or guiding of the skate or skates,"

whereby also an especially easy and grace iulmovement of the user of the skatesmay be accomplished.

The nvention consists of the skate, its

' parts and combination of parts as herein described and claimed, or the equivalents 2 thereof.

In the drawin s, Figure 1 is a side eleva? tion of the comp ete skate; Fi 2 is a plan, looking down on the bearing p ate, the rear truck and wheel; Fi 3 is a similar plan, looking down on the 11 hearing, the bearing plate of F 2 being omitte and Fig. 4 1s a longitu inal section of the rear portion of the skate on line 4-4 of Fig. 3.

Referring to the drawings, 5 indicates the heel plate, and 6 the toe plate, the two plates, secured a. to each other medially adjustably, forming the foot plate of the skate. Secured to the toe plate there is a boot clamping device 7, and to the heel plate are secured lugs 8 to which aninstep strap .9 is attached.

Near the front end of theskate a wheel truck 10 is secured rigidly to the toe plate, the truck being advisably constructed of sheet steel, two ends of which are turned down and, form bearings for the axle of the front 'singlewheel 11, the wheel being substantially like the rear wheel, which is shown in detail on the drawings and is hereinafter described.

A bearing plate 12, located under the rear portion 0 the heel plate,.advisably of steel, is secured thereto at a. little distance therefrom by rivets or pins 13 fixed in the bearing plate and passing through blocks or struts 14 interposed between the bearing Specification of Letters Patent.

; Application filed. August 6, 190a. 8eria1No.447,26 8.

Patented April 20, lace.

plate and the heel late, and through and eaded down in the eel plate.

A rear truck 15,- constructed advisably of sheet steel, so cut out and she ed as to form a medial fiat bed 16 and two l lateral edges of the bed exten ing downwardly and in an oblique direction rearwardly from the bed, is swiveled to. and under the plate 12 by a stud pivot or arbor 18, fixed centrally in the bed and proiectin up into and rotatable centrally in the plate. Steel balls 19, servin as bearings, are inter.- posed between the ate 12 and the bed 16, which balls are held in place by a ballrh'olding metal-disk 20, the disk bein provided es17atthe with cylindrical holes throu h it t at receive the balls loosely therein, t e series of ball holes heingarranged annularly in the disk. The pivot 18 passes through the disk cntrally, and this ball-holder 20 is oscillatable about the pivot, the extent of the oscillation .being limited; as well as the oscillation or swiveling movement of the rear wheel truck, by an upright stud in 21 fixed in the bed 16 and pro ecting up t rough an aperture in the disk 20 and into an aperture in the ate 12. These apertures in the disk 20 and t plate 12 are '0 a size to permit of such swing of the in 21 therein as the truck and the ball, iiolder respectively should have.

The sin le Wheel 22 in this rear truck 15, is mounte centrally and revolubly between the legs 17 on the axle 23. The axle has its seat-in the le s against the walls of recesses 24, and is hel in lplace by nuts 25 turning on the extremities t ereof against the exterior sides of the legs. The tread of the wheel is preferably straight or fiat transversely of the wheel.

In use, the operation and function of steercured by the pivoting of the truck bed 16 to the relativelyri 'd bearing plate 12 by .the arbor 18 at a rig t angle respectively to the bed and late, and by the inclination of the legs 17 oi the truck rearwardly whereby the w eel 22 has its axis of rotation and sup ort at the rear of the axis of the arbor 18. ecause of this construction, when the skate is secured to the foot of a person and innse, on pushing the foot laterally while going forward, and as the heel is shghtlyraised ina manner usual in this movement in skatin the rear trailin wheel will be swung latera y foot, thereby single wheel in each truck, as insuch a skate port in such movement and at the same time asserting such steering impetus as is at that moment desired and as is then valuable. This construction and mounting of the truck are most valuable in combination with athere isno need for a pivotior fulcrum above the truck permitting a lateral swing of the person or skate trucl'zs' relative; one to the other, since the single wheels, hke the thin edge of the elongated runner of an ice skate, form thefulcrum forlateral'swing alon line of contact with the surface Whicg skate is running. 4 'f What I claim as my inventionis; v 1. In a roller skate, a heel plate, a bearing {the late arallel with and secured rigidly to the l pivoted by a pivot v eel p ate, a-wheel truck 0 v at a right angle with the heel plate and swiveling thereby on the bearing plate and having a pair 'of "downwardly and rearwardly projecting legs, and a single wheel axled 1n the two legs of the truck and rearwardly of the axis of the truck pivot.

- 2. In a roller skate, a heel plate, a bearing plate, blocks interposed between the heel plate and the bearing plate, means securing the bearing plate and the blocks rigidly to the heel plate, an integral metal wheel truck pivoted by an n right pivot to and swivehng on the bearing p ate, and a single wheel axled in legs of the truck at the rear of the axis of the truck pivot.

3. In a roller skate, a heel-plate, a bearing plate secured rigidly to the heel plate, a

truck having a medial bed and legs depending therefrom, a pin whose axis is at a right angle to the heel plate pivoting the truck osgiving the foot a proper sup-v the: in the-bed of the truck and cillatably to the bearing plate, ball bearings and a ball-holding disk inteosed between the bea plate and the be i and a singe wheel mounted revolubly in the legs of the truck and at the rear of the truck 4; In a'roller skate, a heel ]plate, a bearing plate rigid to and arallel wit and below the eel Blatqa whee para el with the bearing plate and legsdepending therefrom, means pivoting the bed of the truck to the bearing plate, a pin fixed v ro'ecting into a hole larger than itself'in the earing late limiting the extent of theswiveling o the truck on the heel plate, "and a wheel aided in the legs ofthe truck at the rear of the truck 5. In a roller skate,.a heel plate, a bearing plate rigid to and under the heel late, a wheeltruck having a medial bed and legs depending thereirom, a stud pivoting the bed of the truck to and parallel with the bearing plate, a loosely interposed bearing ballsolder disk ivoted on said stud, balls in said dish, a pin fixed in the bed of the truck and rojecting through an aperture somewhat arger than itself in the bearing balls-holder disk and into a hole somewhat larger than itself in the bearing plate limiting the extent of the swivelingof the bearing balls-holder disk and of the truck on the heel plate, and a wheel axled in the legs of the truck.

In testimony whereof, I aflix my signature, in presence of two witnesses.

of the truck,.

track, having a medial bed

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