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Publication numberUS919838 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 27, 1909
Filing dateOct 29, 1908
Priority dateOct 29, 1908
Publication numberUS 919838 A, US 919838A, US-A-919838, US919838 A, US919838A
InventorsBenjamin M Eaton
Original AssigneeBenjamin M Eaton
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Receptacle and closure therefor.
US 919838 A
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Patelutedi Apr, 27, 1909.


r A M l no. 919,333.; I

To (Illa/writ it may co /1c isiix afnii; ir pvrox, or SPRINGFIELD,MASSACHUSETTS.

REoEiffbaCrin an!) 'oLos Rs THisREFo 1 Applicati on filed m:- ENJANUN M. Enron.

inthe county of ssachuselts, have v Specification of Letters Patent.

Qtooer 29,.

invented certain new and useful Improve;

' ments in Receptaclesand Closures 'lherel'or,

oi which the following full, clear, and act description. r v

Tl "s'invcntion relates to an ii'nprovcd receptacle for containing, usually asan original package, pmvdercdgranular or connnii'iutcd mate ial such as salt, spices, baking poi'vder, chemicals, etc, and theobject is to provide means whereby when the package is o )ened none ol. the contents thereol will be spilled or scattered therefrom, and yetwhereby the contentsmay purposely be most quickly and conveniently removed. i The invention consists, in substance, of a paper box or carton or like receptacle having near, but somewhat below, its top, a horizontal closingwall made with an aperture tl'icrethrough and having an upstanding anuular flange or sleeve-like part margining said aperture, a closure engaging said sleevelilie member and for closing the aperture thercwithin and a part, such, for instance, as a closing flap or cover of the box proper which extends across and engages the said closure and prevents the same from isplacement. i

The "invention, furthermore, consists in certain minor-formations or gonstructions of parts and the combination onarrangement. of the patrs all substantially as hereinafter described in conjunction with theaccompanying drawings, and setv forth in the claims.

' In the drawingsk-Figure '1 is a perspective view showing the boxwith its cover swung open and the cap or closure for the flange margined aperture at the top of the package removed from'its closing position. Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional View through the package represented as in 'its closed and wrappedcondition; Fig; 3 is a perspective view of the shallow tray and its-eq'ui ments which are comprised in the improve weep-- tacle: Fig. 4 is a vertical sectional view of the a erture margining sleeve-like art and of .t e cup-shaped "cap which isua apted fora closing engagement therewith.

box or carton A of rectangularor any other suitable shape-is" provided, originally:

made with an 015311 top .and- B re, resents Ifa .closmg'cover or p for the w rich cover flmade of wood.

is hingedlvconnected at the upper edge of I one side wall thereof.- The box is filled with its powder like contentsnotquite up to the top as shown in 2, Then ashal ow tray (.1, which may be made of paper or card'" board is set within the mouth of the'box .prop t-r,-th is tray comprising a bottom 10 I and sides l2, the sldos bcingperinanently' stuck by paste or'glue to the wal s of the box;

The tray has a central aperture. 15 down through which sits the neck or lower end portion .6 of a sleeve-like part I) and which 3 constitutes an annular llange-margining'for the :uicrturc. This sleeve-like pa'r't'has a't' a short distance above its lower end an. out

wardly extending flange l7 which'r'e'sts on the top of the tray bascwhile itsu standing portion 18 receives, with'an inc os ng; en-

gagement thereabout, the cup-shaped cap or cover E. The part'l) is secured in its rela, tion to the base of the tray, as a bushing therefonand to constitute'relatively thereto an u )standing annular flange; and' it is provide with a transversely extending encircling flan e 1.7 above its, bottom which, by a layer of g no; as indicated at 20, Fig. 4, ap-

plied on the underside-surface ofth'e .flange .andexteriorly of the portion 16 of the part D below the'fiange, is stuck to the circular edge-ofthe aperture and marginally'outsidc thereof. The hieight of the part I) with the c ip thereonv is about such that it will be at a plane coincident'with the u. per edges of the ox proper, and so that w en the cover of the box is brought to its horizontal closing position it will extend across and engage tho cap and prevent it from displacement from' its closing engagement about the annulan part D. The part D and its cup shaped cap E may advantageously and cheaply be In Fig. 2, die which entirely inc oses the package and conoutlet aperture; but, of course, so soon as the wrapping'is. removed and the cover'jopened, the cap E may befremoved' and more or'less of the contents of the box poured therefrom;

.1. Apage1fbox, -or. lil e receptacle, having: 110

near but slow its top'a ho'irlzontalclosing Wall made i with an, aperture, therethrough, and having an upstanding annular flange resents, a wrapping sheet grfto the box walls, said tray being provided mg its base below the upper portion of the flange-surrounded aperture and extending across, engaging, and preventing from displacement, the said closure.

2. The combination with apaper box, proper, of a shallow tray, set within and havi boX and having its sides secured internally to l the boX walls, said lra being provided with an aperture therethrough, and having an upstanding annular ilange margining said aperture, a cup-shaped rap fitting over said 'llange and a llap constituting a rover for the box, secured to the edge of one of the box i side: walls, and adapted when swung to its horizontal position to overlie and hold the said can in place.

3. The combination with a paper box, proper, of a shallow tray, set within and havj mg its base below the upper portion of the box and having its sides secured internally withan aperture theretln'ongh, having an,

ber having a connection with and at one side of the box and extending across and engaging the said closure.

4. A pa er box, or like receptacle, having near but slow its top a horizontal closing 7 all made with an a erture, therethrough, a l sleeve-like member avmg an external surrounding flange above its lower end, its lower end portion being titted through said a miture, while said flange rests on andis StUCli to the portion of said horizontal wall marginally of the aperture, a cup shaped. eap fitting about the 11 )per port1on of said sleeve-like member, and a box cover flap adapted when in its horizontal position to overlie and hold the. said cap in place.

Signed by me at Springfield, Mass, in presence of tno subscribing witnesses.


'M. S. BELLoWs, l. 'R DiuscoLL.

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