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Publication numberUS918774 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 20, 1909
Filing dateMay 9, 1908
Priority dateMay 9, 1908
Publication numberUS 918774 A, US 918774A, US-A-918774, US918774 A, US918774A
InventorsGustav R Schimmel
Original AssigneeGustav R Schimmel
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Hypodermic needle.
US 918774 A
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918,774, I v Patented Apr.20, 1909.

QW-XSM i is . or distorted in shape so that itis necessary to 1 discard the needle and provide anew one. 'Where the needle properli's made of-nickehfi- 7 so 'hy odermic-needles and its objectis to proinventionin place therein; and Fi 2 s an with soft metal'hea'ds by means of w 4 hypodermicasyringe and'a'tight joint formed the head of the needle was so constructed v 7 that it could be used an indefinite nun'rberof times andjto thisend lgprofvide the needle 1 with a softmetal head 2 st one end-which is ,inclosed within; a casin 3 oyl' ;v hardimet'al.

'Their arer inner end: oj'tlie" casing-kiss andthe' soft metal head projects as Z is pre isb p eusririt. sesam 0 DETRo1hM1cHieAn nrronnmtrennnnnn. a I

com s ying drawin s; This, ventlon relates to improvements in ea needle having certain new and useful features in its construction all as hereinaftcal more fully described, reference-bei righad to the accompanying drawing in which'- 1 Figure 91' a longitudinal section of one; end of a syringe with a. needle embodying my "enlar ed longitudinal section of't e needle detac'ed. c

.Hypodermien'eedles have been Iprovided ich they are secured withm the nozzle-member of the to preventleakage'but after a short terin'of use these soft metal heads becomeflattened platinum, or. other vexpensive ,jrnaterial it -is obvious that'th'ere would be a' great saving if 611 0 ms r is? mend to-'se j pen* d" fewer-th e Specification of Letters Patent; 1 Application med lay e,. 1sos .f; geriatric. 4811741.

.head and the endof the ni ple 4,.

:wha't Iclaim is": .1

'IQ'A. hypodermic the head projects.

. and provided an open 'rear'end from which the-soft metal 4 nip les on the end f th inge. :The; needle-head q fiylindrical with: aficonieal s w oneness andthe easing she orjshell 3 is similarly shaped, the conical por- I tron being adapted to-engage the'conical seat head prevents the soft metal from spreading Joint and becoming distorted when the nozzle-member' -is-screwed upon the nipple to clamp; the head; between, fihe} conical end of the casing serves to center the needle in the bore of the nozzle and being .of hard metal retainsits shape under pressure and constant 7 use so that the needle will alwa s be properly centered by the head. The so t metal of'the u head is-allowedto projectifar enough though the casing to insurea tight joint between V Having thus jifully descn ed my invention resented April, 20, ieoe:

at the, inner'end ef the bore in the nozzle 7' c .ofthesyringei The hard metal casing of the ikeedle consisting of af a I needle, "a soft metal-he d o'n the needle, anda end from hi h ,npe'n end the set metal of casing or shell for-"the. h edand 0 en atone 6 5 2. A? hypodermic needle consisting of aneedle, a shell ofhardmetali upon the needle at one end thereof, and asoft metalheadon I the needle .fillingl: the shell and -.projecti'n( '1g therefrom to'form aseatin end for the hea with a conica forwardend an of the head projects.

presence'lfof twowi'tnesses. I 4 I ;3., A .vhypod ermi c need e consisting .of a needle, a soft metal head and a hard metal shell for the head which is -c lindrieal in fol-13 t .75

t "timony whereof I Ami my signature 1

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Cooperative ClassificationA61M5/347