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Publication numberUS919497 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 27, 1909
Filing dateJan 20, 1908
Priority dateJan 20, 1908
Publication numberUS 919497 A, US 919497A, US-A-919497, US919497 A, US919497A
InventorsClarence D Trussell
Original AssigneeTrussell Mfg Co
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Temporary binder.
US 919497 A
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919,497. i 9 Patentedipnz?, 1909.

Il! f il -WO gm /NVENTOH ing e osed butnoleiives being shown.


Specification of Lettera Patent.

Patented April BL., if.

Application filed January 20, 1903. Serial No. eili.

which the following is zi speeiiieiitiou.

My invention relates to teiiiporziiw` binders for blziiil: books, ziceoiint rind ineiiioianduin I books, and the lile, iii which the leiives moy lie inserted or removed :it will.

The object ol' iny invention is to provide :i:

teinp'orziry binder of inexpensive, simple iiiid strong construction which will present si neat appearance find which niiiy be readily opened for the withdrawal or insertion of leiives and readily closed for the retention of the leiives.

Figuie oil the drawings/is zi perspective viewof iny teinporiir)r binder, the covers lieing 0 ened and the sheet-holding prongs lielfig. L is an efnd View of thel operating pzirts ol the saine, the sheet-holding prongs being in closed position. Fig. 3 is u siiiiiiiir view to Figi 2, the slieetlliolding prongs heider shown -in open position.

Fig. -l is n piirtiul ser-- tional View on the line 4-4 ol` Fig. 2. Fig. isfa 4similar View on the line 5-5 ol' Fig. Il. Fig. 6 is :i perspective View of the operating inver, by means 0f wliieli the sheet-holding prongs nre opened :ind closed. Fig'. T is :i

vertical sectioniilviewon the liney 7-7,ol' Fig.

1 illustrating :i inodii'ieiilion. Fig. 8 is ii View sifniliir to Fig. '4, iilso illustrating the inodiiimition.-

ie'ferring to' the drawings', 1 represents the covers ol' my teniporiirgy hinder having the biiek 2.' Lying inside the hunk 2 is the curved spring pliite R provided with the iiij turnedl longitudinal edges l adapted to engage, the outer edges ol` the right und left inevtiillie plates 5 provided 4with the downwardly extending: wings or flanges (j provided with alternately :ind oppositely :irrsinged notches 7 und bent integral teeth S. Vlie she \t-hold ing prongs l) lenter apertures l() in the. nietzillie. plates 5 und :ibut against the wings (i, :is liest illustratedin Fig. 2 and Fig. 3. .it one end of the binder are formed in the downwardly turned wings 6 oppositely zii-ranged notches ll liiiving the inwardly extending projections l2 adapted to engage the iiperture 13 in the operuting lever 14 whieli is pro position oi ilie ports the. plaie' :3 :ire :2' riti: -dowiiw-trd hy the, sprinpT pinta,

vided with :in outwardly exiendin :ind iin inner :irin lo lowing the eene'. 1 7. inside ille spi-ins ptite I? Ioinding,- strip lH whirindieiited liet'ween the outer oi' the rover und is held liiuiil tween the outer edges oln pluies .i groove formed lijf the iiitiiriied spring; plate Si.

in the modi `ein1ioii iiliisrfnl'e'l ind 3, the frlowiiwiirdlf' are :rot unity throughout nt the. and ii'liere their operiitinq tlie'notelies I" und te' i ther slieetdioldiiig p 1. gether :it their liiiwer o provided with the infile one.

The slieet-holifling engage lio-les piiiiiflied leitves (not shown) oi' the their; iioniid iiii'iii the sitioii illiistriiled iii iii i :ind the springs aire in clomid position Siting lover ll is posii'ioiiiid iis ind. Figs. l, anni l sin. iliiit its oi tends upv-:ard eind conta-ets ends of the pl-iites 5 while the. 1 in the downwardly ex'lending win the iinertiii'e 1,23. 'llie Hotel l? nds li.' the. winesv o wliicli nre stmddied Y iiiwiird extensions or the iiriii lo.

:is their juncture. idonei-lie inner e wings (i is slightly below the. point o' engagement ol the edges vof the plates 5 with the spring oliito Si. The paris tension sind the operiitii n iever ii snugly thereby 'n.giiinst the. ends of t plotes'. The sheotdioiding prongs El :iro closely litted through tlio iipi-n'tiiies i0 in the pliitos 5 :ind aire soldered to the platos 5 ond wings (i for iidditioimi firmness 'lo open tlio siiee,tslioldingV prongs. the onteiiii-iii l5 of operating .lever lll is turned in' tile fingers outwfiri l); into the posiiion iiifi'ieiiied in Fig. The. lower edge olf noieli V' duringr this niovoinent will engage the up; edge. of notehes 'il in the wings o io sluit sind wings :ind pliites fi iipwiird io (ho por?? "tion indient-ed in Figs. .1% rind 5 lo open the springs :nid hold ilioin open. This npr; iiiovenieiii is slight, iiifisiiioili :is it is imnl no i. ill? eeeery to seperate tire outer ends of the prongs more than as indica-ted,

The lower edges of wino's G still remain slightly below rfn 'l5 of operating lever 14 is turned up- .i end inward to its originel position the ng pressure of'spring plete 3 forces the to their initial position indicated in Fig. e'. Enc-i1 notcn 7 in the lower edges of wings 3 engaged by in cppositelzT arranvecl tooth slightly bent outwnrd from the edge of the wing 5.

in the niodilicetion illustrated in Figs. 7. end 8 the' Winge 6 terminate :it the inner cirennierenee of the )ronge 9 which continue e. til they inee't in tire male end female joints. i9. 'The outer ends of the Wings 6 remain, eewewn', unchanged, with their notches l1 other parte adapted for engagement o Mirthe eperel'ing lever i4.

lv'im.. i clfiini es new and desire to secure lijf Patent is 1` l l.. n e, temporary binder, a. sprinw pleteJ noeceitely arranged prong-cerrymg plates wir 'e against tile tension of the spring plete to open the prongs or to release the seme to permit the tension of the spring plete to close the prongs.'

2. ln e temporary binder, a spring plete, oppositcly arranged prongagrrying )lates engaged by the spring )late and having at one end inwardly turne ears or WingsJ sind sin operatinglever enga-ging seid inwardl)Y turned eers and adapted to be shifted to' force the prongs to open or to release the same into closed position.

In e temporarybinder, a Spring plate, oppositely arranged prong-carrying plates engaged by seid spring plate, en inwardly turned Wing on eeelr prong-carrying plete, and an operating lever engaging both of seid yinwardly turned Wings.

4. In e temporary binder, a, sprin plate, prong-carrying plates engaged by sai( s )ring plate, an inner rejection extending dlown- Werd from one osaid prong-carrying' plates, and en operating leve-r engaging said downward prolection.

5. ln a temporery binder, e spring plete, oppositely arranged prong-carrying plates engaged by the spring pleteI and an opereting lever having e central aperture ede )ted to be engaged by inward projections i'lroln the prong-carrying plates.

Signed at New York in the county of New` Yorl endY State of New'York this 6th dey of January A. D. 1908.

CLARENCE l). 'IR'USSELL lWitnesses Geenen X. liennnson, Minnie KAUFFMAN.

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